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  1. texasmom33

    Different Paleontology ideas for 6yo

    I think the Dino 101 is beyond her grasp, but I'll check it out again. Oldest dd has taken that course, and I just don't think this dd has the attention span yet. She's a pretty average 6 year old girl- ballet and dinosaurs it what is revolves around at the moment. Not AL or anything. Ironically her favorite thing to read about is coprolites. I don't know if I should be amused or concerned, LOL. I hadn't thought about the rocks. That's a good idea. We have the Kenneth Branagh BBC Ultimate Dinosaur Collection but we haven't seen the Attenborough doc. At the moment she's honestly more of a print kid than a video kid so we haven't made much of a dent in the series. But I'll look fo the Attenborough one. Even if she's not ready for it yet, my oldest would like it. She's exhausted every paleontology course on Coursera to date. Thanks!
  2. texasmom33

    What gift(s) do YOU want for the holidays?

    What is a Stern? I tried Googling and got a bunch of dictionary definitions on the adjective. Also by Luther are you referring to Martin Luther, or like BBC Luther? 🙂
  3. texasmom33

    What gift(s) do YOU want for the holidays?

    I would like a spa day at our recently reopened from the Harvey flood fancy-pants spas for a facial and massage. I want a gift card though and not just cash for it, because then there is no personal guilt in feeling a need to spend the cash elsewhere. I don't know why that's a problem for me, but it is. Santa, if you're reading this, send the GIFT CARD to the specific locale. Not just cash. 🙂
  4. texasmom33

    What gift(s) do YOU want for the holidays?

    Going through CC class was one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had. I mean seriously. The diversity of people there beat anything I've seen elsewhere, and I assure you I am not exaggerating. We had all ethnicities, sexes, ages, and socioeconomic levels. You'll have to repot back if you get to go, or at least PM me what your experience was because I want to know if only TX has a lot of weird people in the CC classes!
  5. I'd like to find some different things for dd6. She talks about being a paleontologist all the time. We have stacks of dinosaur books, a Natural Science museum membership we use frequently and a ton of the "dig up a dinosaur" type of things where you chisel a plastic dinosaur out of a pretend rock and then assemble it. I'd like something a little different as we're going on year 2 of this obsession and she still loves dinosaurs but what we've been doing is growing a little tired. Has anyone done anything out of the box with a kid on a long term Dino kick? We definitely do not need anymore books! But I'm not very creative so I'm not sure what else I can do to keep engaging her interest on this path. We've dug a giant hole in our yard "searching" for dinos but that'a about all the hands-on I know beyond the typical bone puzzles and fossil excavations. Hoping someone here is more creative than I am. Her brother is super science kid, and I just bought him some new experiment kits, so I'm hoping to encourage her just as much in her interests which are 100% dinosaurs at the moment. I've gotten her slightly interested in birds every so often, but it's obvious that Dinos are where her heart is at at the moment.
  6. It's actually very helpful- thanks!
  7. texasmom33

    I didn't think I knew anyone

    I'm so sorry LIz. I hope they are found safe and sound. Hopefully you can find an update later?
  8. texasmom33

    Our air quality is awful

    I was just reading this article: and the whole thing is truly just horrifying. I've been through hurricanes and floods, but never something that happened this fast with zero warning. It's truly a whole different animal. I think as someone not from an area where wildfires are a thing, before this fire I had assumed that they started off in isolated areas and then you had plenty of warning if you needed to evacuate, so the risk was minimal to actual life and limb. Reading about these people with no warning at all besides looking out a window, and the roads closing in and ambulances catching on fire. It's just heart breaking. Prayers for all of you whether dealing with fire or smoke. Hope you get some relief soon.
  9. texasmom33

    WWYD? Congratulations or silence?

    Is there a chance one of your ds’s harbors more than platonic feelings for her? (not that you need to tell us- just for you to consider) but that could be adding to the difficulty for him/them about the situation.
  10. I think it’s difficult because there is only so much time for a subject period, much less in PS like in TX where you are literally teaching towards a test. I don’t think there’s a way to ever make everyone happy. That’s why I think local school boards and parents should be the say on what their schools cover, but that’ll never happen.
  11. We had this happen pretty frequently when I oversaw expense reports. I always try and write the $right next to the number and not leave a gap where another digit can be added and put the cents under an L type symbol. They could still do it if they try but it’s messier and easier to see.
  12. texasmom33

    WWYD? Congratulations or silence?

    Personally, I’d try and look at it as a positive that he’s marrying her and not just shacking up until something better comes along. Who knows what will happen in the long run. At least they’re trying to make a go of it. That’s how I see it. Lots of people marry young and have great marriages. Unless there’s some sort of duress but sound like she’s choosing this and is genuinely happy?
  13. texasmom33

    WWYD? Congratulations or silence?

    I get that it's hard- especially for your sons. I know at that age I was full of opinions and it was honestly really hard to watch friends make really bad decisions. But I think with age after you see something that seems like unavoidable disasters pan into something good it gives some perspective that there's no real way of knowing when things will work out and when they won't. Even matches made in heaven can end in divorce, you know? I don't know what the situation is here- I think it is was something like a polygamous marriage or something I might struggle a little more, but even at that I think I would respect their decision as adults and just use the excited line and move on. I think wishing someone well is a different ballgame than maybe attending an event surrounding it, if that makes sense. I would wait and cross the wedding invite bridge until it comes to it.
  14. So when it is a fraud, is it the card issuing bank who is eating the charge, or is it covered by an insurance the bank has? I've just wonder how that works.
  15. LOL your post inspired me to go check my charges and I saw one that was unusual. Texted dh before I hit the fraud button and turns out I just discovered my Christmas gift- or at least where it's from. Ha!
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