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  1. I also wanted to add that Susan Barton just added additional teaching videos on Vimeo to assist with sight word spelling in the last few days. I hadn't checked again since watching the videos a couple of weeks ago, so I missed them- i guess that teaches me to go check before emailing her! Anyway, for anyone possibly running across this later, she is updating the Vimeo channel with new tips, so definitely check periodically. I think the new videos are more helpful than the originals included in the lesson box for this type of instruction- it's much more in depth.
  2. Time is sort of what I was guessing- she's still so little. I just wasn't sure where to push/spend time. That's very helpful hearing about the 10k times, so thank you for telling that. I think we did probably 10x each word today, she had them down, then I narrated a sentence "They are fast" and ended up with Htay ar fast. I was going to dedicate this week to sight words, but now I think we'll just keep on trucking through the unit.
  3. Yep she's had them checked multiple times. No observed issues. I was wondering how the cruise went- with the bat soup virus going around, I wasn't sure if it had been cancelled or what. Glad you got to enjoy our great state! it's been a little cold and wet for the armadillos- at least around here. I'm still determined to snap a pic for you. Sorry about your head though. And the cold. Hope everything heals up ASAP!
  4. Okay, that makes sense. Thank you. She is a lot more prone to flip the letter order in a sight word, or the letter direction I've noticed- especially in a dictated sentence. The sight words really seem to tire her out during each lesson. It's my least favorite part of the lesson every day tbh!
  5. I've emailed Barton, but thought I'd ask here too! Recap- Dd7, dyslexia dx last fall. We've used FiS, and Barton 1-3. Well, we are in Book 3. She is doing fine learning to read the sight words (and the rest of the program). She is not doing fine learning to SPELL the sight words though- it's a definite struggle. I've used all of the suggestions in Barton- the tricky letter in red, the visualization, the chanting the spelling with the tricky letter loud, etc. etc., but it's not sticking. Even the words she does get right three lessons in a row, seem to fall out of her memory as soon as we move on to the next word or words. Or, conversely, she can spell them in isolation but not in a sentence. I've had her write them on a white board repeatedly in different color markers to define the tricky letter- we've done gross motor arm motion, writing on the table, etc. I'm out of ideas. Everything else seems to be progressing nicely with Barton, but we're both getting frustrated with the spelling of the sight words. Any suggestions/successes anyone's had with sight word spelling for Dyslexics? And as an example- we are talking words like are, they, from etc. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. I used them both for our first two years of homeschooling with my oldest (grades 7 and 8, but as a fall bday she was a year younger than most age wise so started at age 11- I honestly thought they were great as far as the assigned lit books and SOTW made her fall in love with history. It was such a vast difference from the way PS taught, I have warm fuzzy feelings of gratitude for SL G/H making my girl love reading again and easing us into homeschooling. She flew through the books, some she reread time and time again (Birdie and a couple of others I remember) and the Kingfisher Encyclopedia was a nice compliment to go along. I hated the LA, was my only complaint- I own many SL cores and have yet to like a single LA version, no matter how often they change it. I just came up with my own assignments and eventually transitioned to IEW for her for writing for 8th-9th grade. The Bible readings could be a little heavy handed for me as well, so I did par a lot of that back or eliminate it and did my own stuff. But as far as the lit and read alouds, we had very few dud books with either core, and although I know many think SOTW at ages 11/12 is way to easy, I think there is something to be said for easy, pleasurable reads at the age when puberty kicks in and their brains have so much other going on. She loved those books and they were read multiple times. Then she insisted I read them, so I did and I think they turned me toward being a history buff now. 🙂 Also, using SOTW did not stop her one iota from being able to tackle much weightier, complex work in high school. She's done Great Books through out high school, along with Rhetoric and has done exceedingly well in those courses. I would never use SL for a kid who hates to read, but for a natural, avid reader, I still think SL lit/history is great if you can not enslave yourself to the schedule. G and H have been my favorite cores to date tbh (of the ones I own). I think they are really well done for that age range. HTH ETA- you can also still check the Sonlight forum if you haven't already. It's closed/locked to new posts but I believe the archives are still up and there are lots of suggestions there for every core.
  7. Not Your Mothers dry shampoos are my #1. Suave isn’t bad. Avoid Big Sexy Hair ds. It’ll tangle the crap out of your hair.
  8. I thought about this thread today. I suggested to dh he pick a novel to read aloud with the kids at bedtime (besides the dumb 5 minute Disney stories he's reading now) so it's not just readalouds with Mom, because Mom=School. He is more of an Audible guy himself, so me saying this earned The Death Stare. Guess we all have our areas, LOL.
  9. I'm still waiting for someone to explain our districts 9 point system LOL. Maybe next week if I feel like banging my head against the wall I'll call and ask. 🙂
  10. Hi Kinsa! We've missed you! Will be praying for you and your family. Glad you checked in! 🙂
  11. Well, we are coastal. Just not the "elite" coastal. We are still more where living on the water is more of an eclectic/weird overall vibe, LOL. 🙂
  12. From a public health stand point (not my own personal argument), the argument for wide supplementation is that by the time most women know they are pregnant, the ship has sailed on folic levels, and the number of unplanned pregnancies in the US is still quite high which would mean people don't supplement in advance. So that is the justification despite increased long term FA amounts being associated with an increase in certain cancer risks and other things. ETA- The risk of severe birth defects is higher than the current known risk of long term supplementation, because birth defects are a major contributor to <5 child death rates.
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