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  1. Ds21 has only good things to say about the online classes he's had from Oberlin, but truly dreading if they go online in the fall. His profs seem to have made a pretty seamless transition and I know they have an office of staff devoted to helping professors teach. He moderated a panel discussion for prospies last weekend which went well. He told me they would decide in June.
  2. Granola or other cereal with tahini instead of milk or yogurt. Mmm, tastes like halvah. My mother used to make sandwiches with butter, apple, and chocolate, my kids still make these. She also used to broil open-faced peanut butter sandwiches with cheddar - I remember eating them but never would now. Cabbage spread with pb and sriracha is my secret favorite lunch.
  3. Cross-posted from the "lunch" thread - not really sure why I love the food threads - ideas, yes, but mostly cuz it's brain comfort food.
  4. I'm not really sure why I like to read the food threads so much - yes for ideas but it's more like brain comfort food.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up, ladies, and thanks for reading it so I don't have to. I've been homeschooling for almost 30 years and I just want to make it through these last three years with the love, motivation, and devotion to excellence I have always tried to express in this, my chosen "career." Please, Farrar, somebody, create that new advocacy group. I will be your support staff.
  6. This morning's April surprise! I'm always happy for snow, sun-loving dh not so much.
  7. I follow Dr. Faustmann's lab since dd23 has Type 1 diabetes. She's a smart cookie - Dr. Faustmann, I mean, though I can say this about dd too! A few years ago dd went to her lab in Boston for a blood draw to see if she could be part of the human trials but didn't end up being chosen. Here's hoping BCG has some potential for Covid.
  8. Dh and I are happily introverting - the two zooms I did were so draining I thought I was getting sick, but no - I was restored after a long walk in the woods alone. My extrovert dd is craving more and more online chatting with her friends. She reports that her school friends are not liking their zoom classrooms, which she thinks is sort of funny because she really likes her two online classes (as the only "real" homeschooler.) Having said this, I do find myself more online with this Board - finding connection in the group that is closest to my heart's work.
  9. My mother is Patience Waldo Phebe Dana - for males (my oldest son's middle name) Louella Hinda Merari (males)
  10. Well, I'm sort of on the other side of this - we are cancelling other people's summer plans! Dh and I own and operate a seasonal lodging business in a resort town that abuts Acadia National Park. We've spent the last week using actual game theory on how to approach this coming season. Most of the innkeepers are getting wholesale cancellations, and we've just cancelled the few bookings we had for May. We both realize that there is no realistic way to sanitize each room every day without tracking DNA between guest rooms, common areas, and kitchen. I'm planning with the assumptions (that I've formulated from reading the data culled in the big thread, primarily) that the virus will be leveling out in this country mid-summer but the vaccine is maybe early next year. Knowing that other parts of the world are still ramping up and that any travel at all will continue the spread, we don't see that even waiting to welcome guests in October will be really safe. Every seasonal business in town is flipping the heck out and frantically applying for disaster loans. Couple this outlook with the fact that many people will still be unemployed and/or have lost their retirement and other investments, I would predict that you will find fabulous deals for travel to New England in October, but I would suggest you wait until next year to feel safe.
  11. I too have been reading and occasionally liking bits of this post for months. The resonance for me here is that this is a group of (mostly) women who research, collaborate, and plan to the degree that I do and I don't have people like you in real life. I'm grateful. I was visiting my sister in February then came home to start stocking up - my dh finally noticed after a couple of weeks! @Garga I just agreed to be the guardian for two of my honorary kids in case their (widower) dad passes away. It opened up those questions for me too, since my dd15 has three majority-aged siblings to assume her care but my dh and I would be it for these girls.
  12. I'm so sorry to hear this. Yes to calling schools for a reconsideration, it can't hurt to ask. The frozen feeling is awful. Maybe take it a few months at a time, let the possible tuition increases be something you think about a little later in this process.
  13. English with the same amazing tutor as this year. Mr. D Algebra 2 Blue Tent honors chem German 2 format undecided. We originally thought she would spend time with her sister in Switzerland, doing classes online and learning German at a language school there - now seems unrealistic. World History - except she may start this now since all her extracurriculars are cancelled and she has waaayyy too much free time on her hands! Eclectic approach as she claims to hate history but actually loves everything she ever learns about it. I think this is more about not wanting to learn from me. I've asked her to come up with a plan that meets my standards and lets her self-direct. To be continued... Elective of her choice at the local LAC, possibilities include psychology, movement training, or a writing seminar in Spring semester. If social distancing is no longer operative, her extras will be handworks assistant teacher, water-quality and arsenic monitoring with a local lab, show choir and theater at the local high school. If social distancing is still operative, extras will be...umm...something else?
  14. I found myself signing up early for the two online classes dd will do next year for 10th grade. Call it stockpiling capacity, but my thinking is that some public school folks may decide "real" homeschooling is their better option next year (for a wide variety of reasons) and start snagging spots. I feel ashamed of this way of thinking. I know you're asking about in-person outsourced. Her only one of these is English with a teacher who has seamlessly switched to skyping classes with her, so I'm not as worried about that.
  15. Of course, our worries for ds-rising-senior's future plans are entirely secondary to what his financial aid package for senior year will be.
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