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  1. One of you writers should write a book Life Lessons from Tiger King and put it out on Amazon while this thing is hot. a few personal notes to date 1) Don’t own tigers. 2) Don’t associate with people who own tigers (Or other big cats). They are all crazy. 3) Meth is bad. 4) So are harems. 5) Men, do not leave your wives and children for psychotic women on roadsides who are cool with the offer to hold a gun on you while you drive around and then sleep with you the same night. They are crazy and one day are going to feed you to a tiger. 6) Animal print looks ridiculous on everyone. 7) So do mullets. 8 ) Perhaps be slightly more skeptical of fervent zoo volunteers. Proceed with caution. 9) Don’t voluntarily live in squalor. McDonald’s pays better and no one will try and rip your arm off at work. 10) Subtlety is a lost art when it comes to wildlife groupies. 11) Who actually watches all of those horrible music videos? I’m still processing tonight’s episode. PP who used that term- excellent way to put it. Lot to process.
  2. Well so there’s the ones with the meth mouth for sure, but the other guys like Doc and the Tony Montana guy- the more I watch they seem more like coke heads.
  3. @Quill - saw this and thought of you. Even in the midst of global pandemic, we cannot escape her on our Kindle apps. 🤪
  4. Well, again, it's been real guys. I gotta go watch Tiger King and see if I think Carole fed her husband to the tiger. Thanks for the stimulating conversation. ✌️Peace out.
  5. So in my area- that wouldn't be allowed, as it's "non-essential". The churches are shuttered except for personnel allowed to be there in numbers under 10.
  6. I didn't say they weren't. But you're still naming individual Governors and commenting on policies and approvals, which I would think would = politics?
  7. I think y'all jumped that ship many threads ago with veiled references to the various powers that be, along with singing the criticisms and praises of various governors along with references to the leaders of various countries. If you want to report me for crossing a boundary, feel free and the mods can delete it I'm sure.
  8. Fair enough on the dry cleaners. You guys keep hammering on churches like they are the only faiths effected. This isn't a Christian only issue, and it's not only Christians who are pushing back. DeBlasio threatened to permanently shut down churches, synagogues and mosques who did not comply. Not temporarily. Permanently. How is that ok? Are you guys who are okay with the Churches shutting down okay with forcing the shut down of the Mosques and Synagogues as well?
  9. Approval rating: Ill preparedness sure doesn't seem to be causing it to tank. Not sure what else that means.
  10. This seems like it's going to reinforce poor preparation though. If I fail to prepare adequately and then can run rough shod over democracy be it in my state, or federally- what's my consequence in the short term for the poor preparation? Evnetually get voted out. Maybe. But Trump's approval rating is at a high right now I believe. Not sure about the governor's.
  11. So do you refer to this as SARS in general conversation, or do you refer to it as COVID-19?
  12. Dry cleaning? Not really essential. Laundromat- maybe. But why are you so okay with giving up church and synagogue and mosque? Why isn't that *essential* to the people of those faiths? Sorry Muslims- you can shove it?
  14. So then the question is, how long do you put up with the incompetence and the blunt instrument. Because incompetency can linger for a very long time- and like I said- election year. Sort of a huge deal, whichever side of the aisle you are on. If they're going to change the election system that sort of needs to be underway NOW. But no one is even talking about it. I'm hearing some estimates that this is going to go into June or July, and then the possible see-sawing shut downs. There is no way that's not going to affect US elections.
  15. What are you talking about? I think it's pretty well understood that when people say SARS they are discussing the previous epidemic and when people say COVID 19 they are discussing the current pandemic. We don't all have to sound like pretentious asses writing out the full name for everything every post.
  16. Yeah I'm clear on that. But why did the states sit around and wait on the federal government? And it's not like states don't overstep civil rights. They do it all the time!
  17. Honestly beats me. I don't know why that wasn't the first logical step. I don't know if it's because terrified people swamped the phone lines, or what. Or if it's liability. I do know a lot of people at NIH who think this whole thing is ludicrous. But they aren't the ones making the decisions at the local levels, or at the federal level for that matter. I mean- as I've mentioned before, Harris County Texas, home to Houston, has a County Judge who is 29 years old with a Poli-Sci degree calling the shots for one of the 4th biggest cities in the country on this matter......
  18. 1) It's not SARS. But speaking of- I wasn't on the boards then. Were people screaming for a quarantine for SARS when that hit, seeing as it has a much higher fatality rate and they didn't know a whole lot about it's spread at the time either? 2) I have never said I don't care who dies, so stop being hysterical and misrepresenting my words. There's a block button if I cause you distress. Glad to know that rights have limitations in your eyes depending on whose are being affected by which disease. You're acting like they knew all of those things when they were in the thick of it. I guess it was okay to trample their rights at the time. Glad you feel that way. Guessing you're 👍with trampling the rights at the mosques as you mentioned in your OP as well. As long as the government can justify the threat (which, psst- they always try!) - who needs a lawyer or a defense or due process.
  19. Sweden's current approach:
  20. Well, withholding the testing sure seems to have concentrated some power here in the US, hasn't it? There sure seem to be some countries that are proceeding with minimal interruptions- tell people to wear a mask all the time- and are still functioning not at a standstill. Sweden for one. Guess we will get to see.
  21. So devil's advocate: what if it delays the vote in November? What if that can be justified on these same exact public health measures? Is that going to be the straw, or are people just going to be "okay!"
  22. I don't know if you're talking to me or not. But let's look at the churches. How come I can go on the subway (I know, essential!) and not have to follow distancing, but I can't go to church if they enacted the same measures as my local grocery store does, with people at 6 foot intervals? Why is the dry cleaner essential? Why is the car wash essential, but the church isn't? These are issues that have to do with consistency- one of which the most scared is right to assemble. They didn't even give the churches a chance to address this. They just closed them down here. How is that okay? Conversely, why is it okay to keep public transportation running when it's a known reservoir for disease transmission, it's putting the health of the workers at risk, and it's a risk to the riders, and they don't even have to operate under any level of SD? Doesn't that seem to be a threat to the public health as well?
  23. Good question. Theoretically, what if withholding testing was a way to garner more control?
  24. And retroactively- they wanted to quarantine people here in the US with AIDS at one point. Was that okay because it seemed justified at the time, and it wasn't "all of the US" and only a few select groups- homosexuals, hemophiliacs, Haitians, and heroin addicts that didn't affect what people thought of as "everyday Americans"? Because that IS a relevant question here. They didn't know how it was spread initially, and that was a proposed justification for the quarantines. Did that make it okay?
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