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  1. Tin Can Knits has a collection of patterns for beginners, called The Simple Collection. They are all free patterns, including lots of links to tutorials and simple explanations. They are meant to be done in order, from scarf to hat to mittens to sweater, but I have no doubt that an ambitious beginner, with plenty of in-person and YouTube help, could make this sweater: http://tincanknits.com/pattern-SC-flax.html FWIW - I learned how to knit just last summer/fall by picking a (non-beginner) pattern that I really, really wanted,buying top-of-the-line wool and knitting needles, and watching lo
  2. I'm no help here but, seriously, you can never go wrong with s complete set of Calvin and Hobbes books. My oldest two have read them so many times that they are falling apart. I may need to replace them! The Complete Calvin and Hobbes https://www.amazon.com/dp/1449433251/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_B3ZHAbT2QPQVV
  3. Yes. My anxiety levels go into overdrive when I'm pregnant but, overall, my baseline anxiety level has been rising as I get older. I'm going to have to consider medication soon.
  4. As someone who's subsisted entirely on WIC while pregnant, and then later on both WIC and SNAP while I breastfed a child who ended up with multiple significant food allergies, I agree with all of this. Here is a good summary of the issue (Twitter thread): https://twitter.com/hugwins/status/963282840292032512 (sorry, can't link properly from my phone).
  5. We actually flipped it around and now mainly use BA with the SM Extra Practice books as reinforcements for things I think he might need a bit more repetition with.
  6. We have been having a very laid-back, easy K year with lots of Legos and trips to the library. He's learned to play chess and to knit. He's very good at memorizing poetry, but morning time has been hard to keep in the schedule and I'm hoping that I can make it work better next year, when everyone is a bit older. My ideas for first grade so far: phonics: Ordinary Parents Guide, and maybe a bit of Explode the Code handwriting: Zaner-Bloser grammar: FLL1 writing: WWE1, but probably not right away, maybe after Christmas math: SM 1A/1B and lots of logic and 'mathy' games
  7. If he's got reliable access to WiFi (home, school, dorm, etc) then I can't imagine he would need 2G. I'm on the 1G plan, stare at my phone waaaaayyyy too much, and have only every run out of data once. I noticed the day before and just paid the extra $5 for another 1G for the rest of the month. (This was last month, I didn't realize that my home wifi was on the fritz.)
  8. My oldest has epilepsy. This is my constant nightmare. My heart breaks for you, your family, and your daughter. I'm so sorry.
  9. I'm going to be 44 in a few months, and am still cosleeping a nursing 15 month old. My last pregnancy was physically HARD, and I'm freaking exhausted. I've been pregnant/cosleeping/breastfeeding for nearly 10 years straight, and my oldest is 22. Yes, 22. I'm done. I don't have any more to give. I need to focus on the five boys I have.... I still have baby fever. *sigh* Don't Tell my husband - he's up for more!
  10. If you are north of Boston I have one for you. ;-)
  11. My kindergartener (nearly 6) spends most of the day playing with his brothers. We read books, do some art projects, and go to the library once a week. He spends two hours a day in quiet time designing/building with Legos while listening to audio books (Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz, etc). He dictates stories to anyone who will scribe for him or he will sit and write himself as long as someone will spell the words for him. Occasionally, he will ask for a workbook but he would prefer to play a board game for math and spelling. He's starting to read but gets frustrated because the books he can r
  12. My oldest had an interview a while back and forgot he had his pocketknife with him until he saw the 'no weapons' sign. He tucked it in between the cushions of the couch he was waiting on and grabbed it again in his way out.
  13. My local newspaper has a puzzle every day, starting with an easy one on Monday and progressing through to the hard ones on Saturday and Sunday. The NYT sells books of their old crossword puzzles, bundled by day (Monday is always easiest.).
  14. I'm in MA and I've had zero issues. I sent in my letter and a progress report at the end of the year.
  15. Thanks, everyone. Rice/taco/burrito bowls sound good and fairly easy, as do baked potatoes with toppings and veggies. Each kid has his own quirks, in addition to the one with food allergies. Trying to get something on the table fast that everyone will eat when some/all of them don't like sandwiches/sauces/casseroles can be frustrating!
  16. I need a couple of quick, easy meal ideas for nights when basketball ends at 5:45pm (we usually eat dinner at 5pm) and everyone is ravenous. My mother will be in the house watching a few of the boys, but I don't want to ask her to cook. I can, however, leave the stove on while she's here and I'm out. I don't have a slow-cooker or an instapot. FWIW, I have one who can't eat eggs, chicken, or nuts and another who won't eat things that are already 'sauced' or combined. Deconstructed, choose-and-assemble-your-own meals are a necessity.
  17. We have settled into using BA as my 3rd grader's main curriculum and the Singapore Extra Practice workbook as review/extra practice. We started out using only Singapore Math, and then he was going back and forth between the two, and now we are here. It's working for now.
  18. I'm currently sitting in my living room nursing my youngest, everyone else is asleep. I can *hear* a mouse behind me in the room. I guess the poison traps I put out last week didn't work. I hate mice. Damnit.
  19. July 2008 for me ;-) (4 healthy boys and 3 miscarriages) I am both dreading and yearning for the time when this last baby weans (he's 14 months). The last three boys all weaned between 25 and 29 months... I'll be 44 this spring. OP, I hope the good things keep coming for you!
  20. I just learned to knit this fall, and I cast on a cardigan for myself this afternoon. I have a spring/fall sweater in mind for after the cardigan is finished, but first a pair of mittens with a hummingbird motif for my mother's birthday in February. I'm praying that my brother and his wife finally get pregnant this year, so I have a list of baby knitting I'm hoping to do this summer. I'll be moving the youngest and his crib out of my room in a few months and would like to set up my sewing machine and serger in a corner of my bedroom. I have totes full of fabric and plenty of plans for clot
  21. https://mobile.audible.com/promoOfferDetail.htm?promoCode=J42D11M33W& Here's the link for the sale. Thanks for mentioning it, my mother's been looking to join!
  22. After two years of empty stockings, I pointed out to my husband that it was empty (again) and told him that I expected him to take responsibility for filling my stocking. He just didn't realize that it was important to me. Now, he stuffs it full of candy and office supplies. ::thumbs up::
  23. Toothbrush (with either toothpaste or flossers), some type of candy, pencils (or pens or markers or crayons, depending on age), a little bagged Lego set, plus some other tiny trinkets. My husband will fill my stocking with sticky-notes, sticky-tabs, and pens/pencils each year, plus candy. My father always gave us scratch tickets!
  24. I have 3 boys with Kindles, ages 8, 5, and 3. I have a password on the tablets, and I set them up with their audiobooks playing and then press the button to lock the screen and send them off to quiet time. It can be a pain, but it works for us so far.
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