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  1. Set up the tent in the backyard and we're doing school in the sunshine!

  2. Sick husband, sick kids = time to catch up on my knitting!

  3. Just when I start questioning the decision to homeschool, a whole bunch of homeschooling awesomeness happens to remind me why I chose this education path for my children!

  4. Lesson planning for 2013-2014. Always makes me so optimistic.

  5. I take pride in not wearing pajamas for school, but today is Christmas and I will stay in my pajamas all day long if I so desire.

  6. Something that opened my eyes a few years back was the realization that there will always be someone who disagrees with the way you do things. ALWAYS. So what do you do then? You do what you believe is best, regardless of what others may say. There will always be vegetarians trying to convince the world that eating meat is terrible, and there will always be religious folks trying to convince atheists that there is a God. Why should the homeschooing issue be any different? Of course people will disagree with you. Who cares? In homeschooling, I think the only way to shut people up is to wait a decade and see how your kids turn out. There's no point in screaming the research or the statistics at anyone right now. From your OP, it's clear they don't want to listen to reason, but rather just disagree for the sake of disagreeing. Don't stress yourself out with something that doesn't matter. They disagree, so let them send their kids to PS. You don't have to defend yourself to anyone. You take care of those in your home and let your actions speak for themselves ten years down the road. I haven't been homeschooling that long, but a couple families of in-laws have since pulled their kids from the PS system and started HSing. I'm not going to be so proud as to believe it "was ALL ME" that convinced them to do that, but perhaps my decision to HS impacted their decision a little. On bad days I allow myself to feel good about that. :D People will always disagree with you on at least one issue. Throw your shoulders back and go forward with your best plans anyways. Be confident and do a good job. It will show in a few years. (And remember that--I said YEARS!) (And, in case things don't blossom as originally planned, a negative HSing experience isn't failure. It's a lesson learned.)
  7. Yeah, not fun to be picked apart in a "public" setting. I don't comment a lot at all...unless I'm having a sassy day. :)

  8. Only when I'm not sitting here can I think of things I want to post chat.

    I can't remember if I put it on the lds board or not, but I wondered if anyone was satisfied with using R&S English materials for upper elementary and middle grades. We have used Learning Language Arts Through Literature and none of my kids like it or feel a flow with it. I have homeschooled for many years so baby steps are just with posting and putting myself out there to be picked apart, so to speak.

  9. I read something you wrote somewhere else (WTM) and thought it was funny.

    And now I see you are also LDS perhaps?

    I am new to posting and still feel like I am really missing out on some of the stuff I could be doing to get ideas flowing with others, ya know, input, etc. Baby steps I'm still taking...

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