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  1. I think I'm going to use it with people with opinions on homeschooling and/or wives/mothers not working. It's going to make it a lot more tolerable, that's for sure!
  2. @annegables I absolutely love that. I'm going to add that to my list of tricks. That's brilliant.
  3. Okay- so my initial review after going through two tanks of water. It definitely did a bang up job cleaning stainless appliances. Mine are really hard not to get streaky- the only thing that's ever worked is Simple Green. Everything else leaves streaks. I steamed the dishwasher, fridge, etc., then just wiped down with a dry paper towel and voila- no streaks. My dd17 was shocked. It definitely can clean a greased up oven rack. I only did one today, but I plan to tackle the whole oven at some point. I have a glass top stove and there were some spots that no amount of elbow grease and that ceramic cleaner was able ever to remove. Well, the steam did it. It cleaned the grout. I don't think my grout will ever be solid white again, but considering it's 10 years old, and has to endure a houseful of people and three big dogs constantly coming in and out, it made a huge difference. It did clean the shower door, but for built up soap scum, it's not going to be my tool of choice. I think my Mom's trick of using dryer sheets to use on glass shower doors it still the way to go as far as removing soap scum. Now, maybe if I get it spotless and keep it that way, then the Neat will be able to take over. On wood floors, it did well and actually didn't streak as much as the Bissell. The Bissell does a great job of cleaning floors (not grout) but you always can sort of see a "fog" almost left behind. Not streaks, but I can always tell I steamed it instead of sponge mopped it if that makes sense. The cord is long, as is the hose, so that made it pretty easy to haul around. I do think it's awkward the hose reel is underneath, but it's not a deal breaker. For ease of use, I'm still keeping my Bissell for quick mop jobs.I'm going to order the replacement cap (hopefully the one they have is still available- mine is the original so it's been around a while). It's heats up in about 60 seconds and is just easy, whereas the Neat takes I believe 8 minutes on the initial use and is just a much bigger contraption. But the Neat is so much more versatile and definitely comes in at a higher temperature. For the ladies, if you buy one and use it, be ready not to have hair and make-up done afterward. You'll be pretty engulfed in a cloud of steam while you are using it, LOL, and be a wilted flower when it's over. I also wish the wand extension was just a little longer. I'm 5'9, so what made me have to call it a day was leaning over to do the grout. I had to put some weight into to really scrub, so that's why I think after a while it was hard on my lower back. Of course my grout has never been steam cleaned, so it needed a lot of "elbow grease". I also pretty much smushed one of the scrubber brushes this first day, so I'll be ordering more of those for sure. But I am tickled pink and will definitely be telling some friends.
  4. The problem I have encountered with asking the “what do you plan to do about it?” question is that it opens the door to “well if we could only pay off XYZ then we could do QRS and all of our problems would be solved and there would be peace and joy throughout the land.” This then sets you up to be asked to solve XYZ with a conveniently timed financial donation- and if you do that the sun will come out tomorrow and all ills of the past will magically disappear. They won’t. Because of that, I would highly advise not asking how they plan to fix it, giving counsel on how to fix it, or anything else. Don’t open that door. Just pass the bean dip. Unless she’s paying you to counsel her, it’s not your job to be proactive or do anything else with someone with this type of track record of exploiting goodwill. On a secondary note I would reiterate to your dd that you and she both got where you are through hard work and good decisions. Not luck. Not “privilege”. That’s such guilt ridden bullshit. Your dd is in a good place because she worked hard and made good choices. You are where you are because despite having the deck stacked against you, you strove forward and worked hard and are where you are. Don’t let your SIL cause your dd a guilt complex. I honestly think women are more prone to that, so let your feminist flag fly and tell your dd she doesn’t “owe” anyone anything. If she wants to be charitable, that’s a different case. But don’t confuse freely given charity with guilt over one’s hard earned place in life.
  5. Oh and adding- it's even harder to take when it's just flat out complaining- not even asking for advice. Just complaining about EVERYTHING. When there's a pause, maybe pop in and say something about "I read/head/saw the funniest thing" and then tell that like passing the bean dip sort of.
