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  1. Thank you all for these thoughts, it's something I'm thinking ahead to for last dd as well. It also makes me realize I need to examine the boxes now before junior year and consider what is ticked!
  2. Ah! So sad I missed the picture! I will just keep on imagining it 🙂
  3. If you don't post a pic, I will still have a great mental visual of this!
  4. The above posters have convinced me about the flowers, I think I'm just wishing DH would give me flowers!
  5. I might be with DH on this, yes to flowers, but no to paying since she invited him? And they're attending as friends.
  6. That was just what I told her! Update: she passed the exam, the harps all got home, the theorbo was reunited with its player, and DD is celebrating with friends and watching the SWAT teams zipping around the city. Definitely a good story. She said a sirens-blaring motorcade passed the venue at one point during a piece and she almost had a stress-induced laughing fit but managed to suppress it and finish the piece.
  7. I saw that Rosie closed one quick recently, possibly because it dealt with pregnancy?
  8. Today is DD's culminating Master's recital, the end of her Fulbright, and the final exam for the degree. The venue is literally at the edge of the security zone, about a mile from where they're meeting tomorrow. She has three harps to move and she needs to finish and get home before the city shuts down later this afternoon. She's been describing the many black vans with tinted windows flying around, lots of sirens, and the really large guys with dark glasses casually strolling everywhere, suddenly. She also has to move a theorbo for a friend who is playing in her recital because they decide
  9. I'm sorry you said this. Did you really mean to? Privilege and blessings are so different. Gratitude is for blessings. Privilege is being able to get pulled over for a burned out tail light and not get shot to death. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/georgia-trooper-charged-murder-traffic-stop-shooting-72382237 https://qz.com/725618/another-black-man-was-fatally-shot-at-a-traffic-stop-in-the-us-his-girlfriend-broadcast-the-aftermath-on-facebook-live/ https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/04/09/398615265/s-c-dash-cam-video-a-broken-tail-light-a-routine-traffic-st
  10. The wording you used made me think of this book: https://www.nationalbook.org/books/stamped-from-the-beginning-the-definitive-history-of-racist-ideas-in-america/
  11. I agree. My sense is that, as a poster upthread said, the teachers don't have time to figure out how to dig into this. This should not be an excuse to a) ignore the problem or b) do a terrible or damaging job. I want to believe that teachers and school districts hold the goal of reducing bigotry and ultimately structural racism through new approaches across the curriculum. Clumsy, heavy-handed, demonizing - not helpful. Children need joyful and straightforward. And there is joy in anti-racism! I also think the young kids being taught this right now will be some crackerjack thinkers and
  12. = structural racism. That's what we're talking about. I've been gone all day but others have posted many links supporting these "vague generalized claims." It's shocking to me that a grown person in this day and age would characterize this information in this way. Don't take critical thinking about systemic racism personally. It's not about you, it's about us.
  13. It's the branding. Like masks vs anti-masks, kneeling vs not kneeling, "Black Lives Matter" vs "Cultural Marxism." The Trumpist Republicans have done an excellent job defining their brand and know that it rallies their troops. I don't believe that this means all Republicans agree, but the Trumpist wing is currently ascendant. In my opinion, CRT must show up across the curriculum. The construct of White is legally favored by law, health care policy, education practices, policing and voting, commercial banking, real estate and lending, non-profit organization, environmental policies,
  14. I guess I'm not entirely clueless, but my plan is called something like homeschool to elder care and death doula then decide. I felt so pleased for a few months this winter when I thought I had decided: I would open a forest kindergarten at my home. I like littles, I'm a Maine Master Naturalist, I have a big yard and garden that connects to a woods, and there's a real need for child care here. I started a program through Antioch for a grad certificate, and DH and kids were fully on board. I called up a friend who has a place-based private school nearby and lo and behold, she said they
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