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  1. Oh, you can definitely just buy the guides and CD's online at the CC bookstore without joining an in person group. But it's really a super overpriced guide for a bunch of memory lists and songs though. You can look for used versions on ebay and other sites. There are CC apps too with the songs, by cycle if you want those instead. They change the editions every couple of years to force the active CC'ers into having to rebuy the guides, so you can typically find them used pretty easily (although CC will try and shame users out of selling their guides as well as buying used.) You might check out Claritas as well as a similar set up. They make similar and aren't much cheaper, but they aren't an MLM, so if that matters to you they might be a better company to purchase from than CC. What exactly do you want them to memorize? History Facts? Poems? Scripture? Math facts? There are all sorts of Memory Work lists you can find online for free and save the $99 CC wants for the newest guide.........
  2. Never mind. Now it’s back to normal. Although the other font was way better!
  3. Did anyone else have a font change on the mobile version of the forum? I just logged back in and the font is seriously different but only on this website. I don’t know if something happened on my iPhone or just this site??
  4. Oh Man I hope it’s not the flu. Yes go to bed and rest! Flu is already going around here- hitting the PS kids left and right and teachers too from what friends are saying. You’re sounds major for a regular cold.
  5. I'm glad you finally have your closure and can move on without the cloud of your x-h and his insane plotting hanging over things. Congrats on your freedom to move forward.
  6. Ugh. I’m so sorry. Not sleeping well and a cold is miserable. Hope you can at least laze around and rest today. Hugs.
  7. We cleared out as much brush/low foliage as humanly possible, leaving only trees and it has helped immensely here.
  8. I would give immature and naive the bulk of the credit at this point. But it's a flag if you add it to the three years of anger of the friend's marriage he disagrees with. . You might file it away for future issues that may crop up in regard to DIL. Hopefully he grows out of it though.
  9. Or it's evidence that they are disregarding your established moral convictions and manipulating you into a position they know you find morally incongruent, and asking you to cave on your long held beliefs...... Which is a totally and full violation of respect and boundaries, manipulative, not to mention narcissistic.
  10. Oh I've done this more times than I'd like to admit. Unfortunately rest and time is the best medicine. Since it's been a day+ I'd alternate ice and heat, but my ortho says do whichever feels best- so if one feels better than the other go for it. I have never found the chiro to help. It's like a temporary help and then it's a million times worse 3 hours later. You really need the spasm to go away. Some people swear by creating muscle confusion to relieve the spasm- get in a super hot shower, then switch to icy cold for several minutes and alternate (that has never worked for me but my former masseuse swore bye it). Those extra large icy-hot patches can be lifesavers when you absolutely have no choice but to get out and about, but as much as you can, just rest it, that is the best medicine. Take large amounts of NSAIDS. Aleve if you have it, otherwise up to 800 mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours is what I go for. If you go to an ortho or other MD you can get even stronger NSAIDs (but those make me nervous. I will just stress REST in so much as possible. Those muscles you overdid need time to heal.
  11. It's a maturity thing. He's still really young. With a lot of prayer on all parts and introspection on his, along with some failures, I hope he will come around. Humility is lacking in youth. But props to him to embarking on marriage at his age. That is something to support and embrace. And seriously- I know adults twice his age who conflate differences of certain matters of opinion with evil. I mean- people now- well established adults, will conflate mundane things such as political differences with evil. It's sad that it has come to that. But it seems to be the norm. If we can't agree- you are evil, and I am right, there can be no in between......... But, at least he has the excuse of youth on his side, and that is easier to overcome than many other constraints. Anyway, hugs. And congrats on gaining a DIL. I continue to pray for your relationship with ds as well as your son's new union. Bless you all. Hugs.
  12. I agree. I really started to try and upgrade our Fairy Tale collection last year. And also bought just about anything illustrated by Gennady Spirin I could find, LOL.
  13. The Bible doesn't really provide "unless, of course" clauses to get out of sins that I've come across. It's actually pretty straightforward that we are to trust in the Lord to provide for all of our needs. It doesn't give an "unless you're really hungry, then stealing is okay," clause. Proverbs 6:30 talks about how it is understandable if someone steals out of hunger, however they are still required to repay what was stolen 7-fold. Of course, if you aren't a Christian then there is a different moralistic compass there that may vary. Maybe another example would be attending a KKK rally with a child, even though you aren't a racist, and find the whole concept of the KKK morally reprehensible. But they asked you to as a show of support for their belief system. Is that okay then to attend?
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