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  1. I did not read the replies but many areas have feral cat programs designed to use a trap spay and release approach to control population. Maybe your area has such a thing. There are also resources online for info on caring for feral cats in low cost ways which promote health and ecosystem health. It doesnt sound like this kitten is feral and if it were me I would be hard pressed to give it up but it would have to be vetted and flea controlled and neutered. We have a low cost clinic for those things here.
  2. It is so worth it for me. God I adore it. Will sadly cancel soon and miss it so so much BUT I have discovered that the library has quite a bit.
  3. she also said the same kid walks into couches and said it was not deliberate. Its all very confusing from the description. Being shocked that a 3 yr old acts like a 3 yr old is super counterproductive.
  4. "Jack is tired right now, but mostly he's shocked and upset that anyone would treat him like that." I think in all seriousness if someone said this to me with a straight face after my 3 yo had accidentally knocked theirs flat I would have got up and left said something equally unnecessary and unhelpful back laughed really hard leading to a seriously awkward pause I have at least 2 full force bulldozers and 1 part time bulldozer in my preK class and yes they are all boys and yes they are all darling I have at least 1 child who does not like to be touched and several others who REALLY do not enjoy being bumped into (some of whom react strongly, either with prolonged crying or perhaps some sort of retaliation). All of these are also darling. Even the one who talked for 30 mins about being "hit" bc he was so upset and could not be distracted until I firmly told him that he was ok, and it was an accident, and we could not talk about it anymore until Mommy came. LOL Kids are tiny little people. THEY ARE TRYING THEIR BEST. They are delightfully free of snide comments like the above quote. and that is why I prefer them to their moms. LOL
  5. This is patently false. It gives the govt absolute power over what health care you can receive at govt negotiated prices. Nearly every country which has single payer ALSO has insurance markets where you can buy supplemental plans. These are available to those who can afford them for "luxury" healthcare costs not covered on basic national plans. Further, OP, while I sympathize with your experience, you could have made this MUCH easier on yourself with some prior research. Yes the ACA website is a pain. But I do not believe 1000/ month was your only option for you and your husband. I was in this exact situation 2 years ago and was certainly disappointed with my options, but our whole family could be covered for 800 a month with NO SUBSIDY. (My ex was a high earner and had already made 80 or 100k before he lost his job). It was certainly an unpalatable option as it had a 10K deductible, but one good car wreck can cost that. HEALTH SHERPA is an exceptionally easy to use website which helps people navigate the ACA plans available to them and has been widely used and publicised. Look into it if you need info and share it, bc its so helpful.
  6. I do not necessarily think "random attack" is fair but agree with the rest here, esp your desire to pathologize the behavior, OP. There is nothing abnormal about some kids being bulldozers at 3. You have to redirect but it is very often completely without malice. It really is true that some people are clumsy and not phased by contact that causes others to sob. I see it every day at PreK. OP's kid was easily redirected and not hurt. Other kid could be too. Seems to me lots of mountains out of mole hills will be made here by one side or the other ***unless you agree to view each others' kids through the lens of "he does the best he can and none of this is malicious or truly hurtful. Both these kids can learn from each other."*** I would have been pretty salty (and possibly defensive) about the "he isnt used to being treated like that" as it sounds super smarmy and off putting, frankly. My boys were never the tackler type either so I am not projecting from past experience. haha
  7. BTW salesmen used to literally DRINK glyphosate in front of customers to show how safe it was. (a billion ppb) Just something to think about while fretting over 18 ppb in your goldfish.
  8. This foodbabe person is a pseudo science loving fear mongering publicity hound. To put it nicely. You would do well to never erad anything she says. Here is just one article ok one more: Those who argue against seed saving with monsanto might want to remember that when you do business with monsanto you sign a contract in which you agree to not exploiting their product. Occasionally monsanto has gone nuts and attacked farmers who have been victims of cross pollination. That is uncool. In general I find most people are not really qualified to have these discussions about food safety and GMO and organic and pesticides, and I try to avoid them. My husband works in the industry as a scientist and has plenty of illuminating info, including the bold assertion that organic pesticides (allowed on organic foods) are NOT SAFER than others.
  9. I think ODD is a trash dx, most often applied to kids who have parents and teachers who are OUT OF THEIR MINDS with annoyance. At least that was our experience. I am thrilled for you that you have found something that works for your son.
  10. This is really not a big deal. No one is going to look that hard at elementary school. Esp at a private school. Ask for work to be sent home and do not call attention to yourself.
  11. aldi will take returns so it is almost worth it to give it a whirl but the stainless steel pot is essential IMO
  12. Chiro helped me. massage. I had a horrible flair this past summer and was miserable for 6 weeks.
  13. These threads always seem to degenerate into a contest of who can spend less and martyr themselves more. I have only skimmed this and have not seen that so far so yay. As someone who has been poor enough to receive food stamps and who may be again, I relish spending money liberally on decent food to feed my family when I can. Generally we fall between thrifty and moderate, but I dont calculate and subtract things like cat food/ litter/ laundry soap etc.
  14. Very pleased with Writing with Skill. And given that I have not typically liked any of the WTM recommendations I am surprised.
  15. That seems pretty dumb to me all the way around. I think it backfires in a way. I mean, really, yes women have breasts. whoop de doo. This is a sort of anti feminist approach to supporting a woman for president IMO.
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