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  1. Thanks for all the messages.

    I actually skipped a few weeks ahead to the end of WWE 3. It was becoming very tiresome. Nothing exciting or new you know, just the same pattern....don’t get me wrong it’s been great at training his memory and attention to detail in copywork and ‘hearing’ the correct grammar punctuation in dictations, but we’re (maybe more me) bored now. 

    We’re definitely going to look at Killgallon and maybe W&R. 

    I keep hearing about treasured conversations but I don’t seem to be able to get hold of it, which is a real shame. 

  2. Hi all, any tips on how to get my 9 year old to stop writing as though he’s speaking? We’re using FLL 3 and WWE 3. He’s exposed to lots of great literature and does enjoy writing but mainly in an informal way. 

    When he’s asked to answer a question in writing it ends up feeling quite informal and he uses words that really aren’t appropriate when writing formally. 

    Thanks x

  3. 1 hour ago, desertflower said:

    I try to do both WWE and w&r simultaneously.  I just skip the copy work and dictation in w&r.

    It is hard to do both simultaneously, but I like the combo.

    I don't see why u shouldn't finish wwe3 before starting w&r.


    Great, thank you. I definitely intend on finishing WWE3. We’re only on week 13 of WWE3 so I’ll either combine it with Killgallon sentence composing or W&R. 

    He’s independently writing his own stories now so I really feel like he’d benefit from some guidance on sentence composing and paragraphs. 


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  4. 1 hour ago, mommysanders said:

    I don't know about Killgallon, but we took the recommendation of WTM and also others on this forum and got Writing & Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press. I am very happy so far and we are 4 weeks in. It has been a smooth transition from the narration and dictation of WWE, but it also inludes more introduction to creative writing. We are loving it!


    I keep reading about W&R, did you go straight into it after WWE3? I’ll definitely have a look at it. X

  5. 5 minutes ago, kand said:

    I think it’s great! Learning when to start paragraphs, and especially starting new paragraphs for dialogue will help him out a lot, but I have found my kids take longer before they really get that down as well. I’m impressed with his cursive!

    Does he mind all the corrections? When my kids are independently story writing, I just let them go and don’t correct anything unless they ask. I find time fixes those kind of errors you’re seeing, and I don’t want to discourage the writing. I make a mental note of anything that’s a particular  problem so that we can address during our school grammar or writing time. 

    It looks like you have a writer on your hands!


    Really?! Do you think?! I’ve been so worried as WWE is really a trust the process program and at times I’ve found that hard. 

    He doesn’t seem to mind the corrections but now you say it, maybe I’ll just do as you said and make a mental note. 

    Thanks for your reply. Xx

  6. 12 minutes ago, Noreen Claire said:

    It's hard to say. He does well with the exercises. We are ramping up the writing output this year, so I guess we will see soon if it's working out not.


    Hope it goes well 😊. I think I’ll probably end up buying it. Do you think I should wait until we finish WWE3 or is it something that we could do along side WWE? 

  7. 55 minutes ago, Noreen Claire said:

    We've done Killgallon Sentence Composing for elementary after finishing WWE3 in 3rd, and have just started Sentence Composing for Middle. We do it almost completely orally, so it goes pretty quickly. I'm hoping to also get through most of Paragraph Composing for Middle this year (5th).


    Oh that’s good to know, have you found Killgallon helpful? 

  8. Hi, my son is 8.5yrs old (3rd Grade). He’s been independently writing a story over the past few days but I have no idea as to whether this is acceptable for his age. I think it’s great but I’m his mother. There are spelling and grammar mistakes but what do you think? Sometimes he’s written ‘my’ for ‘me’ but I think this was down to him rushing to get his thoughts out. He’s written about 5 pages so far  

    There are no paragraphs as I haven’t taught that yet. He’s WWE 3 and FLL3. 

    Sorry the pictures aren’t the best quality. 



  9. Hi, my 8.5 year old (3rd grader) is currently on work 13 of WWE 3. I’m starting to think ahead as to what he should do next. I know there is WWE 4 but I read that this isn’t necessary, but he’s no where near ready for WWS either. Is WWE4 worth it? If im honest I’m a bit sick of WWE now, it’s a little dry and I’d like him to be taught how to write proper sentences. I can see he has learnt a lot already but I was looking at Killgallon’s Sentence Composing For Elementary School and considering this. Thoughts? 

    I also noticed that they have a book on paragraph writing as well and a few other books relevant to the elementary years. Does anyone have any experience with these? 

    He’s just started to write creatively in his spare time so maybe something that would encourage this. If never pushed creative writing for fear of putting him off but he’s enjoying it so far, just doing his own thing. 

  10. My 8 year old son is on week 10 of WWE 2, he never complains about doing it, he loves the story passages, answers the narration questions quite well and is starting to get the hang of summarising in a few sentences. However, I do find that this is the only time he will put pencil to paper.  The only time he will write something is when we're doing our science note booking, and even then its one sentence and it just seems really laboursome for him, like he really has no interest in writing his thoughts down.  

    Where we live, school aged children are learning how to organise paragraphs and, if they are writing non-fiction, use headings. When they are writing stories, they're learning to use settings, characters and plots. Children his age are expected to use what they know about grammar in their writing and to read through what they have written, to find ways to improve it. This seems so far away from where my son is.  Getting him to write a couple of sentences is hard enough never mind a paragraph! 

    He does sometimes struggle with the longer dictations that we've just started and I don't want writing composition to become something that he really hates, I can already see that its not something he's interested in. Should I switch to something more traditional, maybe given the opportunity he'd write more if it wasn't so prescriptive.....thoughts please....



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