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  1. I'm not convinced that it is considered stuttering. And from what I've read, the treatments are different than stuttering treatments. She has zero anxiety about her disfluency, but I'm afraid they're going to give her anxiety by drawing attention to it (or to something that she doesn't even have).
  2. So, we went to our 2nd speech therapy session this morning, and I'm feeling concerned. They showed my daughter a short video of kids who stuttered, then read her a little book about stuttering, and then continued to talk and play the rest of the session, constantly referring to stuttering or "getting stuck". My daughter looked thoroughly confused. This was at the Teaching college I mentioned earlier. I absolutely don't know who to call, but I'm going to look for someone who is more qualified.
  3. Just to be clear, I do understand that I'll need to drive. I mean, I drive 30 minutes each way to the grocery store as it is. Our nearest mall (Sam's, Club, etc.) is 2 hours away. It's just part of living in the middle of nowhere. :) It's just hard finding opportunities in other towns when you don't live there. But we shall find a way! :) Thank you all!
  4. Thank you for this. I will start asking around and looking for more opportunities.
  5. You're right, I do need to remember my "Why". We definitely had some awful public school experience in all those years, which was why I was so relieved in the beginning. Deep down, I don't want to send them back. I just want them to feel whole and accepted, and to have connections with friends.
  6. You are definitely blessed to have all those opportunities in your town. Our town has none of those that you mentioned. The co-op we go to is in another town, which is fine. Our town revolves around the public school. I will say, however, that we do have 4H, and I'm going to push my son to get more involved in that. There is also a guitar/bible study group at one of the churches in town, that our oldest son used to go to. After speaking to my husband at length about this, we are going to make our middle son start going. Tonight is the first night ~ prayers welcome! :)
  7. I think they like it, but I think they wish they could be more involved. My 9th grader doesn't talk about his feelings a lot, but I know he misses his friends, etc. I think he would be nervous, however, to go back.
  8. A friend of mine who used to be a homeschooling mama called today, and we chatted for a while about how her kids are doing in their new school (she just enrolled them at semester). It sounds like they love it, and I'm so happy for them! Even though I know she didn't mean to, I feel like my friend was trying to suggest that maybe we should try it. After our conversation, part of me just felt confused about this whole thing....if it's good for my kids, etc. A little backstory: I have 4 kids; 2 who are in college, 1 freshman, and 1 kindergartener. We were a typical public school family up until 5 years ago. My kids were involved in sports, music, and had lots of friends. I pulled my oldest daughter first, who was a sophomore at the time. Then the next year, we started them all at home. It was hard, but I was relieved to be out of the rat race, so that was wonderful. Then, it got quiet. Really, really quiet. We lost friends, I'm guessing because they were offended at our choice. Our kids lost friends. It was hard. It still is. My littlest one is 6, and she's never been to any type of schooling, which was intentional on my part. I didn't want her to get attached to friends, and then not want to homeschool. Up until now, her limited social interaction (library, once a week at co-op) has been fine. But there's a part of me that wonders if I'm hurting her by not letting her experience a classroom of friends. I'm not at all tempted to return to public school, but there is a private school 30 miles away.... I'm just torn.
  9. Thank you so, so much for posting this! I honestly haven't even checked this thread for days, but something made me come here today. I feel like I've spent so much time researching and trying to figure it out, and it's been pretty stressful. This post gave me a sense of peace, and I'm just going to give myself permission to relax my mind about it until after the holidays.
  10. Thank you. We're about 2 1/2 hours, but we're far from just about everywhere! Driving is just part of living in rural Kansas. :)
  11. OneStepAtATime, I somehow messed up my response to you, but it's hiding there in the quote box. :)
  12. Thank you. I think you're both right, that I need to find someone better qualified. I have no problem going out of state if need be. I'm in Central Kansas (2 hours from Wichita) if anyone knows of any good doctors! :) We do have a Children's hospital in Kansas City (5 hours from me), so maybe I will give them a call.
  13. I hope I'm posting this in the right section.. My 6-year-old daughter repeats the last syllable of some words, and has done so for over 2 years. We thought she would grow out of it, but she hasn't so far. I finally saw someone for it last week (a teaching college, actually), and they were a little stumped. They said this isn't the normal type of disfluency they see, but they're interested in looking in to it and possibly providing therapy. They tested her hearing, language skills, etc., and the final thoughts the Dr. shared with me was that my daughter's language skills are exceptional, and it seems like her mouth can't catch up to her brain, so to speak. This is what my husband and I have thought the entire time, but I'm still very concerned that it's becoming a habit that she can't grow out of. The strange thing is that she seems to do this at home more than other places. She barely did it when they were testing her, so I had to show them a video. When I google it, it scares me, because it seems as though word final disfluency is rare, and is associated with disorders such as ADHD, Autism, etc. I would love to hear from others who are familiar with this, and have successfully helped their children to overcome it. I'm not sure when they will be able to start therapy, since we're at the end of a semester, so I'm trying to find someplace that could start asap. We live in the middle of nowhere, however, and good health care is at a minimum.
  14. I know this sounds bizarre, but I noticed yesterday that my toilet seat was blue. Like, the outline of where my bum sits...is blue. After having my husband make sure I didn't have any blue ink or stain on my behind, I started googling. Apparently, this is something that happens to pregnant women occasionally. I've been pregnant 5 times and have never heard of it before. And....I'm 45 and going through perimenopause, so....there's that. Is it hormones?
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