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  1. I just received an email from the College Board about a change for the second week of AP tests. There were many students who could not submit their completed work for a number of reasons, including the "submit" button just not working. Here's info about changes to the submission process: Submitting Exam Responses We share the deep disappointment of students who were unable to submit responses. Beginning Monday, May 18, and continuing through the makeup window, there will be a backup email submission process for browser-based exams. This option will only be available for stude
  2. There are still a lot of moving parts to the AP Exams, which is frustrating and stressful. Here is a handy document that has lots of info--some of it extra info that was not communicated or clear before. It says it's for educators, but as far as I can tell, you do not have to log in to view this: In-Depth FAQ for Educators. Here are a couple of things that have changed or been clarified: Students CAN use two devices if they plan to handwrite. There are two different ways to upload (text file or image). It will be important for students to practice using the demo, because the upload
  3. I updated the link in the original post, and here it is again: https://globalmeet.webcasts.com/viewer/event.jsp?ei=1302024&tp_key=73070ccd21 I'm not sure why it stopped working. I hope this one works for you. If not, try going here first and scrolling down the the "register" button: https://woodinville.nsd.org/n/~board/whs-news/post/preparing-for-ap-exams-register-now-for-college-board-webinar-set-for-april-16-400pm Both links work for me now. I hope they do for you! ☀️
  4. There will be a parent webinar "Helping Your Student Prepare for AP Exams" this Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. Here is a link where you can register for that: https://globalmeet.webcasts.com/viewer/event.jsp?ei=1302024&tp_key=73070ccd21
  5. Here is a link to last night's webinar about the AP exam: https://globalmeet.webcasts.com/viewer/event.jsp?ei=1299211&tp_key=56f627d7d4
  6. It's my understanding that students will access the test through their College Board "My AP" log in (https://myap.collegeboard.org/login). This is where students set up their account this year and entered information needed to sign up for an exam with a local school. So I believe that homeschoolers will access their exams there--as will public schoolers.
  7. Trevor Packer just held a webinar about the AP exams, and the recording of that will be available tomorrow. These will be the exam questions for AP English: AP Lit, Q2 Prose Essay AP Lang, Q2 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Some changes of note: AP Calc test takers will have to choose either AB or BC. If they take BC, they will not get an AB sub-score. Teachers will receive copies of the exams approximately two weeks after they've been taken. Exams will be graded online and there will be TWO graders/scorers (rather than just one in the past). Students can use th
  8. The 2020-21 Common App prompts will be the same as 2019-20. You can find the prompts here: https://www.commonapp.org/apply/essay-prompts.
  9. Per Trevor Packer, who is the Senior Vice President of Advanced Placement and Instruction at College Board:
  10. It's all a guess at this point, but my guess is that the written work will not include a synthesis essay (super hard to pull off online since students have to toggle to sources). Based on the online resource videos that are being offered for Lang next week, it looks like the focus will be on rhetorical analysis. Based on this description: "Explain how an argument demonstrates understanding of an audience’s beliefs, values, or needs." There will be live online review sessions for the various AP courses/exams offered beginning next week, and the first week's schedule for those can be f
  11. Most of my students have entered their state followed by the words Home School. For example: North Carolina Home School. This worked for all but one student, and she had to call the College Board for help.
  12. There are two kinds of join codes: a class join code and an exam-only code. Students who are taking an AP class from PAH or another provider will enter both codes in their College Board account. Those who are self studying will receive an "exam-only" code from the school where they will be testing--and they will enter that one code in their CB account.
  13. I think the Sept 4 date is a suggested date to begin contacting the College Board to ask about possible test sites. We have never ever found this process helpful ourselves. We've just called around to local public and private schools and asked for the AP Coordinator and inquired that way. The AP Ledger always worked best for us to find local school possibilties. All you have to enter is the AP class name and city, and you will see a list of schools that have an approved syllabus for that class. That's usually a good indicator that they will be hosting the test for their own students. I ha
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