  6. "Wow, that's really unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear that." Wash, rinse, repeat. It's tough. I have a friend who really isn't woe is me, but her dd has put her in an untenable situation to the point that now when I talk to her I am constantly waiting for her to ask us for more money. We did help them out once, but dh made it clear it was a one time only thing because as he told me "there is no amount of money in the world that is going to get her out of this until she decides to make massive changes and just giving money isn't going to help." And he's right. So that's what I've done, and said the above, but it's still super stressful. Sorry you are going through that.
  7. Also this came in super handy because I overfilled it on the second fill up, LOL. I didn't panic though! Just pulled the trigger. So thanks for that tip too. 😄
  8. OMG Bill @Spy Car I owe you a wine or fruit basket or something. This thing is LIFE CHANGING. My kids think I've gone nuts, but I am seriously steaming everything just about that doesn't breathe. I've done some grout, an oven rack, stainless appliances (no streaks than you very much!) and now I'm headed to try and clean the shower to see how it does on soap scum on a door. Woohoo!! Money well spent. I'll be back with more reports later, but for now I'm full steam ahead! 😂
  9. Wow! She and the bank are both lucky you guys are on the up and up!! Letting someone take possession before legal signing can be one of the biggest nightmares on earth.
  10. Sometimes you can’t get the comps and it really messes things up. That’s what kept us from being able to refi two years ago. No comps for similar properties. Homes on acreage, townhomes, houses on the water— things like that have a more difficult time with comps usually than standard cookie cutter neighborhood homes. Hope it works out! how’d you get to sleep there if you haven’t closed?
  11. I hope it all works out. That would be super stressful. But I think what you are doing with your community center is awesome. Good luck!
  12. I HATED being on procardia. It was the worst. They had to pull me off of it it made me so sick, so my sympathies there. Hope you get some answers and can go home soon. Glad they are taking good care of you.
  13. Got this in my inbox today and was wondering if the talks were worth the $10? Has anyone listened to all/any of them? The only one I'm familiar with is Angelina Stanford.
  14. Prayers for you, baby, and the rest of your family too. I'm sure this is plenty stressful for Mr. AM and you both. Also praying for wisdom for your docs. Take care. Many hugs.
  15. Congrats on the move! ikea is my suggestion for desks. They have a variety and you can even pick just a table top with a rolling drawer set or all sort of things to customize. To make our study work for both of us we have two IKEA desks and two books cases each along with the other stuff and it’s worked well. I keep my laser printer on a filing cabinet, but IKEA has stands for that too.
  16. It could be noro but usually you’d more than just feel like throwing up. You wouldn’t be able to stop throwing up and would have all your symptoms plus diarrhea to go with it. I’m going to hope for your sake it’s not becauee if it is you are going to have to do a disinfection purge from hell to get it out of your house or it will be an endless cycle. I just got over a head cold minor virus that made me nauseated, with aches and a low fever for four days. Other viruses can cause nausea so hopefully it’s one of those for y’all and not norovirus. It usually makes you violently ill. Not a lot of inbetween ime.
  17. I got a KA Pro I think it is? A 6 qt and it’s been fine. I don’t flog it, but it churns out a lot of unhealthy stuff when I need it too. I think it’s 3 years old. No issues so far. I got the meat grinder attachment and that’s been super handy.
  18. We're plugging along and seeing progress! The lovely ladies on the LC board here really helped me out, much more actually than the Eval people actually. Glad you are liking Silva!! My memory is fuzzy on what happens where, but I think it was Moscow Rules that was my all time favorite. He really hit his stride around there. Gabriel Allon is just such a great character. He is not far behind Uhtred for me. 🙂 I have plunged back into my Asking for Insomnia reading list with The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn. I had hoped they'd put the new Silva on the Cyber Monday sale, but I didn't see it, so he's going to have to wait a few more weeks.
  19. Well, when it comes to UHC, blunt immovable objects tend to succeed best LOL.
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