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  1. A friend of mine has had problems with the school continuously saying her dd isn't up to standards on reading. They put her in special classes, then kept her back a year and kept her in these special classes. They still say she's not up where she needs to be and put a lot of pressure on the mom and dd. So the mom takes her to summer workshops at the university where they remediate students who are behind. The state university says she's preforming above state standards. The mom talked to the school about it and the school told her they couldn't have been looking at our state's standards then. Anyhow. I am looking into our states standards, and so far what the school is asking of first graders is above what the state requires. According to the school being able to preform at state standards puts you at a K level. :( DH and I are discussing alternatives now.
  2. The school says there is no way to remediate him. That their standards are much higher than that of the curriculum I had been using. The only recourse at this point is to put him in K. Even if he were caught up, and they don't think that can happen, they still have to make him repeat 1st and that is just the way it is. THey say they have no control over that. As far as his age goes, they say it is less traumatic now than it would be next year. Then they wanted to hear what I was thinking because they care. After basically telling me it didn't matter what I said or did that is what they would do. I cried. Also, my 5th grader who has an LD is being retained. Based on 2 weeks worth of grades they say they have to. She's catching onto new concepts quickly, but her grades based on material she was just coming in on, are low enough to keep her back. She will get to go to special classes, which is good, she needs them. But she can't go onto the next grade. Changing schools is not an option, and there is no online public school here. There is a private online option and there are private schools but we can't afford them.
  3. Thanks, I'll talk to them and see if they can do anything like that. They don't want us to pull him out so maybe they can come up with some alternative plan if I push it.
  4. They didn't have him for half the year, only a couple weeks. A school in another state had him for two months, then his dad took over for 3 months. Duing the two months in public school he was right on track. He got behind when his dad let school slide. Now the school here expects first grade to read at at least a second grade level, are multiplication and addition and subtraction with 3 or more digits.... things like that ds never got to because we pulled him out of school and his hs was neglected when I went back to work. The school says even if we catch him up in reading we won't get him caught up in math in time.
  5. Because of his bday, he was already 6 when it was time to start K. So he's suppose to be 7 in 1st. But it would put him so much older than the kids in K if he were moved back. Yeah, I just can't understand why they don't think a few extra months can make a difference or why they are refusing testing. I'll have to talk to them more today and see what they say. Right now, DH is unemployed, but if he gets a job he won't be here all the time like he is now, so I"m a little hesitant to pull him out at the moment then throw homeschooling him onto a babysitter. So I'm really hoping the school will step up and help us out.
  6. OK, before I go talk to them, could y'all talk to me about what services to expect from them? Any advice on what to say to them?
  7. The school isn't willing to do anything to get him caught up. THey're not even willing to retest him if I get him caught up. THey insist the will move him back a grade regardless of what I do. They have state testing coming up too. That's going to put a lot of pressure on him. I'm so frustrated right now. It's like he's being punished and none of it was his fault.
  8. The school is still insisting that he be moved to K. That there is no hope of him catching up at this point and even if we afterschool and summer school him. That they won't retest him for second grade even if we do this. I'm supposed to meet with them tomorrow. Strongly considering pulling him out at this point.
  9. Thank you all. We'll tell the school he's staying in first and that we are going to work with him to get him caught up.
  10. We've had a lot of stuff going on here, the kids were put in school, taken out, then we moved and now they're in school again after a 4 month break. Now I have to decide what I should do for ds. I put him in school in another state at the beginning of the year. He was doing great. A little behind in reading, a little ahead in math but over all, OK. In a nutshell: Situation changed. I had to go to work, then work and school. Not home most of the time and had to rely on dh to school the kids. Only it didn't happen. There were 3 months that ds didn't do school. DH and I had some disagreements over getting them enrolled in the school here, and they were only put in school 2 weeks ago. DS missed out on a lot over that 3 months. Now he's too far behind to keep up with 1st grade. The school wants to put him in K for the rest of the year and make him repeat 1st. Or we could choose to keep him in 1st, however he's frustrated with the work and they say he will still have to repeat the grade. He's only been in school two weeks, I feel he needs more time to adjust. He's 7, going on 8, and he would be put into a class of 5-6 yos. I feel that if I could pull him out and work with him, I could have him ready to go on to the next grade by fall. DH says he's will to do what he has to if we choose that option. I'm afterschooling him right now, trying to get him caught up as much as I can. Trying not to push him too hard. I've asked DH to find out in advance what skill are coming up next so we can work ahead, preparing him to work with his class. So options are: Pull him out, hs him to get him up to grade level let him be moved back to K keep him in first, let him repeat first if necessary, but keep afterschooling in hope he'll catch up
  11. Thank you for the ideas :) The concentration I'm going with is Clinical Exercise, and do rehab. Once I finish I would be able to get a masters in Physical Therapy. I used to be a yoga instructor, and something I used to always want to do was be a yoga therapist. At the time, I wasn't able to pursue a degree in physical therapy though. In this area, there are hospital and medical clinics that all have Wellness Centers. Maybe I could check into jobs there. That should be a good place to start.
