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  1. Beautiful baby and you,Congratulations!!!
  2. mominco

    I'm Sad

    I am sorry MooCow,Did you check to see if there is public transportation at least 1/2 the way or maybe a park and ride that might be doable? Make a weekend of it every month. Any friends who go that direction to visit parents that you can go with and you can pay for the gas? hugs
  3. Best wishes to you and your family,will miss you,
  4. Congratulations Dawn!
  5. broth for lunch, water ,lots of tea and banana popsicles were DD's favorite.
  6. DD just had this done and this was her list. 3 days prior no high fiber food no raw fruit,veggies,whole grain,multi grain foods ,no nuts,popcorn,seeds,beans,lentils,bran,bulking agents. Entire day prior to the exam only clear liquid diet-no red/purple/blue liquids.Strained no pulp juice like apple/white grape. Water,gatorade popsicles,jello-o green/yellow or orange colors only. Clear broth/bouillon,coffee/tea without any sugar or creamer
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