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  1. Just seeing this. Praying your niece is safe and y’all get answers soon.
  2. I missed your original post too, but I couldn’t just pass on by without saying how sorry I am for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers. I wish there was more I could say or do. ❤️
  3. Never leave a room without looking to see if there is something you can bring with you to put up/away on your way to where ever you’re going. I’ve trained my kids to do this as well. They’re slacking right now though, so I’ll be doing a refresher course.
  4. 19, not counting the dorm in college I lived in 11 houses before I was 9 I’ve only lived in 3 different cities though: my current one ~ 39 of my 41 years 2 others ~ one year each
  5. Yes, it’s happened to me and it was in an abusive relationship. I wish I had seen that then. It could’ve saved me years of heartache.
  6. Our state’s official guidelines follow the CDC. At least 10 days after onset of symptoms and at least 24 hours fever free, with no meds, and other symptoms improving. Taste and smell are exceptions to that because they can take longer. ETA: That’s with a positive personal test. It’s 14 days without one. But every employer has their own rules, as far as I know.
  7. We currently have 2 in braces. Each of the was $6500. Our insurance paid $1500 each. The worst part was that we had orthodontists on our insurance who if we had used would have cost us $6000 *total*, but I wasn't comfortable with them. My middle one had trigonocephaly though and it affected his growth of his skull and face. Of the 3 that we had consults with, she was the only one to catch the condition on her own. The other 2 blew it off after I told them. He and his older brother had the same issue visually, but not skeletally. The three quotes were $6100. $6300, and $6500.
  8. My 2 oldest had the entire series (3 shots), with no issues. My youngest will start his at his well-visit. His birthday is in January, but because of the number of flu cases, we put it off. I'll schedule it soon. I have all boys.
  9. Cried. J/K Kinda I did all of my normal life stuff ~ school, church, soccer, house stuff, but I also read several books.
  10. I can't get it to work for me either. Maybe I messed up by signing in with this email address? I don't know if I used another one when I first signed up.
  11. That's interesting to me because our basically brand new Kohls closed. It was in a development that is doing extremely well. It did flood in August, but the whole development did. Kohls is the only one that didn't come back. They gave the reason as being the chain itself is having trouble. (I live in South LA and we had a *major* flood in August.) Kohls had terrible customer service, was overpriced for what it was, and quite unpleasant to shop at though. Even though the development is booming, with even more currently building, they weren't. It's an outside type development, so not in a ma
  12. My oldest 2 are in braces right now. We got 3 consults. The prices were: 6100, 6300, and 6500. Per child. The first 2 were on our insurance and we could've gotten them for ~6500 for both together. The problem is - my middle child has a fairly rare skeletal issue and neither one of the first 2 noticed it and when I asked about it, they blew it off. The 3rd one caught it and showed me on X-rays and explained it all, even though I already knew. She didn't know that though, because I wanted to know if she caught it. We went with the 3rd and are paying 2x as much. I didn't trust
  13. My oldest is extremely resistant to showing his work. It eventually became a battle of wills, but one I was willing to stick out and win. As math gets harder, with more steps, it's harder to do in your head without messing up numbers. This was a hill I was willing to die on. So I sat him down and calmly explained why he needed to show his work, including things like the joys of partial credit. Mostly though, I stressed that if he didn't get a problem right, and he didn't show his work, I had no idea where the issue was. Did he understand the process and just switch 2 numbers? Did he know
  14. For a well-check, within a week. I'm picky about time, so I'll usually go an extra day or two longer than I have to. I like around 1:00, which is right after their lunch and a good time traffic wise for me. We'd probably have to wait a little longer if we wanted after school. For sick visits, same day. Usually with our Doctor, but occasionally with another doctor in the group. This is with one of the most popular pediatricians in our area. I think the group he is with allows them to put reasonable restrictions on the number of new patients they take. I got lucky when my oldest w
  15. Both times we have bought houses while owning another one, we have put our house on the market, and then looked at houses. We waited until we had a contract to make an offer on what we wanted to buy. Before we put our house one the market, we spent some time looking to see what was available in the market. We lived in the house while showing it. The first time with both a 2 and 3 year old. The second time with a 3 yo, 6 yo, and 7 yo. We were able to both buy and sell at the same time both times. The first time, we closed on selling our house in the morning and buying in the afternoon. The
  16. This is where I live. Everyone is on edge. I, like many others, have loved ones in law enforcement and as other first responders. I know one is working the scene and a few others are off right now, but will be going in for their shifts soon. It's terrifying. Where it happened is right by a popular shopping area. My MIL goes there pretty often on Sunday afternoons. It happened before stores were open, so that's a small comfort.
  17. 400k+ The more land, the higher you go. When you're around 5 acres, it's 800k+ The farther out you go, the cheaper it is, but they are more likely to need updating, instead of move-in ready.
  18. Our mortgage, including escrow. Escrow includes homeowner's insurance, flood insurance, and property taxes. Food is next.
  19. I can't see myself keeping my grandchildren for free FT. I worked at a MDO program and saw lots of grandparents who were FT caregivers, except for the few hours of MDO. Several of them paid for the program, but didn't get paid for keeping their grandchildren. Almost everyone ended up feeling taken advantage of. The dynamic was different bt them and their children. IME, some people tend to place more value on things they pay for, even if it's a token amount. That being said, I also can't see myself charging market rates, unless I was in a situation where I really needed the money. In tha
  20. It probably depends on your area too. For just DH and I, with clean driving records, we pay just over $200. Both of our cars have liens on them, but even when we owed nothing on our cars, we paid $175 a month. I don't even want to think about adding our sons. ðŸ˜
  21. We've had BCBS of Louisiana (where we live), BCBS of Illinois and Aetna. BCBS of Louisiana was significantly worse to deal with than BCBS of Illinois. We had to call each and BCBS of LA was a pain it the butt to deal with. BCBS of IL was much better. I had to call BCBS of IL monthly for a while and they were super easy to deal with. There was some kind of coding problem with our speech therapy (btw, the only plan we had that covered speech therapy),but they quickly fixed it each call. After a few months, between them and the speech therapist's office, they got it straightened. Very
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