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  1. 5 hours ago, freesia said:

    I fed dinner at 4 when this type of scheduling happened to us over the past few months.  It was only once a week though.  Maybe you could do that once a week and sandwiches a couple of times a week.

    I have one boy who will require that what we do be the *exact same* every game day. If I try to eat early one day and then eat at the game another he will fall apart.

    I may run to the store for containers/thermoses/bento boxes this afternoon. Having them eating during the game will at least cut down on the time I have to chase them around!

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  2. It was awesome, and I agree with lots of questions about time travel/alternate timelines/etc.

    I was desperate for  MORE BUCKY!  

    Cap wielding Mjolnir was amazing. Cap saying, "Hail Hydra" got gasps in the audience. Hearing Falcon say, "On your left" in Cap's ear and watching all those dusted superheores return made me bawl my eyes out. Of course, I was crying before the title credit on screen. I was very unhappy about Hulk. Ugh.

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  3. Looks like three nights/week we will be leaving for baseball at 4:45pm and getting home at 8:00pm. My family usually eats dinner at 5pm. I am going to have to feed DS10 a snack before the game, and again when we get home. But, I also will have the three younger boys with me who need to eat dinner during the game time. What things can I make/buy/take with us for dinner to eat in the stands or on a blanket? (My kids are kinda picky and we have multiple food allergies.) Any ideas?

  4. You could also make a big batch of no-knead bread dough and use it to make loaves of bread all week. No kneading required! There are some good no-knead bread books that you can probably borrow from the library, and there are plenty of websites and recipes.

    One caveat is that you need space in the fridge to keep the bucket of dough...

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  5. DH and I will be going to Portland, ME for a weekend getaway next month. I haven't been away from my children since my 2-night babymoon before DS10 was born. We will be staying in Old Port, driving in around 7pm Friday night and leaving after lunch on Sunday.

    Are there any restaurants, museums, shops, or experiences that you can recommend? We are hoping for maybe a museum, a show of some kind, a bookstore, a yarn store, a nice walk or two, and lots of good food. Any recommendations greatly appreciated!

  6. 7 hours ago, TravelingChris said:

    That is what they do here except here you have to wait a long time before you are ever called up to check if you have all documents. And a lot of times, like June, you can't even get in the door to get stuff done- at least not a learner's permit or driving test. I don't even know how many times in the last nine years one or another of our family has had to come another day or find another driver's license office.



    Are you a member of AAA? When I got my letter telling me that I can renew my license, they said that I could do it through the AAA office instead of waiting at the RMV. I believe that you can also renew your registration, etc through the the AAA office.

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  7. SWB has an excellent audio lecture (recorded from a conference) on teaching writing in the elementary years: .

    She also has a similar lecture on the middle school years. I try to listen to both of them every few months or so, just to remind myself of the big picture and the steps to get there.

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  8. Thanks for reminding me that DS23 needs to legally drop his last name. He was born [first] [middle][father's last name] and, after our divorce (21yrs ago) I had it changed to [first][middle][my last][father's last]. If I had known that ex-DH wouldn't even open the certified letter telling him of the name change, never mind contest the change, I would have dropped his name completely.

    DS23 has always used just my last name, and that's what's on his license. His SS card, bank accounts, and expired passport have both last names. It's time to change that!

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  9. 3 hours ago, Pippen said:

    Is he taking frequent baths or showers? When my hands are flared up the best thing I can do for them is wear nitrile gloves with waterproof tape wrapped around the wrist so they stay dry. Yes, it's a pain but helps so much.

    No, just once a week baths, for now. His only issue is his hands, and the frequent moisturizer is starting to work. I ordered some foaming hand soap and I'm hoping that helps, too.

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  10. 26 minutes ago, geodob said:

    He probably only needs to wash his hands with soap. 2 or 3 times a day.  The rest of the time, he could just use water.
    You could put the soap away, so that he has to ask to use it?   Then when he asks for the soap, ask him if he really needs it or not?

    He's washing his hands after using the bathroom and before dinner (if he's been playing outside). I can't say, "You don't need to use soap," after finally getting him to remember to wash after every time he used the bathroom! 

    Now, if I could get him to remember to flush each time...

  11. DS4 has worsening eczema on his hands. I think it's a combination of the soap we use (regular SoftSoap, not the antibacterial kind), the frequency that he washes his hands, not washing all the soap off, and not drying them completely. I am trying to treat it with Aquaphor twice a day, but it's not getting better. He has a physical in May (he'll be 5 by then), and I know that the pedi will recommend a prescription if we haven't gotten a handle on it by then. Can anyone recommend a gentle, non-irritating, easy-rinsing hand soap that might help? I'm thinking I should change to a foaming hand soap, at the least, so that it will rinse off easier.


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