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  1. Can anyone suggest where might be a good place to purchase a used high school level textbook? My child it taking WTMA Biology next year. I'm familiar with ebay, amazon, and abebooks. I also just posted in the WTM forum, wanted-to-buy, but I wasn't sure how much traffic that got. I've already discovered the publisher has it for less money new than folks are selling it used on ebay and amazon. I didn't know if there was another good option to check out before planning to buy it new. Thank you for your suggestions!
  2. Time Left: 10 days and 13 hours

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    McGraw-Hill Education Glencoe Biology. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2017 ISBN 9780076774289 Please let me know how much you'd like for your book. We are hoping to find one without highlighting. Thank you!


  3. We were once members. We absolutely loved it. We are taking a break for the summer. I also canceled Netflix. I found I had a lot of subscription services and I just wanted to temporarily drop them all and evaluate what we wanted to keep. We not only watched the Live author access streams, but I would also gather the kids around to watch previous author/illustrator interviews (with membership you can watch all previous interviews). I did my best to make it special. Some days I would announce that we would skip grammar/writing and watch an author video. We had fun w/the suggested activitie
  4. Hi, Lisa, Did you find the answers to your questions? If not, I would encourage you to check out Bauer's book, Rethinking School. Also, as you have a child taking WTMA classes, they might be willing to answer some questions too. Quick thoughts. Hope you found some answers!
  5. I purchased, The Top 100 Poems, by Columbia University Press. It has Geoffrey Chaucer to one by Sylvia Plath. The kids and myself have been going through it together. Well, I've been reading aloud one a day. I don't even know where to look for more modern poets, but I'd love a list of more modern-day poems to read aloud to the kids in the morning. I'd love to hear poets you like or an anthology or publisher that puts out a collection of modern day poems. I have tried googling, but I am not necessarily looking for a certain genre, "modern", as much as more recent collections of poems. I r
  6. So then "are being" is a state of being verb? And then when the predicate adjective is added, both words, making up the progressive present tense, become linking verbs? In the book the word "being" doesn't appear to be labeled as a verb, but I feel like I kind of grasp what you are saying.... Thank you, by the way!
  7. Does this make sense: 1. They are being. They: subject are: helping verb being: state of being verb 2. They are being loud. They: Subject are: helping verb being: becomes a linking verb b/c of addition of the predicate adjective loud: predicate adjective To note: this is all ME. The kids have long given up caring. I'm just trying to "get" our lessons as we go through them. And, thank you all so much for your help, and to any who offer suggestions.
  8. The student must only label the linking verbs and the predicate adjectives in this section. In the first sentence: "They are being" the book says that "are" is a state of being verb. Then, in the following sentence: "They are being loud" is says that "are" has become a linking verb as "loud" is a predicate adjective. The book is demonstrating to the student that by add a predicate adjective the state of being verb becomes a linking verb. During our lesson one of my kids asked me about the word "being" in the sentences, like what part of speech they are, and I wasn't sure what to tell them. I m
  9. I am so sorry! Yes, the instructor text. In my defense I did have a couple kids trying to speak to me as I typed. 🙂 I just thought if I didn't ask the question when I was thinking of it I might forget!
  10. In the sentences: 1. They are being. and 2. They are being loud. The book states "are" is a state of being verb. Is "being" also a state of being verb? If so, do they both become linking verbs in the second sentence? (I don't know if it just wasn't labeled or if it is another part of speech) This is not necessary information to complete the lesson, but I am curious. I hope you folks don't mind as I might have other questions as we go through the book! Thank you!
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