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    DS 18 Artist. Senior. Accepted to School of the Art Institute Chicago, Class of 2021. Senior Capstone Project: Land Art and Environment; Modern and Contemporary Art History and Theory; American Studies; Contemporary Art Practices; Curatorial Practices; Interdisciplinary Art Study: Advance Projects.
    DD 15: Freshman-- AP Psychology; Spanish II; Pre-Calculus; Frankenstein Literature; Bioethics, Violin, Piano, Chamber Music Institute and Orchestra.
    DS19: Homeschool graduate. Class of 2019 Wesleyan University

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  1. Sometimes seniors change their schedules in the middle of the year due to scheduling issues, such as with the Greek class. I agree other posters that she will want to show that she is continuing to pursue the 'most rigorous' course plan available. And you will also want to demonstrate intellectual rigor and persistence by pursuing the subject on her own. At some point you will need to send the colleges the mid-year transcript and then an end-of-the-year transcript. You may want to include a counselor letter from yourself explaining why two classes were dropped -- you can upload the letter and
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