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    I have a BA in history from BYU, I'm a classically trained soprano, and I really like maple syrup.
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    You name it, I've probably dabbled in it.
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  1. Set up the tent in the backyard and we're doing school in the sunshine!

  2. Sick husband, sick kids = time to catch up on my knitting!

  3. Just when I start questioning the decision to homeschool, a whole bunch of homeschooling awesomeness happens to remind me why I chose this education path for my children!

  4. Lesson planning for 2013-2014. Always makes me so optimistic.

  5. I take pride in not wearing pajamas for school, but today is Christmas and I will stay in my pajamas all day long if I so desire.

  6. Yeah, not fun to be picked apart in a "public" setting. I don't comment a lot at all...unless I'm having a sassy day. :)

  7. Only when I'm not sitting here can I think of things I want to post chat.

    I can't remember if I put it on the lds board or not, but I wondered if anyone was satisfied with using R&S English materials for upper elementary and middle grades. We have used Learning Language Arts Through Literature and none of my kids like it or feel a flow with it. I have homeschooled for many years so baby steps are just with posting and putting myself out there to be picked apart, so to speak.

  8. I read something you wrote somewhere else (WTM) and thought it was funny.

    And now I see you are also LDS perhaps?

    I am new to posting and still feel like I am really missing out on some of the stuff I could be doing to get ideas flowing with others, ya know, input, etc. Baby steps I'm still taking...

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