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  1. Zero boundaries, zero respect, zero consequences. Complete parenting fail, not your problem. Agree with katilac. Quit and spend the time of your one precious life with people who respect you.
  2. Tree still up but getting very dry. I usually leave it up til Twelfth Night, so another few days will be fine. Dd24 gets a covid test today, she's flying back to Switzerland on Wednesday. She will quarantine for 10 days, then have her thesis defense a day later. Ds will drive her to the airport then continue back to college. Dd16 starts up school today, which feels just right. She taught herself to darn over the holiday, and is now pulling out beloved old sweaters and doing quite nice darning work. Older dd has been tatting a shawl for me, a piece of which I received as a teaser Christm
  3. Yes, they started wintering here in coastal Maine about 15 years ago. I usually see 3 or 4 per winter, though occasionally 4 or more on one hike. I love them so much. Yesterday was a clear blue sky with no wind, low 30s - perfect hiking weather for the many folks we could see along the ridgelines looking at this one and two others higher up. This young female was completely unfazed by her spectators, and we stayed well away to avoid flushing her.
  4. Snowy owl on a beautiful New Year's day hike. Thank you for this thread! Terrible photo quality, I'm sorry.
  5. I loved the slower pace for our family and spent ridiculous amounts of time outside and in my garden. My beloved two-years-older sister received a terminal cancer diagnosis last November, but had 13 metastatic tumors removed from her head and is still alive and living without pain now. DIL has had surgery to correct an issue that caused two miscarriages and they are actively trying to conceive again. I can see the air and water are cleaner in my area. When the fires were happening out west, it was very noticeable. The comet and "Christmas Star" were celestial high points which
  6. I know I posted this before: In the evening we eat yummy foods, often fondue or little appetizers, then do predictions for the coming year but start by reading last year's sealed envelope of predictions. We give a point for each correct one, half a point if you've jumped in on someone else's and got it right. Accuracy is pretty low - out of hundreds of predictions total, the winner might have gotten six or seven correct. Maybe we're just dense. We have categories like politics, sports, kids we know getting into colleges, marriages, babies, new restaurants in town, etc. This year
  7. We used to be all about the one-room schoolhouse, multiple ages learning from each other, distanced learning was meh, not our thing. Now we're homeschooling high school, college, and grad school. Negotiating bandwidth is the new chore chart.
  8. Me too, with veggies and potatoes from the garden. I'm stress eating pretty much everything that isn't nailed down, between phonebanking and manic house cleaning. After my first course of reese's cups, half a bagel with an egg, celery, salty almonds, fried celeriac, and spicy cheese, I've moved on to wasabi peas. They're perfect, because there's a slight dis-incentive to keep eating them as they get spicier the more you eat them. It snowed 4 inches here this morning, so tonight we'll have a bonfire, beef stew, Swiss chocolate that DD managed to grab on her way out of the country, and
  9. Thank you, she arrived without too much worry and has been staying at our business in town. She can get a test next Monday.
  10. Switzerland's cases are skyrocketing, classes and lessons going online, no rehearsals, no concerts. I've spent weeks talking her down off the ledge of stress as it's been unfolding, but it's time. She's type 1 diabetic and spent 120 days inside last spring and early summer. Even as an introvert she can't think about locking down again without having an anxiety attack, and she's found the prevailing attitude toward masks and distancing to be fairly cavalier. She's going to hold onto her room at her dorm, where a girl has tested positive and is in quarantine. Either her stipend will continue
  11. I can't find the "like" button in the new format, but consider all your posts liked!
  12. Not a terrible miss: DD15 dropped Blue Tent Online Honors Chem after a week, no real problem, just wasn't a good fit. She'll do a self-paced chem and is continuing with phytoplankton monitoring at a local lab instead. Huge hit: AP Psych with Mrs. Gonzalez at PAH. DD LOVES this class!! Amazingly well-prepared teacher, fascinating presentation, great organization. She's constantly referring to concepts she's learning and how they apply to real life. She's super grateful for this class.
  13. Thank you all very much from my self and my daughter!
  14. I've been reading and lurking here as much as time permits but don't have much time to research or even look at the internet these days. My DD in Switzerland is beginning in-person classes again next week. We've sent her pretty cloth masks, some simple medical ones and a couple of N95s. I think I remember somewhere in the big Covid thread a bit of data that said three layers of cloth/paper/cloth as a mask were as effective (or close to) an N95. If anyone remembers that or has more info about this, I would be grateful for it and will send it to my DD. Thank you in advance.
  15. Welp, DS got to campus on Tuesday, got tested, got to his room in a senior house with three other pre-med/biology majors, got a negative result today, aaand one of the three housemates got a positive. So that housemate is in the infirmary hotel, DS and the other two are quarantined at the house for two weeks, will start online classes on Monday and have food delivered from the dining hall. Positive housemate is completely asymptomatic and feels very badly about being the positive one. I sent DS with a plethora of immune boosters, enough to share with his other housemates. There's apparentl
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