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  1. I don't think my knees or my bladder can take that level of jumping about. Something will break.
  2. I don't think I've watched enough yet to know. I'll let you know the verdict in a week. That's what I liked about the streaming- apparently it gives you access to a ton of content, so if she's annoying hopefully there is something else. I just don't know how much of it my knees can do on the other programs.
  3. It's Pilates mixed with Yoga, but without (so far) all the Yoga mystic-y stuff or the "breathe" part. You can breathe when you want and how you want (that is a huge annoying factor of Yoga for me.) I love pilates, because I like laying on the floor, but I was bored with what I had in my own workout library, and saw an ad for this while we were at MIL's on Saturday. I never see commercials since we haven't had cable in forever and now apparently that's all cable is- Piyo Ads, All in One Cookery ads, and fishing shows. It was new to me, but it is not new. Anyway, it's on the Beachbody Stre
  4. Oh and I started Piyo yesterday. It's pretty crazy that non-existent muscles can be this sore. I think all workout videos should include an out of shape newbie doing it along with the sculpted pros for perspective.
  5. I have that on my to read shelf. The Great Alone was seriously amazing. Glad to hear it's so good!
  6. Good day. We are at art so I finally have a few minutes to do nothing and veg on my phone laptop. Apparently I need more caffeine. I still can't log on from my phone, but am hot spotting. Maybe that counts. It sounds like a bad car mojo sort of day. Sorry mms and happy. Hope things aren't expensive to fix. Today has been nuts busy. Oldest lost a filling and so we had first thing dentist appointment. I made my kids do math at 7:45am and they were like WHAT?!!? (We are not early birds.) It actually worked out really well as they were too groggy to argue. Super smooth math lesson ama
  7. His eyes and looks, especially in the second picture remind me of ds9 when he was born. I swear, they took him out, wrapped him up and he looked at us like one of those Felix the Cat Kit Cat clocks with his eyes ticking around like "how did I end up here and what and who are all these people?!?" I haven't been able to keep up since.
  8. Thank you!!!! 🥰 Better watch out Slache. He knows things. #oldsoul.
  9. In light of this, I would instantly be much more sympathetic tbh. This makes my heart hurt for her. She is trying to dig her way out of someone else's hole, where she is guilty by association but has no real control. If that is what is happening, I would start maybe probing like Ottakee is saying of what else is going on.....she might really just need a friend and sympathizer and asking your advice is her way of being reassured there is a path. Even if sadly, she can't really make that happen. 😞
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