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  1. Why not the Chromebook? We're in a similar situation here, and dh is leaning towards the Chromebook.
  2. Here's a little something to muddy the waters for you a bit: http://www.tapestryofgrace.com/company/products/primer.php#1 It's a new program published by TOG that's geared towards young children.
  3. bumping Has anyone else tried this out? I'm considering the Geometry for my dd this fall.
  4. I don't have much time now, but I will say this much: We left a church after being very active members for 10 years. We did not make the decision lightly or on a whim. Actually, we stayed years longer than we probably should have. Changing churches had a tremendously positive effect on our family, and both dh & I wish we had done it earlier.
  5. Adding my prayers to everyone else's. May you feel the peace that only God can give.
  6. No matter what curriculum you use, I think it's important for students to have developed self-discipline and good study skills by high school. Tapestry of Grace in a co-op setting helped my dd develop those skills, but I'm sure there are others that would work just as well.
  7. Here if a child has messy handwriting because they're in a hurry, it's a "do-over." I'm not super-picky, but I must be able to read their work.
  8. We've owned both and loved them both, but not the 2015 models. We sold our CR-V when our third child came and bought a van, but we had been very happy with it. Dh's RAV-4 has recently hit 300,000 miles. Here are a couple of websites that might help you make your decision: http://www.hondaproblems.com/; http://www.toyotaproblems.com/.
  9. With my ds(9), I've been using his dictation in AAS to teach him grammar. After he writes his sentences, I have him label them with the parts of speech. So far he's learned subject nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and articles. He's also learned a few capitalization and end punctuation rules, and he knows how to turn a question into a statement.I think I'm going to purchase a grammar program to help me determine a sequence but that I'm going to continue teaching him grammar with his AAS dictation.
  10. We're using the Algebra I, and dd sees a tutor once/week. We like it, and her tutor seems to think that it is a fine program. Dd has dyscalculia, but she has been able to move forward with CLE.
  11. 2 choices are not enough! I love, love, love RS, but we use Singapore as well. I would definitely keep him in RS as long as possible, and I would probably start working in a little Singapore whenever I felt like he was ready for more independent work. IMO, it is best to take it a step at a time and not worry too far ahead. If you think RS would work for him now, start him on it. After a few months, re-evaluate and then decide what you think will work best at that point.
  12. We are in our 4th year with TOG. My oldest dd is in the Rhetoric Level. My middle dd is working in the Upper Grammar level for history and Dialectic level for everything else, while my son is Lower Grammar for Literature and Upper Grammar for everything else. My family is touching all four levels this year, lol! We use some of the Writing Aids writing prompts, but not all of them. Anyway, it is pretty rigorous in the upper levels. However, it's been more rigorous for my dd than for me. She does her work independently and then participates in discussion at a TOG co-op once a week. I see the
  13. Would she be willing to join a co-op? Several of the families in our TOG co-op have talked about how the accountability of being prepared for class meetings have inspired them to be more vigilant in their schooling.
  14. My oldest dd has dyscalculia, so I have used several math programs over the years, and RS is hands-down my favorite. It was the program that finally moved her forward in math. I cannot tell you how many times I have wished that I had found it when she was younger. With my ds, I used it exclusively in Kindergarten and then added Singapore into the mix when he hit 1st grade. My middle dd finished RS Level E last week, and she is currently in Singapore Primary 6B. We did skip some of the drawing in the later RS levels. She will definitely be ready for Algebra I by 8th grade. To keep f
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