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    suburban Chicago
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    homeschooling since 2004

    DS 18 Artist. Senior. Accepted to School of the Art Institute Chicago, Class of 2021. Senior Capstone Project: Land Art and Environment; Modern and Contemporary Art History and Theory; American Studies; Contemporary Art Practices; Curatorial Practices; Interdisciplinary Art Study: Advance Projects.
    DD 15: Freshman-- AP Psychology; Spanish II; Pre-Calculus; Frankenstein Literature; Bioethics, Violin, Piano, Chamber Music Institute and Orchestra.
    DS19: Homeschool graduate. Class of 2019 Wesleyan University

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    coop board member, former coop instructor in humanities. Chocolate lover.
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    Chicago suburbs
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    Spielberg--13, Neil Armstrong--11, Holly Short--8

About Me

This year is second child's last year of homeschool and has been accepted to School of the Art Institute Chicago with top merit package! Youngest is a freshman, homeschooling high school.


In 2016 started Teen Learning Lab of Greater Chicago to offer inter-connected, rigorous classes to homeschooled high school students. First year theme: Frankenstein Project, the Pursuit of Knowledge. Classes: Frankenstein in literature and Bioethics, Biomimicry & Biotechnology.


homeschooling since 2004


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