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  1. Thank you so much GThomas! I'm looking into all these things, and the class looks great!
  2. Thank you dmmetler! Cartoon Guide to Physics and the Manga Guide to Physics both look very fun, thank you for these and all of your other suggestions as well! I'm checking them out, and they look great.
  3. Backyard Ballistics looks fantastic! And Science Jim has some great stuff on his facebook page. Thank you SilverMoon! I'd never seen those before.
  4. If you're looking for a how-to of unschooling and feeling better about screens, have you seen Sandra Dodd's huge unschooling web site? Here's the "screen time" page: - She has a compelling argument for looking very closely at what your kids are doing with screens, get so interested in it that they talk to you about it; they're probably learning more from it than is immediately apparent.
  5. Thank you so much to everyone who has spent their precious time responding to this question!
  6. Hi, My son is very bright but hasn't been interested in science projects or nature study so far. He is fascinated by things like watching a Nova show about the multiverse theory, Brain Games, Myth Busters (although he wasn't very interested in doing the experiments from their book), Fetch... Anyways, last year we did lots of chemistry experiments but I felt like he was just humoring me by doing them and not all that interested. Science should be super fun and absorbing, so I'd like to get it right this year. I asked him if he'd rather mix a couple things together and have them change, or run a light bulb with a lemon and he said the latter. So I was thinking about getting him a physics course with weekly experiments. But now that I'm reading my question I wonder if I should be trying to find him interesting videos about theoretical something? Any suggestions appreciated.
  7. We're going to try Beast and a few of the 'fun time' suggestions - thank you so much, great parents! I feel dumb asking this question, but how do you accelerate? Do you speed through the level he would have been at and then start the next, or just skip ahead? Thank you! ~ Grateful mom.
  8. Hi, This year I'd like to give my 8yo son math that's right for him, not just standard for his grade / age. But I don't know how to find that. Suggestions? Here's our history: This is our 2nd year homeschooling. Our DS is very bright and has a good aptitude for math concepts, but hates drills and memorizing tables and has been completely bored by formal math training. It seems like all the math he saw at public school in 1st grade and that I found for him last year at home was about facts, and none of it was about thinking hard. But it's the thinking hard that is interesting to my son. Last year I went through a lot of different 2nd grade math curriculum pulling out ideas he hadn't seen yet. But most days I would just end up saying "Lets just get through this concept as fast as possible and you can get back to java programming". There were very few times (like maybe 2) when I actually gave him a concept that he had to think about. After trying a bunch of curriculum he didn't like, we ended up just going through the public school's 2nd grade math books in 3 months... It seems like such a shame, I think he could love math if it were just meaty concepts and then reasons for the memorization. Suggestions please?
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