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  1. My kids do this thing that drives me nuts! On laundry day or the days they clean their rooms, they bring out 5 tons of clothes that they swear is all dirty. They wore every bit of it and it all needs to be washed. But I know it's not all dirty. And if it is dirty it's because it was on the floor instead of put up. Like right now, there are 5 sweaters/coats in the basket. It's been 90 degrees out lately. I ask them about it, they don't know how that got in there. So we go through the basket and find lots of other things that looks like it's still clean and they don't know how any of it got in the basket. I end up washing lots of things I suspect are clean, and I already have too much laundry, yk? Things I've tried are watching while they put their things away. Somehow everything ends up back on the floor. Boxing up excess clothes, so there is not more than they can handle. But then they think of things in the box they have to have and a lot of it gets pulled back out. I need some suggestions to get this under control.
  2. After I got married. I'm teaching my kids now so they won't have to learn the way I did.
  3. oh wow. I jut learned some new words from your menu. :) I have no idea right now. Tonight, dh and I are eating out. Tomorrow I'll do something with chicken breast Monday use up the hamburger. After that I have no idea. Time to go shopping.
  4. Cool! It says you have to be accepted, but I didn't see where it said how many will be accepted. Is there a limit?
  5. I used to fold mine in half longways then short ways. After you unfold them short ways, they're ready to go on the rack. But when we moved here and I had to put towels on a shelf where they're seen, I started folding them in half shortways, then again shortways, then into thirds so it's neat and the decorative ribbon at the bottom shows.
  6. green smoothies were (and are) my favorites. Do you do raw baking? I make Jiliano's guacamole recipe from his book RAW. They go great with raw corn chips. I'd put frozen corn, peppers, zucchini, tomato..... I think that was it-- I haven't made them in forever-- in a blender. The spread them on the sheet of a dehydrator and 'bake' them. His oatmeal cookies were really good too. My kids would eat those as fast as I could make them. Kale and egg plant chips can be made by soaking them in braggs then dehydrating them. You could make stir fry veggies by marinating veggies in Braggs and olive oil. "Egg salad" from avocado. Avo taste like anything you put with it. Avo with coconut oil, agave, and cocoa makes a good fruit dip or pudding. Banana icecream. I buy bananas that are very ripe at a discount. There's a store that bags them up and marks them down. I peel then freeze them. They're ready for icecream or smoothies.
  7. I put on music that everyone likes and we start off the day by dancing and jamming out. It raises everyone's energy and puts us all in a better mood. If for some reason that doesn't work, then back to bed.
  8. I had an interview last week. They're supposed to let me know within 2 weeks, but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm hoping maybe I'll hear something this coming up week.
  9. I keep trying to remind myself that he will be helping to support the kids. Maybe it won't be as hard as I keep thinking it is. While I can see how it would be good to stay married till I finish school... physically we're safe, but emotionally I'm not. A rock and a hard place.
  10. I keep trying to remind myself that he will be helping to support the kids. Maybe it won't be as hard as I keep thinking it is. While I can see how it would be good to stay married till I finish school... physically we're safe, but emotionally I'm not. A rock and a hard place.
  11. Groceries have gone up so much, I think I'm going to have to increase our budget to about $250 a week for food. Maybe about $300 for food and nonfood items. This is up from about $150/wk for 5-- meat has gone up 50%. We eat gfcfsf, mostly. I buy 'regular' food for dh. What is your budget like now? Has it gone up a lot recently?
  12. Those are really neat. I love when things are built in like that. Really good use of space.
  13. I'm really a troll. My hair is purple and I run around nekkid all the time. :w00t: :D OK not really. I'm sitting here fully clothed, knitting a sock and trying to put my school day in order. Botany, medieval history, and kinder. I haz no life.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions. I can see the wisdom in doing it that way.
  15. and possible single parenting has been on my mind a lot lately. I don't know yet what's going to happen with me and dh, so in preparation for that, I need to get a job. My counselor recommends I find a job too, as it would give me a sense of power and freedom that I'm lacking. Also, I registered for next semester and at some point next year I need either work based learning credits or an internship. So, I gotta get a job. There's one part of me that loves the idea of going back to work. I recognize there's a part of me that needs this and the benefits that will come from it. But then there's a part of me that's really sad because I won't be home with the kids all the time and I may have to give up homeschooling. I think I may have been throwing up some mental blocks for myself in my job search because of this. This part of me really doesn't want to go back to work. So I ask myself if I could do it all-- work, school, homeschooling. What if I end up single? Could I still do it? Would it be fair to the kids to try? I'm working right now to make sure my kids are up to grade level in case they go back to school, and trying to prepare for any eventuality. But it's a tough place to be. Anyone btdt?
  16. OK, nevermind. I didn't expect anyone to be there as late as it is, but I called anyhow. Got what I was supposed to, so it's all good. :D
  17. oops, I didn't read that so well, so I'll just say I stick with something my natural lip color.
  18. The 7th grade literature and middle ages guides for my 12yo. I think she's at a really good place to start them. I went ahead and got the K package for my son. We were supposed to do K with him this year. Because so much has happened here over the last few months, I've really let school go for ds. he's nowhere near where I'd like him to be, so we're going to do K over the spring and summer.
  19. What do you wear on your face/neck/shoulders during the summer? I've got sun spot on my face and I keep burning around my clavicles so I need something.
  20. How long does it take to get things from MP? Do they ship pretty quickly? Just curious. I ordered some stuff, am excited and wondering how long I have to wait anxiously. :D
  21. I went to the dentist a couple weeks ago thinking I had cavities and needed fillings in 2 teeth that had been hurting for a while. It was a popcorn husk down below the gum line; every time I flossed I was pushing it down further. He said there was no way I could have gotten it out on my own.
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