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  1. Oh, that would be great! I don’t care which way you merge, I’m fine with either username. Thank you!
  2. Rough start to my morning with teenagers, so when I ran out at lunchtime for a couple of errands without having eaten anything today I ended up stress eating a pot pie at KFC. That’s 720 calories, so while not great I guess it could have been worse. But I did good with exercise! I did a 3.55 mile walk with my dad. I’m nearly at 10,000 steps and the day is long from being over! My mood has lifted and my teens are once again safe from mom’s wrath. The pine trees made me smile today; so cute!
  3. I read the book sometime around 2002. My aunt had a copy, my cousin was homeschooling her kids, and they thought it was something I might like. I didn’t have kids yet. 😆 So when I got pregnant in 2003 I started lurking and learning. I don’t know when I first posted, but it was long before my oldest child was preschool age. She’s 17 now.
  4. I kept wishing I had her library! But, yeah, I wouldn’t want to clean the balls up, either!
  5. No! I hadn’t! That was adorable.
  6. My favorite garden decoration is a really small cast iron birdbath I bought for $20 at a vintage shop. It sits on top of a millstone that my grandparents had sitting in their basement. It looks much nicer when there are flowers nearby and there isn’t snow on the ground!
  7. I walked 2.2 miles this morning in 30 degree windy weather. I was dressed appropriately except for my legs, and I still can’t get warm. I’ve spent a large part of the day buried under a fleece blanket and a quilt on the couch. I won’t do that again unless I buy long underwear!
  8. I couldn’t log back in after the last change in December, I think, and had already created a new account so I didn’t bother to contact the help desk. I wasn’t a prolific poster, anyway, despite being around since 2002. I used to be *Jessica*, possibly memorable as the creator of worksheets for Grammar-Land, and I think my profile pic was this
  9. Also, every time I read the thread title I get Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket” stuck in my head! 🎶 I have a big hand on my avatar and the other one is givin’ a peace sign. 🎶
  10. I have no idea how you’re doing those, but they’re much better than my blurry dog photo.
  11. I forgot that once my grandmother was in a nursing home memory care unit they would bring out a big basket of washcloths and small towels for the residents to fold! It really seemed to make them happy.
  12. I’m so sorry. My grandmother had dementia and it was so very hard on my aunt who was her caregiver. Keeping you in my thoughts.
  13. My 9yo and I did a 2.2 mile walk in the park this morning, no easy feat in 30-degrees with gusty winds! We identified as many trees as we could and saw a killdeer and lots of robins. She’s with my mom for the rest of the day, but I’ll be watching this thread for ideas of what we could do tonight.
  14. Oh man, that’s hard! Your poor momma. 🙁
  15. Ugh, so miserable! I hope she’s not too uncomfortable while it heals. If she’s vaccinated, maybe going for a wash at a salon every three or four days would keep her feeling less icky?
  16. Zelda! She’s a beagle bulldog mix. Annie is the Boston Terrier and I’m pretty sure I could never bathe her and she wouldn’t stink. She usually ends up with a bath because of muddy feet.
  17. My poor lilacs and flowering crabapple are so droopy from the snow. It looks like it’s coming down heavier here now, too. My plan is to clean the house as inefficiently as possible to give me extra steps, then to do yoga later. If the snow stops and the sidewalks aren’t too deeply covered I’m going to try for at least a short walk later for my mental health.
  18. I got in a 2 mile walk this morning and around a mile this afternoon at the Japanese Garden. It was so cold and windy today that we skipped the evening walk.
  19. I’ve only been walking daily for about a month, but when I took two days off due to weather it was obvious that I need that activity to keep me happy. I’m sure not pushing it is wise, but I get how grumpy it can make one feel! I hope you heal quickly so you can get back to it.
  20. I recently started 16:8. I don’t find it difficult at all, and I am losing weight I’m just not sure what to attribute it to because I’m also eating less and exercising more.
  21. I had a busy day with an appointment, grocery pickup at two stores, and a stop at my grandparents’, but still managed a 2.85 mile walk and my first .25 mile trike ride. Then we played a hilarious half hour of “tennis” in our driveway. I’m about 1,000 steps short of my 10,000 step goal, but I think I’m done and my butt will remain firmly on the couch. lol My parents had their second covid vaccines today, so hopefully they’ll feel good enough tomorrow for at least an evening walk. I think we’ll drive the 30 minutes to see the cherry blossoms at the Japanese Garden. I’ve never been and I really want to see it before the snow ruins everything on Wednesday! I’ll be walking on the treadmill that day! I do NOT have wintermom’s discipline or winter-appropriate wardrobe! 😛
  22. I only got in a 2.5 mile walk today, but we also moved a bunch of furniture and books. DH and our 9yo played tennis while I walked with my parents. One of the park duck pairs has an egg, so we may get to see a duckling on our walks soon.
  23. I’ve read reports that some people who got the first shot aren’t returning for the second, presumably due to (normal, expected) reactions that they didn’t want to repeat. Hopefully that isn’t the case, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it accounted for at least some of the reduced numbers.
  24. I’m going to have to figure out how to dress for the weather, for sure! I sweat and then my clothes are wet and the cold gets to be too much. Maybe I should try a wool undershirt. A one year+ streak of outdoor exercise is amazing, @wintermom! If I remember correctly you’re in Ontario, right? I imagine your weather is similar or worse than the weather here in Buffalo, NY, so that’s quite an accomplishment! DH finally got my trike built so I’ve been riding up and down the dead end street and our driveway to get used to it. It’s definitely different than riding a bike, but I think I’m going to love it! I can already feel it in my thighs, though. It’s another 40* day with wind and DH doesn’t want to ride bikes because he’s thin and the wind cuts right through him, but we’re going for a walk later.
  25. Thanks! I’ll try Yoga with Adriene first before I spend any money, but I’ll look into the app if I decide to buy!
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