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  1. Thanks! I told dd9 that she could read all the am hist 'fun books' she wanted for free reading, so she can still get am hist in this year while studying the ancients. But then I figure by the time we get around to am hist again, she'll have a better idea of why things happened the way they did. Now if I can just figure out what to do about science. Do you think using WP 4 days a week and doing history 3 days a week would be too much, or do I need to simplify this, take it down to 2 days a week?
  2. Actually, my whole plan for the coming up year. I picked up a copy of the well trained mind, and it's got me to thinking. I'm trying to fit in everything everyone is interested in, and still keep it affordable, fun, but not too much work for me.:001_huh: I was going to do Am Hist with my 4th grader this year because that's what she's interested in. Then let her follow along with her sister's animal science for her science prog, but she's only sort of interested in that. DD8 (1st/2nd grade) is not interested in Am Hist at all. So for her I was going to do was WP animal world as her main lesson and add their LA on to it. Then let ds4 follow along with that as he's interested. But then I was looking at WTM and it was saying that you should start at the beginning and stop at the end. Well, duh. that makes sense, this will be our first year of doing any kind of major history study. So I asked them how they felt about studying the ancients and they both were excited about that. They even started to 'walk like an egyptian.' LOL So looking at WTM, it's a year early for DD9 to study the ancients, but that's OK right? They both could do ancients together. But she has decided she would rather do physics than animal science even tho that's what goes with the ancients. That's ok too, right? We looked at science in a nutshell kits. Are those good? So then I was thinking about science again. If I do AW, that will be their main lesson, 4 days a week, in addition to LA, math, history and foreign languages. And I'm worried about putting too much on them. I looked at the WTM plan for animal science and their suggestion for 2 hrs of science a week. And I'm trying to do this all on a buget :glare: But I want it to be easy to use with lots of fun activities at hand and me not have to do a lot of looking around and hunting for thing for htem to do. So should I A) do AW (getting as much used as I can) with dd8 and ds, and the coodinating LA program for dd8, and still try to do 3hrs of hist a week B) use the WTM suggestions for animal science and their LA suggestions C) Use WTM science and WP LA for animal worlds D) something else entirely :tongue_smilie: And what should I use for ancients. SOTW?
  3. I have a 4 yo that want to 'do school' with the big kids. Looking for something secular. Where to begin?
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to check them all out. Just out of curiosity, what does SotW vol 3 and 4 cover?
  5. What problem is he having? Is it the slant? Just curious, I'm a lefty, and when I learned to write to make the slant all I had to do was turn the bottom ofthe paper towards my left elbow and write straight up and down. Then when the paper was turned back right, the writing was slanted. We use the Vimala alphabet.
  6. That's OK, I'm open to any suggestions here. Thanks for your suggestions so far, I'll go check them out!
  7. My 4th grader has a really yard time with math-- and I mean basic math, like 2+2. She just doesn't get it. I'll have her doing math with my 2nd grader this year. Right now, I have printed her out some 1st grade Math Mammoth worksheets, and those seem to be helping her memorize the basic addition facts, and then I'll give her the subtraction worksheets. Im tryingto pick something out for them this coming up year, and trying to decide what to go with. What ever it is needs to be inexpensive. As of right now Math Mammoth is going OK, but both of them really hate worksheets. I've never used Miquon, or MUS and was wondering about those. I was thinking with MUS, having a nice man on tape to teach them math might be a nice change of pace. And I've seen where other people having math problems have liked Miquon.
  8. Is there a secular ( and cheap :tongue_smilie: ) am hist resource that covers indians and colonial times thru modern times? For a 4th grader? I've looked at WP AS1 and 2, but we've got a lot going on this next year, so I'm wanting to keep the history portion of our studies light.
  9. So WP Animal Worlds can't be made secular? Just asking because I was thinking about using it.
  10. What do you use? especially in the preK to 4th ranges
  11. I'm going to introduce latin to my kids, preK, 2nd, 4th, this year. What would be a good program(s) for them? Something inexpensive preferably. Is there something that would be really fun, since this is their first time doing it?
  12. hillbilly housewife has $45 and $70 menus http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/40dollarmenu.htm www.angelfoodministries.com 1 box of groceries (about a weeks worth of food) for $30 and they've recently added an allergy free box. Woo-hoo! and here http://www.heart4home.net/30perweek.htm is a menu that was $30 when it was writen 10 years ago, lol. But you could still come out pretty cheap doing it.
  13. All your little ones could enjoy watercolor painting, clay, nature crafts and things like that together. Then maybe get your 6yo a set of nice colored pencils and a sketch pad and introduce form drawing. It'll start as straight and curved lines, in the early years will help with hanwriting. Then gradually become much more complex, and lead into geometry and very pretty art in 3rd and 4th grade. That way all your littles could do art together, with a little extra for your oldest that wouldn't take a lot out of you-- just a few minutes a day.
  14. I'm trying to open the sample pages, but for some reason I can't. The discription sounds like what I'm looking for, the only thing is we don't use instrumental music in worship, so I'm trying to see if it has hymnal music or just classical?
  15. Is she blond? If not you'll have to lighten her hair first. My girls are blond and we use sugarless Koolaid mixed with a spoonful of conditioner to make a paste. Then spread it on what ever parts of their hair they want colored and wrap it in aluminum squares to keep it from spreading.
  16. Have you looked at the Vimala alphabet? You can see what it looks like here http://www.iihs.com/vimala-alphabet.html I have Soul Development Through Handwriting by Jennifer Crebbin, which is the waldorf approach to teaching this style of writing. It is cursive, but not continuously connected, and many of the caps do look similar to printed ones. It is a 5* slant. The philosophy behind this alphabet is that it brings out your best characteristics-- like handwriting analysis tells about your personality, instead of your personality causing you to write in a certain way, you write in a certain way to bring out the best in your personality. I may not have explained that well, but maybe you get the idea. My oldest learned to write in K at school, so she learned print first, and dd2 has an LD and cursive is torture for her, but ds will only learn the vimala alphabet taught in waldorf style.
  17. Anyone have a music curriculum they use? I'm wanting something for my kids that will teach both music appreciation, folk songs and such, and teach them to read music. And if it's lot of fun for them, but won't break the bank for me, that would be really great too. I read music and play the flute, they're interested in learning to play once they get a little bigger and their arms a little longer. Something that would help prepare them for that and teach some music appreciation wouldbe great. Thanks
  18. Thanks! That does look good. Are you actually learning the language with it, or just getting exposure? You think it would be better than Rosetta Stone, or something like that?
  19. Oh, sorry, I just read the no cartoon type drawings. That may not be for you then.
  20. here is one I plan on trying soon. I have been told it's really good http://www.geeguides.com/ I saw a book at books-a-million yesterday I'm going to go back and get. It was a book for kids (girls) on how to draw mermaids and fairies and things. There was also one for boys with more boyish things in it. It looked really good and I think my girls will enjoy it.
  21. Hi, I posted something about this in another thread just a minute ago, then realized I was in the high school board. Oops. So thought I'd come over here and post it. My kids are pre-K, 2nd and 4th graders. I'm looking for a spanish program for them, and was hoping you all might have some suggestions. My 7 yo is dyslexic, so for her we can't really do a bunch of workbooks and stuff. But I had been told that learning a foreign language might really help her, something about it using a certain part of the brain, and it would help to retrain her mind and help her to learn to read easier. Anyhow, I'm thinking some sort of multisensory or immersion learning might be good.
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