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  1. I haven’t and won’t watch the video so I can’t speak to the current topic, but I can’t continue to ignore the transphobia that is so pervasive on this board.

    Transgender individuals are 4 times as likely to be victims of violence as cisgender individuals.  Transwomen are 1.8 times as likely to experience sexual violence as ciswomen.  No matter how scared you are, trans individuals have more to fear.  

    Reading this and other current threads has made me physically ill.  As the mother of a trans daughter I am saddened by the disregard most of the posters have for transgender individuals.  

    Transwomen are not men!

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  2. 8 hours ago, Danae said:

    You can physically do that? There’s no way my two hands could do those two different things simultaneously. 

    Right?!  I’d probably end up chewing on the rag and using my toothbrush on the sink!  😄

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  3. It’s not a healthy young person, it’s a healthy young man.  As a man, he’ll never breastfeed, so breasts are unnecessary.  Gently, if you’re holding out hope that his transition is a mistake he’ll regret, please don’t.  

    You are a woman, and many women are very attached to their breasts.  I know I am!  For your nephew, his breasts may not be cancerous but they are essentially growths that he may feel don’t belong on his body.  If you had some sort of growth on your body that wasn’t dangerous but made you feel really bad about yourself every time you saw it, and let’s say it was in your line of sight nearly all the time as breasts are, would you have surgery to have it removed or live with it because it was healthy tissue?  

    I do understand the grief you’re feeling.  As the mother of a trans daughter I’ve dealt with feeling as if the child I gave birth to is gone.  I don’t pretend to assume that it’s as painful as if my child had died, but it is a grief that has taken a lot to work through.  

    I’ll be thinking of you and your nephew and family today. 

    (And I’ll be out of the house for most of the day, so I’m not ignoring any responses.)

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  4. Since Pen first mentioned leaky vaccines I’ve read a bit about them and I don’t see how this is any cause for concern with the coronavirus vaccines available.  

    “Leaky vaccines work by enhancing host immunity to a particular pathogen, without necessarily blocking or slowing viral replication. The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, can transmit. The evolutionary consequences of high virulence are thus reduced and these pathogens can be selectively favored as a result of leaky vaccination.” Source


    Data from multiple studies in different countries suggest that people vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine who develop COVID-19 have a lower viral load than unvaccinated people.(50-54) This observation may indicate reduced transmissibility, as viral load has been identified as a key driver of transmission(55).” Source

    Current vaccines (particularly the mRNA vaccines that Pen seems to think are potentially problematic) are limiting transmissibility.  People who are vaccinated but get infected are less likely to pass the virus on.  Unvaccinated people are much more likely to become infected and much more likely to infect someone else, keeping the chain going with many more opportunities for mutations that are more dangerous.  Leaky vaccine worries really don’t make sense here.   The masses of unvaccinated are putting us at risk of potential mutations, not the very tiny few who are vaccinated and still able to infect others.  

    And if somehow, hypothetically, all of the scientific community manages to be wrong about this and Pen is right, permanent mask requirements would likely be far less of a big deal to those of us willing to protect our communities by vaccinating than it would to those who keep screaming about their rights and refusing to vaccinate or mask.  Stop trying to make the vaccinated look like the selfish fools here; it’s quite clear to the vast majority of the world who are the selfish ones.  (Not speaking of those who cannot be vaccinated, of course.) 

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  5. Everyone I know who wears reading glasses swears that the ones at the Dollar Tree are as good as any others, and you can buy multiple pairs for the price of one at WalMart.  So maybe try those so at least you aren’t spending lots of money at least?

  6. Sounds like life near the Great Lakes!  I live near Buffalo, NY.  Less than a week ago we hit almost 90*, right now it is 39* with a high of 47* expected.  We only average 3 days more sun than Seattle, average half an inch more rain, and average 84.8 inches of snow compared to their 4.6!  And we’re the 3rd windiest city in the US, above Chicago!   

    I love where I live in many ways, but the weather unpredictability is not one of the things I love!  

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  7. 2 hours ago, mommyoffive said:

    Yeah the flakes on CL drive me nuts.  But it still is worth it sometimes.  

    I always have the meeting spot be out front of our police station.  Always.  And I say that in emails that we are meeting in front of the police station.  I figure that would  ward off  a bad person.  Or it should.   Dh always does the meetings.  And he brings along someone else and a dog or 2.  Just like to feel as safe as possible.  Never had an icky meeting.  It has always been really nice people.  

    Our police station has a spot out front specifically for this purpose!  

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  8. On 4/23/2021 at 11:43 PM, Helpdesk said:

    Jessica/StillJessica, will you please send an email to this alias: support@welltrainedmind.com and tell me the emails you use for each account?  (I don't want you to post them on the boards...).  I want to make sure I am merging exactly the right accounts.   Thank you.

    I totally missed this!  Emailing now.

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  9. I haven’t been walking, but I have been doing hours of gardening every day!  We got O’s fairy garden set up yesterday.  Another week or so of pulling weeds, planting new stuff, and mulching and I should be done and will get back to walking and trike rides.  

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