  12. Wow. You are absolutely right. I hadn't looked at it that way.
  13. Rented a couple movies to watch last night with a friend of mine that likes scary movies. Prometheus, it's an alien movie, and I'm not really into aliens... The Raven about Poe, I thought it was pretty good. Anybody seen that one? And we watched Dream House. It was good too, a little different.
  14. The second option I'm considering is finishing up a 2 year program I already started. I have 1 year left. But, the only reason I'm in it is because it was the quickest thing for me to finish. Way back when, I was in another program in another part of the state when we moved down here. There was no where here that had the program i was in, so I just changed to something. Then I dropped out after 1 semester because I didn't like it. Last semester I went back thinking OK, I've got to hurry up and get a degree in something, anything, so I can hurry up and get a job. But the thing is, I could actually get a job in this field (banking) without the degree. Around here I could start at $2/hr more than I'm making now. I could go work in a factory making more than that. The 2yr degree I was working on before that, same deal. Starts out-- in this area-- at a little more than minimum wage.
  15. Yes, I do need to get out asap. I have to get my ducks in a row first, so I'll still be here a while. And part of getting things together is having income. If I go to school that will cut back on the hours I can work, so it will cut my work back to part time. But still, working full time at min wage is hard to support a family on.
  16. Planning my future and I'd like to have some feedback on my options. Here's where I am now: My husband is out of work, and not inclined to go back any time soon. I'm working at JCP. Hired on part time seasonal. It's possible for it to turn into a permanent position if I impress the manager. I'm counting on this. The more hours I'm available to work, the more hours I will be scheduled for. I'm still planning to get a divorce as soon as I get to a place where I can. Need regular income, a vehicle, etc... I want to go back to school and finish a degree so I can get a job that will support myself and my children. I could 1) skip school this semester and work as much as possible. Possibly even make a career of retail. OR 2) work part time, go back to community college and finish my tech degree (in a field I'm not really interested in and only started because it could be finished quickly. Will require moving away from the area to do anything with it), OR 3) work part time, enroll in a 4yr program (could be finished in 3yrs with classes I already have) that is more something I want to do, will have the potential of making more money and could go on and get a masters if I'm inclined to later, and will be able to do anywhere. The cons are that I'm 35 now, will be 40 when I'm done. Am I too old for this? Will take me longer to finish than tech degree, and I need to work, have money and be independent. I'd like to do it without a lot of waiting, but... I believe I'd be happier in this field than in the tech field.
  17. In the kitchen. If I had a utility room, I'd put it in there
  18. We have the advantage of having the collective knowledge of past generations in addition to our own. I don't think that means previous generation wouldn't be able to figure out how to use things we have today if it were presented to them just like we did.
  19. What I read was in a science magazine but it was basically the same thing. On the radio they were saying something about brain size, but I missed what they were saying about that.
  20. I do think technology is causing us to be less likely to train ourselves to remember things. And possibly learn some things. Who needs to learn in when it's all at our fingertips. I don't know what the radio was siting, so I can't say there. The article I read was talking about intelligence genes and evolution.
  21. Heard this on the radio this afternoon. Humans are becoming less intelligent as technology increases. The more heavily we rely on technology the less necessary intelligence becomes. My first question is if we dumb ourselves down that much, who will be left that will be smart enough to create all this great technology? My next questions were are machines really taking over man? Are the Matrix and Gattaca really our future? :001_huh: :tongue_smilie: I read another study that suggest that from an evolutionary perspective, we lost the need to become smarter as we shifted from hunter-gatherers to farmers.
  22. I picked up a nude color that's more on the brown side, but I think it really washes me out. So I went over to clinique and got a Chubby Stick in Fuller Fig It's making my lips feel good anyhow... Will try it with one of the tops tomorrow. Done with my first day of work and I'm pooped.
  23. Everyone forgets that Icarus also flew. I like that line.
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