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  1. We are picky with narrators and I have 5 kids 4-16 all of my kids (except the 4 year-old) enjoyed the False Prince trilogy by Jennifer Neilson. however it is a longer book and you'll likely wnat to listen to the others when you finish it though the first was definitely our favorite. https://www.scribd.com/audiobook/237877063/The-False-Prince
  2. I saw an ad for nylons that claimed they would never get runs in them and they cost a Whopping $100 for 1 😵 I can't even imagine paying $100 for nylons!
  3. I bought a few different brands and so far for kids these are my favorite! They are nicer than Crayola but don't break like Prisma color and are decent price for 24 pencils. They are Amazons brand pencils: https://amzn.to/3EefA3f
  4. I just read books at that age! There are children friendly biographies with pictures and there are plenty of other books to fill that need.
  5. If she is going into 2nd grade and starting AAR 2 then she is right where she should be! I wouldn't stress. AAR level 1 at the end is a good place to be for her age, and when she is ready things will click no matter what else you try. For a bit of practice I have added the Hooked on Phonics app for my 7 year-old and it has really been helping my son! Enough so I am shocked. I would try something like that so its easy but fun and adds reinforcement to her lessons.
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