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  1. I can't find the "like" button in the new format, but consider all your posts liked!
  2. Not a terrible miss: DD15 dropped Blue Tent Online Honors Chem after a week, no real problem, just wasn't a good fit. She'll do a self-paced chem and is continuing with phytoplankton monitoring at a local lab instead. Huge hit: AP Psych with Mrs. Gonzalez at PAH. DD LOVES this class!! Amazingly well-prepared teacher, fascinating presentation, great organization. She's constantly referring to concepts she's learning and how they apply to real life. She's super grateful for this class.
  3. Thank you all very much from my self and my daughter!
  4. I've been reading and lurking here as much as time permits but don't have much time to research or even look at the internet these days. My DD in Switzerland is beginning in-person classes again next week. We've sent her pretty cloth masks, some simple medical ones and a couple of N95s. I think I remember somewhere in the big Covid thread a bit of data that said three layers of cloth/paper/cloth as a mask were as effective (or close to) an N95. If anyone remembers that or has more info about this, I would be grateful for it and will send it to my DD. Thank you in advance.
  5. Welp, DS got to campus on Tuesday, got tested, got to his room in a senior house with three other pre-med/biology majors, got a negative result today, aaand one of the three housemates got a positive. So that housemate is in the infirmary hotel, DS and the other two are quarantined at the house for two weeks, will start online classes on Monday and have food delivered from the dining hall. Positive housemate is completely asymptomatic and feels very badly about being the positive one. I sent DS with a plethora of immune boosters, enough to share with his other housemates. There's apparentl
  6. DS senior is heading back 8/24 to mostly in-person classes, living in an on-campus house with three housemates (separate rooms) who are all biology/pre-med so are being very careful as is DS. I feel quite good about the campus preparedness - they've de-densified by creating a year-round academic year and moved second and third years to a mix of fall, spring, and summer semesters. All students will have a single room. Everyone goes home for Thanksgiving and stays home for reading period and finals online. Everyone will get tested when they arrive, then quarantine in their rooms until they g
  7. Ugh, my daughter in Switzerland reports that they've gone from about 7 cases (early June or so, after the first big wave and shutdown) then slowly up and up to 274 today following the reopening of almost everything. On the plus side, Geneva has mandated masks for University students in the fall. I sent her some pretty masks early in the summer and she's been slowly relearning how to be outside. She puts me on facetime and "we" walk around the old town or to a shop. Very few people are wearing them on the street, but I keep telling her what a fashion and health trend she's starting! There
  8. Harpymom


    I do what Katy does then whip the solid part you scoop out of the can, it does lighten up into whipped topping after a couple minutes on high speed. Yes to topping for pie!
  9. I've never had fb and homeschooled all four all the way through with the youngest 15, oldest is 31. Like Ellie, since before personal computing! What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't yearn for. I lurked here for years before joining but am an introvert anyway, so I get nourished and feel like I have a social life just by reading other's posts. I know that's a little weird! Lori D nails it above, as per usual! I feel like I walk in a different reality than everyone I know who has fb. It's true that I never know about stuff that's happening whether for my kids or my peers, but I
  10. @popmom, great news. I truly love the nightshades in all flavors, I just know that if I eat some I'll ache for a few days, and that I have to remember this and not be too crabby to my family. The tea is the worst offender for me. I hope your relief will last!
  11. The "invisible force" behind Black Lives Matter? Love.
  12. And one more - it was way worse from lifting that leg.
  13. I will say that first I thought it was appendicitis, but that was an easy one to rule out.
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