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  1. 19, not counting the dorm in college I lived in 11 houses before I was 9 I’ve only lived in 3 different cities though: my current one ~ 39 of my 41 years 2 others ~ one year each
  2. Yes, it’s happened to me and it was in an abusive relationship. I wish I had seen that then. It could’ve saved me years of heartache.
  3. Our state’s official guidelines follow the CDC. At least 10 days after onset of symptoms and at least 24 hours fever free, with no meds, and other symptoms improving. Taste and smell are exceptions to that because they can take longer. ETA: That’s with a positive personal test. It’s 14 days without one. But every employer has their own rules, as far as I know.
  4. We currently have 2 in braces. Each of the was $6500. Our insurance paid $1500 each. The worst part was that we had orthodontists on our insurance who if we had used would have cost us $6000 *total*, but I wasn't comfortable with them. My middle one had trigonocephaly though and it affected his growth of his skull and face. Of the 3 that we had consults with, she was the only one to catch the condition on her own. The other 2 blew it off after I told them. He and his older brother had the same issue visually, but not skeletally. The three quotes were $6100. $6300, and $6500.
  5. My 2 oldest had the entire series (3 shots), with no issues. My youngest will start his at his well-visit. His birthday is in January, but because of the number of flu cases, we put it off. I'll schedule it soon. I have all boys.
  6. Cried. J/K Kinda I did all of my normal life stuff ~ school, church, soccer, house stuff, but I also read several books.
  7. I can't get it to work for me either. Maybe I messed up by signing in with this email address? I don't know if I used another one when I first signed up.
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family.
  9. Praying! I woke up last night thinking Eaglei's son
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