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  1. Admins I hope this OK. I don't pop in much but I wanted to invite any homeschoolers and their parents to a free virtual college panel. This is through my non profit College Seekers and our activities are typically for CA homeschoolers but we are opening this one up to everyone. Once again this is for your students to learn about these unique colleges. We have admission representatives from 5 nontraditional colleges presenting their programs. The colleges are Evergreen State College, Bennington College, Prescott College, College of the Atlantic, and Quest University (Canada). These colleges have unique programs, most offer narrative grading, open or interdisciplinary curriculum, non traditional scheduling, and more. Each college will present and then there will be a Q&A. Once again this is FREE. It is October 18th at 10am PST. Online. It will last about 90 minutes. You can RSVP at the link below. Laura from College Seekers
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