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  1. Yes they are! Plus, she lives just up the road, so fairfarmhand can always visit her!
  2. All we needed was his insurance card.
  3. My 15yo says his arm doesn’t even hurt today.
  4. In our area it’s generally assumed to be supportive.
  5. My DH and I as well as my 17yo and both of my grandparents all had ours at CVS (two separate locations and times) and they were incredibly efficient. We waited today at Walgreens for my 15yo for about 20 minutes past appointment time even though there was nobody else there for vaccines. It’s probably just dependent on location. I’m sorry you had to wait so long!
  6. Haha! I took my 15yo’s birth certificate just in case, but they didn’t need it. On the way in I asked him to grab it from the backseat where I had set it and he’s like, “Mom, do you really think they’re going to look at me and think I’m under 12?” He’s at least 6’2” and has sideburns that are obvious even when masked.
  7. I’m so sorry. My parents lost their Miniature Schnauzer in early April and like you they are now in love with a specific breed and only want that breed in the future. They couldn’t take the loneliness and already got a new puppy! It’s hard knowing that there are so many shelter dogs out there, but sometimes a certain breed’s characteristics are right for a family. Like Pawz4me, I think as long as you buy from a good breeder and make that lifelong commitment you do what is best for your family. And sometimes a puppy makes sense because you can train them from the very beginning to tolerate whatever specific chaos you need them to be tolerant of.
  8. It’s certainly a better carrot than the free beer being offered near me! LOL They call it “Shot and a Chaser.” They also have a mobile vaccine option now. Call and make an appointment and they will come to your house to vaccinate you!
  9. I suppose that makes sense, but school isn’t out in NY until June 23, so it’s much more than 2 weeks to wait!
  10. Hopefully they will let them both go at the first appointment time. When my Dh and I got ours we had appointment times that were an hour apart and they let us go together. That was CVS, but I can’t imagine they’ll make you wait at Walgreens as long as they don’t have seriously long lines. I managed to find a Walgreens appointment for DS15 only 20 minutes from home, so he got his first shot an hour ago! Glad to not have to drive an hour like we planned. It was weird, though. This was the bougie area and there wasn’t a single other person there for a vaccine!
  11. My 15yo has an appointment tomorrow at CVS. We have to drive an hour to get it, just as we did for those of us 16+, but it is so worth it! He’ll be able to attend the end of year homeschool dance and finally spend time with his friends for the first time in a year. Happy tears!
  12. I didn’t get any walks in yesterday; I spent the day waiting for the plumber. Today, more of the same. Yesterday it was only 40* and rainy out, though, so I didn’t mind too much. Today is sunny and there’s going to be a high of 60*, so I’m really hoping he comes early!
  13. This kind of situation has always been one of my biggest fears with parenting. Not just that they would do it, but that I wouldn’t react wisely. I smoked cigarettes, smoked pot, and drank as a teen. I was also a straight A honor student, good kid whose parents never realized or talked to me about that kind of stuff. My younger brother was the same, but he didn’t outgrow his teenage rebellion and after being prescribed narcotics after a car accident he ended up addicted. I had no idea, and 5 years ago tomorrow he died of a fentanyl-laced heroin overdose. That was a heartbreak I would never wish upon anyone, but it did result in my then 12, 10, and 4 year olds vowing to never do drugs, and they are still adamantly against drug use after seeing the heartbreak it caused our family. You’re already doing better than my parents in that you’ve discovered it and are addressing it. Big, giant, massive hugs as you navigate this!
  14. Fingers crossed you don’t have to!
  15. Lucky you! I can’t get him signed up anywhere yet. I was really hoping I could schedule it tonight, but no luck.
  16. Woohoo! 🎉 Now to stalk the sign ups so my 15yo can get his ASAP!
  17. @wintermom he’s a 9 week old black Miniature Schnauzer. He is the stinkin’ cutest thing ever. Got in a decent walk today. It was sunny, but only in the low 40s and windy. I thought spring was here, but now we’re expecting frost again tonight. I don’t know why I felt like we were in the clear; generally nothing can be planted here until around Memorial Day. It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow. I was hoping to take the bikes to an 8 mile paved trail near home for Mother’s Day, but I don’t have any desire to ride in cold rainy weather.
  18. Managed to squeeze in a one mile walk the last two days. One was with DD carrying my parents’ new puppy in a sling.
  19. Thank you! I’ll go read more. I’m pretty sure my dad is at the lowest dose of his immunosuppressant. I have a physically disabled brother who keeps saying he thinks he’s immune so he won’t get the vaccine at this point, and my parents have to drive him to do his doc appointments and grocery shopping. I was taking him for a while until my parents got fully vaccinated, then they went back to doing it because my younger kids can’t be vaccinated yet. Looks like I should start taking him again, or use this info to help convince him to get the vaccines!
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