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  1. I'm sorry, this is so hard.
  2. I was so disoriented when the picture thread was up! I loved seeing them, but I'm a person who avoids watching movies of books that I love so I can keep the images in my head intact - I blanked out everyone's faces immediately after the thread passed and stick firmly to my mental images that sort of correlate to your nameplates and avatars. In my mind's eye, Mercy is a beautiful medieval lady with tall headdress, Scout is an influencer on horseback in skinny jeans, and MissLemon is sitting at a typewriter because I'm an Agatha Christie fan. I originally chose my name because harp, but I feel myself gradually developing talons and wings as I age...
  3. Oldest and ddil are actively trying but having fertility problems. Dd25, type 1 diabetic thinks maybe not, ds22 can't wait and youngest is a stressed-out climate activist, so maybe not. I both desperately want grandchildren and think everyone will suffer less if there are none.
  4. Solved, thanks. By MissLemon Poirot should give that lady a raise!
  5. Excellent use of the little gray cells.
  6. Curried chicken, turkey for the one who doesn't eat chicken, roast chicken and fennel for me. Too many menus tonight!
  7. Go get your kelp and bring a little jar to get some ocean water. Slice the kelp stipes into little O's. Rinse them well and put them into a clean glass quart jar. Slice a garlic clove and a few slices of onion and put them in with the kelp. (We don't use the frond or the bulb.) Make a brine with 2 cups of cider vinegar, 1/2 cup of water, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 tsp of salt, 1 Tbls of ocean water, several black peppercorns and a bay leaf. Heat it to the boil, then pour the brine into the jar with a spoon in the jar to keep it from cracking. Let them cool, add 1/3 cup of rice vinegar, then refrigerate. Editing to say dd reminds me we do use the fronds but cut them up into very small squares.
  8. This reminds of the children's book Thundercake by Patricia Polacco. It looks like just fog, showers, and big surf here, so we're planning to make kelp pickles on Tuesday when there's lots of fresh seaweed washed up.
  9. Wow, that is hard going, but you did it! It will get easier, and you will love your new ways.
  10. A new one from my dd16 is drip for fashion, mostly shoes. Tea is definitely gossip around here.
  11. @Lori D.you are amazing! It seems to me that zombie threads are sometimes brought to life by bots and machine learning programs. We're a pretty non-nefarious target, but they need to practice and who knows how the specific titles get chosen - Christmas cookies? Really? https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/6/18655212/reddit-ai-bots-gpt2-openai-text-artificial-intelligence-subreddit This is from an article on towardsdatascience.com: Bots are computer programs posing as people. They can amplify the effect of trolls by engaging or liking their content en masse, or by posting their own content in an automated fashion. They will get more sophisticated and harder to detect in the future. Bots can now create entire paragraphs of text in response to text posts or comments.
  12. We have lots of smaller fairs in different towns, though some are pretty big. We go every year, it's a real end-of-summer ritual. We're planning not to go this year for covid, but the (adult) kids want to make our own in the yard. There will be stuffed animal prizes and blooming onions!
  13. So...what does it mean? Not mooning? Country bum-kin from Maine, here.
  14. These thoughts are so super helpful, thank you all. So true, especially since that is her fiery nature - if it's not coming from her, it's not happening! Great ideas, her weekly planner is currently a pad of paper but she loves good design and organizing everything so I think she'd like an official organizer. I think this is on the mark. She does well with structure and flounders with its lack, but the structure has to be hers or it doesn't work.
  15. Dd16 is starting a jam-packed 11th grade and has developed a time management problem with chatting on a discord group with friends and pinterest. She is a lively extravert, and I'm happy for her to have had a safe way to socialize during the pandemic, but I can see it has interfered with her self-chosen projects this summer. Can anyone share what ideas or rules you and your dc have used to balance non-school related internet use and homeschool? She will have two online classes this year plus is a TA for another, so will need free access to the internet. I'm looking for suggestions that have created ease rather than conflict! 4th child, 1st time dealing with this. Sigh. Thank you in advance. Harpy
  16. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA. It has an unusual term system - very short intensive terms, same classes every day for 7 weeks then a break. This is perfect for some kids and overwhelming for others. Very project-oriented.
  17. Echoing @Tap: mountains of burritos, acres of cheese, rivers of salsa fed my boys through their growing times.
  18. Two weeks ago: two hot coffees, about 10 oz each, 3 iced coffees. Now, after a mild tummy bug: 1 10 oz cup per day. I never thought I'd whittle down but here I am!
  19. Unsure why this reply just showed up for me, but this sounds divine. I'm going to suggest this for a night but not actually call it tech free, just, you know, camping...where there's no cell service...
  20. Laughing out loud at 5 in the morning, thank you for a great start to this day.
  21. Not evil, just smart. Agree with the emergency button recommendation upthread, but sometimes my mom won't wear hers if she's just going out in the yard or in the house. And sure enough, a few weeks ago she fell while pruning something in the yard, impaled herself on a sharp branch, and didn't have her button on. Hollering to the neighbors didn't help so she figured out how to dis-impale herself and crawled out and back into the house. We were all pretty cranky she didn't have the button with her.
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