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  1. Brigid in NC

    MLA Works CIted Question

    That is exactly the way I would cite it in MLA 8. I'm sure you know that you'll put the website title (Internet History Sourcebooks) in italics. Looks perfect other than that!
  2. Brigid in NC

    Best Odyssey translation?

    By the way, there's a fabulous unabridged audiobook of the Fagles Odyssey--read by Ian McKellan (Lord of the Rings Gandalf ?). There's also an excellent audio reading of Fagles' Iliad--but sadly it's abridged.
  3. Brigid in NC

    2018 AP Thread

    No. We have age/grade guidelines for all of our classes--not just the AP classes. We are always happy to talk to parents (by email and/or phone) about exceptions if they contact us--especially if the student is one year away from the grade/age minimum we request. We ask for writing samples and offer our candid feedback. Some younger students have been our absolute tip-top students, but we have also found that younger students are often more challenged by the workload, pacing, and online environment than their older counterparts--so we really do want to help students enjoy and succeed in our classes--and help families find the best fit. ?
  4. Thank you for posting that! I love this quote: "When administrators can trade on the cachet of their school’s reputation to help get their students into college, it’s really not that bold nor courageous to abandon a metric that can contribute to leveling the playing field.” Right from the start, the cynic in me wondered whether their AP scores were not stellar enough to satisfy the parents who are shelling out $$$$ in tuition.
  5. Brigid in NC

    2018 AP Thread

    Hi, all--in the past few years (I'm not sure how far back, but I don't think more than a few years) when I 've gone to renew my syllabi (which much be renewed yearly), I have had to sign a statement saying I would abide by this. It always causes me a bit of angst--but I have never had any students in my AP classes that are younger than 9th grade. I just wanted to put this out there for you to read in case you have not seen these CB guidelines. I am **definitely NOT** advocating for "this age" or "that age" being right or being a minimum age to take any AP classes. This is just fyi so that you are aware of what the CB is telling AP teachers about classes that use the AP label. I assume that if I did not sign the agreement to abide by this, my AP syllabi would not be renewed.
  6. I'd like to add a bit of information about Blue Tent Online, since a lot has changed in the five years since this thread started--including our website location: Blue Tent Online. We now offer several classes for middle schoolers, including a 1-semester Creative Writing class for budding novelists and poets, as well as a full-year Introduction to Literature & Composition class. Many advanced and science-y 8th graders take our Biology and Chemistry classes, too.
  7. We read a translation by Wilbour, too, but we read an abridged edition (pretty sure this is the only abridged novel I ever recommended that my students read. ?) They all loved it. It was recommended by Tapestry of Grace--which was the curriculum spine we were using at the time. This is the version we read (and this updated edition seems to have lots of great supplementary instructional info): I just noticed that the cover says "unabridged." This version is definitely abridged (656 pages--there's no way that is unabridged). Odd! I compared the 'Look Inside" pages to my older edition, and the edition above is definitely the exact same abridged text that we liked--from everything I could see. This is the older edition (on my bookshelf):
  8. Brigid in NC

    Transcript questions

    Q1: Because there are so many different ways to designate credits and gpa weightings on transcripts (and so much time can be taken up thrashing around through all the options--which I did ?), in the end, I applied our local school system's credit and gpa weighting standards when creating transcripts for my ds's. That ultimately made my life easier and eliminated self-doubt. So for our transcripts, one dual enrollment class = 1 high school credit (a full year) My kids still took a full load of classes each semester. I did not lighten their load based on the DE class credits. DE gave them them the opportunity to take more classes in their areas of interest. They took the same number of classes each semester but earned more credits on their transcripts. If it were me, I would be very comfortable giving a full-year's credit for one semester of DE history, and then--if my student did not not want to take another DE history class in the spring--I would have that student take some other course to fill that slot--DE or otherwise. Q2: I would not give credit--or indicate anything at all on the transcript--for testing out of a class. I would just show credit for the English class your student did take. The 4-year college your DD decides to go to may offers credit for a freshman English class based upon SAT/ACT/AP test scores, but I have not heard of high-schoolers including the exemption from taking a DE class as a recorded class on a transcript.
  9. Brigid in NC

    A new Scholarship search site

    Here's another site I came across yesterday. It's not new--and it has been mentioned in a couple of older WTM threads--but I thought it might help to add it to this list:
  10. Sounds like you are winding up this thread. If I'm not too late, I have one observation for you: it looks like you have removed The Grapes of Wrath from your list, but if you decide to add it back, I wanted to give you a heads up that the novel may be problematic, depending on the age and maturity of your co-op students. Some families may find the salty language, character points of view, and certain situations objectionable. I teach this novel in an 11th/12th grade English class--so based on that, you can tell that I believe it to be an important work. But families in a Christian co-op may have issues with the book and prefer to opt out of this one. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case it has been a while since you've re-read the novel and you opt to include it in your class. Good luck with all your wonderful options!
  11. Brigid in NC

    Homeschool High School Chemistry

    Adding one more chemistry course to the list! Name: Honors ChemistryProvider: Blue Tent OnlineWhere to buy: HonorsType: Online provider; asynchronous format using Moodle LMSAdditional Materials: course resourcesTeacher Resources: N/ALesson Plans: N/ASecular/Christian: SecularProgram includes labs: yes: hands-on and virtualLab kit available: YesMath background needed: Algebra 1
  12. Brigid in NC

    Homeschool High School Biology

    Could I add another biology class to the list here? Name: Honors BiologyProvider: Blue Tent OnlineWhere to buy: HonorsType: Online provider; asynchronous format using Moodle LMSAdditional Materials: course resourcesTeacher Resources: N/ALesson Plans: N/ASecular/Christian: SecularProgram includes labs: yes: hands-on and virtualLab kit available: Yes
  13. I'm afraid I would not be as gracious as some who have posted responses. Boy, I think I would make it crystal clear that I do not appreciate any put downs. They can think it and talk it to others all they want. But not to this momma bear. <_< Tell them to go read Outliers. And watch "Shift Happens." We are training kids for jobs that did not even exist a few years ago.
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