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  1. Queensland. It's still all so unreal. Very excited!
  2. Our last week, and I can finally announce that we're moving! Yay! http://mrsbrooke.blogspot.com/2014/05/weekly-report-weeks-39-40-and-were.html
  3. I'm back! Week 37 Only three weeks of school left?!?! When did that happen?
  4. Hey friends! How were your weeks? I'm trying out something new this year, and I've decided to concentrate on having FUN during February, instead of being mad about how cold and gray it is. If you're interested in sharing your ideas, I have a link-up at the end of this week's report. Fabulously Fun February, Week #1 (Weekly Report Week #22) Enjoy your weekends!
  5. Hey all you lovelies! :) Happy Friday! We had a good week: Weeks 20 & 21 Looking forward to seeing what you've all be up to! Have a lovely weekend!
  6. Mine's up: Cookies & Cocoa http://mrsbrooke.blogspot.com/2014/01/cookies-cocoa.html
  7. I'm playing! Got some cute shots of two of my kiddos playing in the yard: Junebug & Monkeyboy
  8. Week 13: Bonk your head, Pull out some teeth, and make pizza
  9. I don't think you're being too rigid or strict. I've had to move that way in recent years myself. It's hard to get all that work in otherwise. When my grandmother started to notice that everyone was scattering because of school, activities, etc., she instituted Sunday Night Dinner. Every Sunday, all the people who live around her come over for the afternoon/early evening, and it's a potluck dinner where she supplies the main dish. The date and time are set, and everyone is happy with it, and everyone gets to see each other. Maybe that could be an option for your families? Given that it's a two hour drive, perhaps the hosting location could alternate, or you could meet on even-dated Sundays, or just the third Saturday of the month? Things like that. You're competing against a stereotype that we homeschoolers have the most flexible schedules in the world. The grandparents believe this lie, and perhaps feel insulted or a little unloved because, even though you supposedly have all this flexibility, you're not using it on them. I can understand why they're frustrated. They'll feel frustrated until the day they really do realize that you don't have time for that. I don't know what's going to help them understand that, but that is how it is. You're not alone in feeling like a big ol' meanie for standing your ground on this issue. Lots of us are dealing with it, and turning our cheeks time and time again when people refuse to believe that we need to be home to do school. Just because a handful of other homeschoolers do it differently, doesn't mean we all do it that way, or that we even want to do it that way. To each their own, I have found a way that I like, and hurray for everyone.
  10. I'm basically just forcing myself to blog right now, so this week's report is pretty bare: Week 12, Drive-by Blogging. Still, school done. Hurrah.
  11. Mine's up! Dyeing Yarn, Halloween & Gold Leaf Anyone else suffering from a Halloween "hangover" today? ;)
  12. I've done the whole co-op and lots of extracurriculars thing, and it just doesn't fulfill my reasons for homeschooling. I homeschool for the rigorous academics, and I need to be at home, teaching my kids, in order for that rigor to happen. Co-op and Park Day take up too much time--getting kids ready, travelling, being there, travelling home, getting the kids back on schedule (which rarely happens because I'm absolutely exhausted from having to keep track of four kids out of thirty in an unfamiliar environment). I go to a lot of effort to draw up lesson plans that provide plenty of good reading choices, experiences, and activities. When I join up with a group, I find that my lesson plan has to be pushed to the side in order to accommodate the group, and the group has never risen to the level of my lesson plan. I am a freakishly stressed-out woman on co-op or park days because we're trying to get everything done before we go. Why push the kids to finish up quickly to go to something that isn't as good as what they'd be missing at home, and I somewhat dread? To be clear: The women in the co-op/Park Day--I love 'em. They are excellent women who take homeschooling and motherhood seriously and I admire how they run their families. I think I only stuck with the group for so long because I like the women so much. But the group takes away more than it provides, in the long run. It's just getting to the point where I have to choose "better" over "good"--and my lesson plan is better, despite how good our co-op can be. Each one of us homeschools for slightly different reasons, and I've yet to find another homeschooler in my area who is as focused on rigor and depth of academics as I am. I've actually been teased a fair amount for how much I expect of my kids, and some people think I'm flat-out killing off their "love of learning" because I insist on worksheets being completed and sloppy work re-done. I don't need that in my life. And, oh my goodness, I cannot handle another conversation about gluten-free, sugar-free or dairy-free lifestyles. I like McDonald's and I am at peace with the pleasure I get out of eating salty french fries. As far as extra-curriculars, they fall into the same vein of thought--if they're not offering something better than I already have planned, we don't need 'em. I provide athletic opportunities, I teach art, we do crafts. I do farm out the piano lessons because I do not want to teach them. No need to torture myself. My kids have friends, we have church, I have my Knit Group...we have a full life, no need to add more.
  13. We just finished our Week Ten. Good week. I'm good with either forum, but I think just posting on the K-8 board might lead us to miss out on some high school WRs. WRs are a general topic, spanning all the grade levels, which would allow it place on the General Board. Just my thoughts. :)
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