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  1. I think I will sleep quite soundly tonight. This is such a huge relief after dh losing his job that I will have that many less worries to keep me awake. I am very excited and very thankful. :)
  2. Finally got the call from my potential employer that I've been waiting on. Start training tomorrow morning :D:D:D
  3. YEs, sorry, I meant I have a lot of blue, black, grey, and cool colors in my closet. My usual lipstick is brownish pinks or red and goes well with what I normally wear.
  4. I wanna go! But I want there to be a library there. And I want to go to the library and pick out books for ME. To, you know, actually read.
  5. I'm paper white. lol I don't tan at all, just turn red then back to white. Frosted colors are not very good on me. Picked up some fuchsia a couple weeks ago! It makes me ridiculously happy when I wear it. I have pink toffee and dusty rose that I wear during the summer. I also really like red lipstick. Love to do liquid eyeliner winged out and red lips. During the fall I really like wine colored lipstick. So I'm really digging the lipstick trend right now. I've been doing an orange eyeshadow that i like with my eye color, white eyeliner on the waterline, and a single coat of mascara with wine lipstick.
  6. I am as dressed as I plan to get. OK, I might go put socks on cuz my toes are cold... it's a tshirt and yoga pants day today. We're getting things done and I feel pretty good! Breakfast-- check! School with DS-- check! Girls math, spelling, science--now Lunch nature walk, dd1 project kick-off BF guide with dd2 Wash sheets, laundry clean kids rooms
  7. I need help keeping up with current events. I admit, I don't watch the news. If I did I would have insomnia/nightmares/whatever else. Empathic tenancies, just can't do it. But I have no clue what people are talking about when they discuss current events. I really wish I did; I'd like to know what's going on in the world and be able to discuss it.
  8. He was only in PS for a month, but it was a school that does not teach phonics, they teach kids to recognize words. He only had time to learn a handful of words that way, but the ones he learned are boogers now when we're doing phonics. So now ds is doing a work sheet of words that end with "id" and all the words on the page are "did" words. H-did, r-did, l-did. lol I'm dying here. :tongue_smilie:
  9. I'm not trying to go for any kind of statement, but the usual pinks and reds I wear seem to be clashing with it. Hoping to start work this week (waiting to hear back from them), and trying to make sure I look nice. :) It's at JCP, and they like you to wear their clothes, so I'm getting out what I have...
  10. I have a shirt like this, but it's navy in the middle and bronze around the neck and sleeves And I have one that is an oatmeal color, with copper sequins. Not normally colors I wear. Lots of grey and black and blue. I'm fair complected, dark hair, blue eyes. What color lipstick would look good?
  11. Those are great ideas too! We went to the library and loaded down on books. We found foraging cook books, one of them includes seasons, so we can look for what to cook now. I'm really excited about this. Probably more than she is. LOL And we picked up some bulbs to force, she'll enjoy that.
  12. School is done. I am showered, dressed to the shoes, and have makeup on. The library books are gathered together. Off to town.
  13. I asked her what she would like to work on, she said botany/horticulture. Dd 11 says she'd like some sort of science project to work on too. I'm not a science person. At all.
  14. Mama, why do we have to write out names and the date on our paper when you know who wrote it and when? Because if you don't the world will self destruct. :glare: :001_huh:
  15. Off to a slow start today. I slept late and I'm really struggling with depression. The kids are off to a slow start too, my fault. Music is a great idea. Something upbeat. We need to get up, dance, and get some endorphins going. School. Shower and dress for me. Trip to library.
  16. Soon to be. She's 12 but will be 13 in a little over a month. She's 7th grade.
  17. We're in the south and dh and I have the same reaction to the name.
  18. I'm pretty sure by the time I was 13 I was as tall as I was going to get. Dd is my height now, and I think she's not going to grow any more. But MIL keeps telling her she has one more growth spurt coming and she'll be really tall. Just curious now. Is there another growth spurt at this age? What age did your dd's stop growing?
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