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  1. If this was an every day dinner party, I would probably be annoyed. If this was our family's only Christmas get together, I would probably be the one who showed up with a traditional Christmas dinner because most of my own family members wouldn't be happy with a non-traditional dinner if the hostess deviated from our traditions. We would all want an actual Christmas dinner. Other parts of the family does a roast for Christmas dinner and they would be upset if they didn't have their Christmas roast as has been tradition for at least 5 decades as well. It really depends on the circumstances.
  2. Yes, the cat still has his claws.......and I literally just heard the cat start fussing at the puppy to come play with him. Puppy does really well if he laying/sitting by me and not going after the cat when he fusses if I tell him no or leave it.... The cat definitely outruns the puppy 99% of the time. DH just freaked last night when he saw puppy grab cat's leg as he was headed over the gate.
  3. Yeah, the cat is a butt😂. He sits in the chair under the dining table and fusses.......or fusses on the other side of the gate, then makes a run for it to jump the baby gate to escape. He walks around crying when we put the puppy in his crate in the bedroom for the night too. This is the same cat who has gotten mad at us before for not paying attention to him & peed on the tv stand right in front of the tv while we were watching it.
  4. We have an almost 6 month old Aussie puppy, who so far has done very well with training. He does a sit, down, stay, rollover, and seems to finally be learning leave it and no bite. The issue I can use some guidance with is..........chasing the cat. Our cat likes to lure the puppy to play with him by sitting and crying, then running. Of course puppy is a monster compared to the cat (45 lbs vs 8 lbs). Puppy has started grabbing the cat by the back with his mouth or trying to grab his leg and DH is really worried puppy is going to injure or kill the cat. I am home for the next several days so would like some solid ideas that I can hit this hard to attempt to break the chasing & practically mauling behavior. Thanks! Oh and we have been using treats for training and puppy is VERY food motivated, but has started consistently doing his sit, down, and stay with no treats.
  5. Taking Melatonin regularly can effect your body's production of your own melatonin. It is ok to take it short term to help reset your sleep. However, first I would try, 30 minutes of exercise daily combined with 30 minutes of sunlight. Dimming the lights in your home at 7 p.m. and making sure you either avoid screens altogether or put blue light filters on everything since blue light inhibits the release of melatonin.
  6. This and ask people to wash their hands prior to holding baby as well as don't kiss baby on the face. I have an asthmatic kid who always ends up with pneumonia if he gets the flu.............but I can't keep him sequestered for 6 months out of the year. Flu B was still going around in MAY this year. ETA: If she has been a teacher for many years, she probably has an immune system made of impenetrable steel. Teachers are usually very well protected from illnesses after a couple of years of working around kids. I NEVER got sick after working in childcare for 6 months. It took 10 years for my immune system to decline enough that I pick up stomach bugs, etc now.
  7. I have a very petite friend who uses a Tula Free to Grow. I'm about the same height as her and have had no issues carrying her toddler.
  8. I would set up a Remind account for your classroom. It's an app and they can get emails, messages to the app, and text messages. You can directly text an individual parent, group of parents,or whole class to get into contact with them and can include a link to your google forms.
  9. She won!!!! It was a horrifying long afternoon, but the judge saw right through all the crap.
  10. I honestly hope they DO call me. I am a good witness so who has unfortunately had a front row seat to the events as they have unfolded. I have been on the phone with my friend all morning trying to calm her and remind her what the end goal is. I just pray this judge sees things clearly.
  11. I have to testify in messy custody hearing for a friend. It's ugly. Prayers please that the judge can see what's best for the kids and that I don't vomit on the stand.
  12. Last I heard, their Facebook group has over 100 people in it, but some of those could be spouses. It's big but apparently she couldn't get enough participation to pay for it completely. Some of her members are coming anyway. The facility is allowing them to come independent of the group leader.
  13. Even Newer Update: We have 85 people signed to attend and the facility is cutting us a deal to feed them all pizza. Other Group Leader has cancelled the contract for her group to attend and made them refund her season passes for the facility. They aren't very sad to lose her business.
  14. The long awaited update. I am sorry it has taken so long. It took until late this evening to get full resolution. Long Story Short: Homeschool Group lady approached facility as she has in past years. She signed a contract for an event BUT was not able to guarantee enough people to meet the facility cost. Facility decided to make a homeschool day and invite multiple groups to make it worth their while. Apparently Homeschool group lady was either A) unaware of this at all or B) wanted to dictate exactly what groups were invited. We originally chose to move to another day but at the end we WILL be attending on Homeschool Day and if the other group has issues with it, they were going to be given the choice to A)attend, B) move to a different day C) not come at all. The facility has been fantastic and accommodating. I wish I could say the same for some of my group members, but unfortunately, you can't always win them all over.
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