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  1. This is incredible! Thank you for sharing! You are saving my homeschool year already and it's just started :)
  2. Hi all! I know Teacher Appreciation week is coming up next week, and I've found some fun ways that Homeschool Teachers are being appreciated with giveaways, etc. http://www.hiphomeschoolmoms.com/2016/04/thursdays-giveaways-homeschool-teacher-appreciation-week/ http://homeschoolteacherappreciationday.com/freebies/ Have you all found any special events going on to celebrate homeschoolers - giveaways, free offers, discounts etc? Thanks! Summer
  3. Hi there! I know that Teacher Appreciation Week is also a great time to celebrate us homeschool educators! Has anyone found any special events going on to celebrate homeschoolers - giveaways, free offers, discounts etc? Thanks! Summer
  4. DEFINITELY NOT but I think that's okay :) What has helped us stay organized is having designated desks, wall decals and a mini chalk board - everything is easy to move room to room which is sometimes necessary but it always feels like our "homeschool room" whatever room we choose to be in! My favorite are our wall decals from Mona MELisa - there are others too but they help make the room look like an educational space for learning. If you are interested you can look at one of the ones we bought a few months ago here (and did I mentioned LOVE?) Goodluck!
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. I know your frustration trust me. Have you heard of the Life of Fred books? It's a fun, engaging way and unconventional way to learn math! You can Google search "Life of Fred books" and see what you think. I hope that works, it definitely saved my family! No more tears when it comes to math :)
  6. Hi Laura! I guess correctly isn't the right word - my kids are at the age now where I think it's important to make sure they know that the resurrection means Jesus rose from the dead, I've seen some other resources that don't explain the resurrection so kids aren't scared of the story. Wanting to find a resource that is a middle ground of teaching my kids what happened but in a way that they feel as amazed by the story as I do, and not scared.
  7. Hi all! i wanted to see how you all plan to teach the story of Easter to your children. I've found a few worksheets and such, but do you have resources or curricula that are tried and true that tell the story of the resurrection correctly (but not in a "scary" way) or that your children are particularly engaged with? Thanks for your help! P.S. In case it helps anyone, here the resources I've found so far: -This one is free, it's a surprisingly robust coloring activity book that teaches the story of Easter: http://www.educents.com/the-story-of-easter-coloring-book.html -This is a book that goes along with doing a Resurrection Eggs activity, has anyone used this? Looked great to me: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0310715059/
  8. We adore Life of Fred in our household. Math is my kids' favorite subject thanks to Fred! They present all concepts through fun and hilarious stories, each story is a cliffhanger too so they couldn't wait to read the next one (I one time had to say, "Okay, that's enough math for today!" I still can't believe I said it and almost regret it...) Hope this helps! I was able to find it on www.Educents.com for a discount, it looks like they may be partnered with them.
  9. Thanks for sharing! Here are some others that just came to light earlier today: If you follow Pandia Press on Periscope, there will be a code this today for an additional 5% off, so 45% off total Amazon 30% off one book (max discount $10, so a $30 book is $20, and a $40 book is $30) HOLIDAY30 TPT has not announced their sale yet...
  10. Honestly, I would wait though it does depend on the maturity of your kiddos. In our household we've made it a rule to wait for "grown-up book" such as the Hunger Games until they are 12 or 13. This turn into something they can look forward to and get more excited about then they would if I just handed it to them before they were ready to understand.
  11. Adler Planetarium is amazing! I have a sister that lives in IL and we always try to make time to check it out. Have a great trip!
  12. Have you ever found something so rich and exciting that you just needed to spread the love and share it with the world!?! Well, I have been looking for early access Black Friday deals all week (before I get super busy in the kitchen come Thanksgiving) and I'm happy to report I'VE FOUND IT. All parents, homeschoolers and educators can get early access on ALL homeschool products, resources, educational games, learning tools and more! I'm talking Maestro Classics, Magic School Bus, Alpha Omega Publishing, Math Mammoth, Magformers, Life of Fred, AND the list goes on!! All these items are already discounted PLUS the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale gives you an extra 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING sitewide. I've currently bought most my homeschool curriculum AND christmas gifts from HERE. *Discount code is "GiveThanks" - Use this at checkout! Let the shopping begin - Go to www.educents.com for the early access Black Friday sale! Enjoy, and HappyThanksgiving!
  13. I must say I had my eldest go to Waldorf at a young age (PreK-4th) before I started homeschooling and they didn't force the kids to read until 3rd grade. At first I was confused and almost disappointed (wanting to make sure my child wasn't "missing out") but it was truly incredible to see how excited and READY all the children were when they hit 3rd grade. I can honestly say it was surprising and a tremendous success. My advice - Definitely wait until your children are ready. They will not be behind but energized and excited to dive in for years to come!
  14. Two of my youngest were diagnosed with ADHD and it was recommended that I find hands-on learning tools for my kiddos. So I've been on the hunt! Has anyone heard of the Tegu magnetic blocks? They were recommended and I just found a great price but want more info if anyone has used them or not. They are on sale on here - http://deals.woot.com/deals/details/a00a6715-8e73-4d7f-9f55-dc1fd3911ad8/tegu-blocks-the-toy-of-2016-with-40-magnetic-blocks-and-perfect-for-all-ages#3 Otherwise, I'd love other suggestions. Thank you all.
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