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  1. Due to the pandemic and the fact that I am immunocompromised, I will be homeschooling my son for a while. At least until there are treatments or a vaccine. I homeschooled him from k-5 but put him in public school for 6-7. Next year he will be doing algebra and I need some help learning about what would work best for him. Distance learning hasn’t gone well for him. He has mild autism and ADHD and all the opening and closing of tabs frustrates him. He is a very mathy kid and has done well with every curriculum we’ve used and at Public school as well. I’m hoping to find a program that i
  2. I have an 11 yo ds with HFA and significant Tourette Syndrome. He has gone through similar periods of tics causing physical pain. He once ticced on his side so badly he strained the muscles in his torso and couldn’t lie flat for a week. He’s also had neck stretching tics that hurt him over time. I’m so sorry you and dd are going through this. It’s so hard to watch sometimes (most times). One thing that has been and still occasionally is hard to discern is a tic from a psych med side affect called akathesia. Both Prozac and Paxil have caused some twitching that we originally treated
  3. My very first cassette tape was George Strait back in 1983! I was 6 years old and played it over and over. The tippy top of my bucket list was to see him in concert. Finally in 1999 he came to Boston and that was close enough for me to go see him. The old Patriots stadium (Foxboro I think) was filled up will us George fans. The bonus was I also got to see Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and the Dixie Chicks with him too!
  4. I’m pretty new to posting and haven’t spent much time here on this board. Not sure your exact situation but I’m guessing it’s similar to mine. I have a son with a severe restrictive eating disorder. I would bust out of my skin if he ate three foods together! So I’m seriously feeling your joy! Yay!
  5. I have a son with Tourette’s. He’s now 11 and last year was definitely his worst with tics. Please take your dd to a neurologist and maybe do some research on Tourette’s. There is a wealth of information put out by the Tourette’s Syndrome Association. I felt like I could cope with the tics so much better after I learned more about the disorder. It helped me be more patient and helped me communicate his needs to others better. He was in public school for 3rd and some of 4th grade but I had to pull him out when the swearing tics started. Prior to pulling him, he had an IEP and some
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