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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Been on an internet break so just now seeing your post. We actually tried it for a few weeks early this year and then I shelved it, along with They Say, I Say- that didn't fly either. I went to convention last month and bought our tried and true stuff. 🙂 We're now doing IEW's Advanced Communication series and I also bought BJU 12 Writing and Grammar for some simple open and go assignments to make sure we didn't miss anything covered in a typical high school class.
  2. Following with interest! We have been considering for years sending dd16 to Summit camp prior to starting university.
  3. I’ve been on an unusually good roll so far. The only miss I had was a Pam Barnhill- and her actual talk was good. It was just too newbie for me. I got a lot out of a talk from the Novare spreaker, about art and science. All of these things with art and my ds have fallen together beautifully for me at the conference. Carol Reynolds’s talk on how to teach art history was also amazing. I’m partial to Carol as over the years she’s given me some amazing advice 1:1 with my questions so I always seek her out. Wealth of wisdom there. I’ve understood every Martin Cothran talk I’ve gone to so far too, so either I’m getting better or he’s dumbing it down. 😂 Andrew Pudewa was great and standing room only as always. Oh and we enjoyed Chris Perrin’s on the new eucumenacism yesterday too.
  4. Just an extra note- we made it through half of Genesis to Joshua without the Bible cards, but at this point we really were missing them for review. If you trial out and stick with it for several weeks, I do recommend springing for the Bible cards. Today I went ahead and ordered all of them. I'll also say their Customer Service is top notch. I had a list of things to buy at the conference this afternoon and they have amazing customer service. . Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Seriously- not an exaggeration. That's not a given these days- even at a homeschool conference. 🙂
  5. I don't think so. For the first time ever, I have have barely set foot on the exhibit floor. We were in talks pretty solid today until 4. I popped in a couple of times between talks, but since Ellie's booth is right by the entrance I would always see she was packed and we would go and try again later. So I don't think I saw you. She told me you came by though! Today I had on a black maxi skirt, a sort or white and black stripped shirt and my hair is dark brown- almost black and my dh is 6'5 with a beard. He probably stands out more than me! Did you see us by chance?! 🙂 I didn't get down there at all until 4pm today and then FINALLY met Ellie!! (I had to wait in line because she is super popular. 🙂 ) This is my first Hive meet up ever. So glad to have met the lovely @Ellie and learn about her organization. I'd love to meet you if you happen to come by. Are you coming back tomorrow, or was today your only day? If you're coming back tomorrow let me know and I'll PM you my number so you can text me and I'll make a point to come say HI! We will be here all day tomorrow. I have to get off the fence and finish my orders!! 🙂
  6. I talked to the Rep last night at conference and the audit is what she recommended for us, since I don’t care about grades, so I am buying the history since the kids are so excited about it. Just so everyone knows- she told me they are already in the process of transitioning it from Flash and plan to finish by 2020 so it will continue to work before Flash is no longer supported.
  7. You might try this series. If you search “21 Activities for kids” and then any particular name on Amazon search you’ll see if they have it. They have a ton of books in this series covering a large range of topics. We have three and have been happy so far. Good quality, lots of pictures, but not dumbed down at all. I have no idea if they still make them, but I know at that age I still loved the Value Tale books too. They look childish, but I read those stories a million times. They had them on famous historical women. I wonder if they still sell them used?
  8. @Ellie I came by twice but your booth was slammed!!! You guys are popular. I’m going to try again tomorrow. 🙂
  9. I’m about to go and leave my parents here with my kids for the rest of the week. My Mom asked, “Do you need me to work with them on anything?” And I said “Nope. They’re on spring break!” LOL. Giving those little brains a few days off to come back to planet earth. 🙂
  10. Will do, but usually they’re just for ordering while at the conference- at least as far as the curr. I use.
  11. Also he might try Sarna while awaiting diagnosis. Won’t make it go away but might help a slight bit.
  12. It’s weird to me how completely packed this conference always is and on these boards we are the only ones on the thread going (or at least participating in thread/ admitting to). I have several girlfriends going too, but none of them have ever read WTM. I guess maybe WTM is old school? 😞 Peace Hill needs to advertise more!!
  13. I'm probably going to all of Martin Cothran's. I figured I might as well let my brain explode while I'm there, because I've seen so many of the other talks my favorite speakers give. I always leave his talks like 🤔or . Dh and I then have lots to talk about trying to figure out what he was saying because he is on another plane than we are. Andrew Pudewa does have a couple of new talks, yay! Those are on my list as I simply like hearing him speak. Professor Carol on art history. Ds7 is throwing me for a loop on art (in a good way) so I need to up my game. I dropped Art history Freshman year of college and now sort of regret it.....I have as a maybe the panel with ND Wilson and Rachel Jankovic on "The Guinea Pigs Speak". Panels were very much a miss last year- we walked out of every single one at the halfway mark or sooner, so I'm iffy on that one, although I will say ND Wilson has generally been worth listening to. I'm struggling a bit this year to find new talks. I'm thinking of going to a Jean Burke talk on note taking. I know how to take notes, so not sure if it will translate 🙂, but hoping to get some tips for dd as that's an area that still needs work in live lectures. In all of the conferences I've gone to, I've never seen Jean. I figured it might be time with dd about to be a senior, ha! Have you seen Kathy Koch? Her advice is pretty general regardless of age and she's always a solid speaker. Honestly I've got more empty slots this year than ever, so still a lot up in the air! There are definitely a lot of repeat talks from last year.
  14. He is. He knew his defeat comment would crack me up too, as it did. It's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you're laughing. 🙂
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