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  1. I'm not sure how you some of you argue with people in real life, but wow! Using words like idiotic, ludicrous and saying someone has their head buried in the sand if they happen to have a different opinion... That's not the way to persuade people of anything. I just disagreed with a study, you would think someone on here wrote the study and that my disagreeing was offensive. As I said earlier, I don't really have a position on spanking. The study says that spanking is as damaging as physical abuse. I have firsthand experience with both and I disagree. I didn't personally attack anyone by saying that, unless you are the person who ran the study and then I might take issue with you. I thank everyone on these boards, I have learned some great things from some great people (including how NOT to argue with people). I've seen how other posts have devolved like this (actually, many have been much worse than this), it's rather interesting to me that people do this. Anyway, this forum was here long before me and will exist for a long time after I leave today. Thanks again!
  2. I'm not burying my head in the sand, I'm going from my extensive experience of both spanking and abuse. There are also studies saying that spanking is not bad. I wouldn't accuse someone of having their head in the sand if they didn't listen to those studies, I would accept they have a differing opinion.
  3. Unless your purpose is to prove that hypothesis without considering the evidence. Wouldn't it be nice if all studies were pure? Then we wouldn't have contradicting studies. If someone known to be against vaccines published a study saying that vaccines are bad... Would you not question the results of the study?
  4. And this... https://www.healthcare.gov/using-marketplace-coverage/getting-emergency-care/ From reading this and that other link I posted, it doesn't sound like they are legally allowed to do this under ACA. Your daughter's condition was an emergency, as evidenced by the fact that she was in the ICU! On one of those pages, it says you may have to appeal to get the coverage (which is completely ridiculous).
  5. http://obamacarefacts.com/questions/is-out-of-network-emergcy-care-covered/ I found this. I wonder if it applies to your daughter's situation...
  6. We've gotten the DKA hospital bill before (though not quite that much). We're still paying it off from our daughter's diagnosis almost 2 years ago. I'm sorry you are having to deal with it, but I'm very glad your daughter is okay. In an emergency situation like that... Can you appeal and get them to pay more? If she had waited to go to another hospital, bad things could have happened.
  7. I disagree with the article as a whole, but particularly with this part. Spanking and physical abuse are not the same thing. I was spanked as a child, that part is barely a blip on my radar. One of the abuses I suffered was being yanked down the stairs by my hair (for years). To this day, I can't walk up the stairs at home without looking behind me. I don't think about watching my brother be spanked, but I think about him being kicked into a wall and finding out years later that it broke one of his vertabrae. There is a major difference between a swat on a diapered butt and abuse. I also think anyone can go into a "study" with a preconceived idea, and say the study proves their point. I'm not pro or anti spanking. I think comparing the physical abuse kids experience to spanking isn't even like comparing apples to oranges because at least they are both fruit.
  8. That didn't occur to me. Might be worth every penny... As a fellow mother of a diabetic, I am impressed to see her so willing to protect her insulin pump (though not with the outcome of broken arms). Those things are so expensive, they should have gold inside. I hope she heals up quickly! As someone else mentioned, binge watching her favorite shows may be a good idea. It won't keep her down for long - as a teenager, I would mow the yard with a cast on my leg.
  9. They have them at Babies R Us, not just the Safety 1st brand. They were similar to these that they sell at Home Depot, just not intended for earthquakes http://www.homedepot.com/p/QuakeHOLD-White-Furniture-Safety-Strap-4164/100205434 .
  10. :iagree: When I first started reading your post, I was thinking maybe you don't appear to be the outdoorsy type of person. Maybe they weren't implying anything about your weight, they just don't see you camping for an entire week with your kids. I don't see me being able to do that, so it might surprise me that other people can do it. I need regular warm showers, more power to those that can do without!
  11. My daughter won't eat spaghetti, cheeseburgers, or macaroni and cheese. She won't eat ketchup, the only thing that got me through most meals as a child. Weird kid. Okay, I had to look up sea slugs, never heard of them. You know those videos of parents gagging as they change a dirty diaper... That was me just now, looking at sea slugs and thinking about eating one. Do people really eat those? :ack2:
  12. One night, my mom made my favorite dinner of Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. That same night, an avocado disappeared out of the fridge. She wouldn't answer me when I asked where it went, she let me believe she had put it in the waffles. She made me sit at the table for hours that night because I refused to eat dinner. I laugh about it now, but it was pretty mean spirited on her part. My kids have never been forced to eat something they don't want, or forced to sit at the table if they don't eat. I just can't do it. I wonder what she would have done if she had a diabetic child like we do...
  13. I like that idea. For #1, I would invite them to lunch or dinner, see if they are judgmental. If they are, they will probably decline the invitation anyway. We would never send our kids over to someone's house without meeting the parents. We are probably weird for that, but I have trust issues.
  14. I can't do this! I have the worst gag reflex and I can't stop it. I gagged when I was writing the other post because I thought about black-eyed peas and lima beans. So I just look rude when I decline almost everything at someone's house. It took my MIL a few years to figure it out.
  15. All of those, and ricotta, cottage cheese (seriously, ew), yogurt, sour cream, seafood, a lot of veggies (I like the basics - corn, green beans, peas, carrots, that's it), mustard. The list goes on. It's not just stuff I don't like, it's that I like things certain ways. Brownies, cookies, and cake have to be just right, or I won't eat them. My husband always makes fun of me if we eat out, I special order or pick things apart. Two of my kids are picky, but nothing like I was at their age. The other two will try anything, like their dad. Yuck.
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