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  1. I create and sell of my units. I have turned my Pearl Harbor unit for free for a short time, if you want to grab it. http://bit.ly/1jE4sC3
  2. I just wanted to second the Educents sale. I grabbed a Magformers set for my kids, as well as a Suspend game. Of course, I also bought some (more) Life of Fred while I was there! :) I love hearing about all of these sales. Thanks for starting this thread!
  3. I have used a Science Fair board with my son! It is great because it is lightweight and easy to move around. He decorated it with things he liked and we staple "study" materials on it for him (formulas, reminders, a schedule, etc.).
  4. Math games are a great way to practice while not overloading the kids! My kids love Cool Math 4 Kids and Math Playground. I created these games for my son. They were a lot of fun! Here is multiplication version that is free. Good luck!
  5. This may be helpful as you compare the versions! http://www.singaporemath.com/v/PMSS_comparison.pdf
  6. I agree with the others! Try something new. No program works for all kids. Maybe you can even try some fun games or online learning to see what kind of learning "sticks" with her before choosing a new program. Maybe start with some sight words so she can gain confidence with those, writing sentences using those, etc. Have her help you label the whole house! Sink, chair, table, door, piano, etc. The more words she sees, the more likely she is to remember them. It looks crazy to visitors, but my kids loved putting post-it notes around the house to label everything. After awhile, we would take some off and they would race each other to put them back in the correct place!
  7. I don't know about entire workbooks, but I did find this: http://www.slideshare.net/cpitois/changing-word-order-in-sentences Also, lots of free worksheets on Busy Teacher that may help you.
  8. There are entire kits sold for a pretty good price on Educents. I too am cheap, but tend to check there and on Amazon before checking elsewhere. I got an email that said the code PUMPKINSPICE gave 10% off, but I'm not sure when that expires. I love SweetPea's suggestion of using a wet-erase marker! I wouldn't have to make as many copies and feel like I am wasting a ton of paper! :)
  9. We have also used Spelling City online to practice and play games.
  10. What about doing some online games for a bit until you decide what will work best for her? There are a lot of free ones out there! We use Education.com 's free list (here is kindergarten's list) as well as ABC Mouse and Xtra Math.
  11. We have tried Singapore, Math Mammoth, and Life of Fred. All have different pros and cons. Does your son like to read? If so, maybe the Life of Fred option is good for your family right now because he can read the stories on his own (or, you read them together and discuss the math and then he can re-read them while you are tending to the other children). My son LOVED the Fred stories! We also supplemented with Singapore, sometimes taking a break from one or the other to keep from getting bored. I do agree with the previous poster. Look through them as much as you can. Only you know what will work for your family! Good luck with the math choice! :)
  12. He specifically loves math, science, racing, facts/figures, etc. Thanks for all of the tips so far!
  13. As a previous 4th and 5th grade teacher, I LOVE that she is asking why!! I agree with the suggestions of Math Mammoth and Singapore math. We also use Khan Academy and BrainPop videos, as my son is a visual learner.
  14. As a previous 4th grade teacher, I LOVE that she is asking why! I agree that Math Mammoth and Singapore math are great options. We use Khan Academy and BrainPop videos as well, as my son is very visual. Hope this helps!
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