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  1. I start every morning in my neighborhood and end every evening with a walk. It's a great way to 'get away' and clear your head. It's a time for prayer, thinking, and reflection. I've not walked as much b/c of the weather, but spring is coming!!!!! I'm ready! Good luck and congratulations! You will be amazed at how the walking helps you mentally and physically! God Bless! Bethany Blizard
  2. that Greek would be excellent for Biblical study too! But, I wasn't sure about the order....which should come first. My kids are: 11, 8, 6. All boys! Do you have a Greek curriculum you recommend? Thanks a bunch!!! Bethany Blizard
  3. My son has expressed an interest in learning Greek! I've got the Latin texts-Prima Latina which we've never successfully started or completed! :confused: However, I do plan to do it. I have a friend who is teaching both Greek and Latin!!:001_huh: I don't see me doing that, but I would like to know which might be better? I don't know anything about Greek! I've seen and pretty much understand Latin. Should I try to teach him Greek or stick with Latin? I know Latin is a wise choice for mastering the English language, but he also really wants to study Greek! Is it totally crazy to teach both?? I g
  4. I have decided after contemplating several different history programs that it's best to use a variety. We use, and LOVE, TOG! That is a main source for history. I love the four year cycles and if I want to dive deeper into a subject, I have the freedom to do that. It references SOTW in the program where it's applicable. You'll find that under the additional History-core readings. However, I also love reading the Mystery of History with the kids. It's easy to find the time period, it's sequential, and I find a ton MORE info in that resource as well. But, as far as a core History program,
  5. :lol: I don't mean to laugh; well, maybe I do! I can totally relate to your 'problem'. This year has been full of situations like that for me! Maybe it's not age and it's just that we are REALLY busy! LOL!
  6. :iagree: I think Hershey is a wonderful place to stay and you've been given great advice on here. I would definitely go to Lancaster too. I love the Amish country and Lancaster is great. We had a fantastic time there. You can take a tour of the Amish country in the buggies and make sure you eat there! Yummy!We really enjoyed this restaurant: http://www.goodnplenty.com/. Lot's of good eats! :001_smile: Have fun! Bethany Blizard
  7. It's much like a kerosine/gasoline product. It breaks down all kinds of things. I went thru a whole year using this for gum in my house! :tongue_smilie: It's good on a variety of stains though. I think you will have success- if there is such a thing with red nail polish!! HTH- Bethany
  8. I'm not sure. You have the four cycles that are rich in literature, history, art/crafts, geography, and you could just not do Bible/World view. I think it's great!
  9. Oh what fun! Yes, I have several diff. things to suggest. We went a few yrs ago. A lot of what you do will depend on your children's ages and what they find interesting! For instance, my son, was fascinated with Lincoln. So, our key interests were the Lincoln Memorial and Ford Museum. I HIGHLY recommend the Ford Museum. Oh my- that was fantastic! You can also take a tour of the house across the street where they took Lincoln after he was shot! I had three fairly young children....so we stayed away from long lines for tours such as the white house, bureau of engraving, etc. We just decided
  10. I would be furious if this happened to my child. The damage that can be done to young children watching movies that are far too mature for them to process is very real! I would NEVER let me children watch that move! It's a great movie for adults but it IS an adult movie. I hope you find peace about this situation b/c I would be all over the person that put that movie on WITHOUT my permission! Blessings! Bethany Blizard
  11. and this upcoming year I've decided to start a co-op b/c I'm not able to pay these high prices. Most of the fees are to pay for facilities and teachers. So, I figure if you have all volunteers and reasonable facility charges; you should be able to do this with very little cost. Starting a co-op might be an option for you. I don't know. That's what I've decided to do b/c I just can't justify spending 1k for the year. I'm hoping to find a few moms that want to teach the same subjects, in a group setting, and find a reasonable location. By the way- we're in NC too!!! Good luck! B
  12. An example, for year 1 unit 3 and 4, our co-op is having the children memorize all of Proverbs, and they love it! HTH, Bethany Blizard
  13. and had a chance to see WWE. I'm very interested in this! Looks great. So, it doesn't sound like a 5th grader would be too old. That's good news. :) I will definitely continue looking at other Science curriculum. I would love more suggestions! :tongue_smilie: Thanks Ladies!' Bethany Blizard
  14. And, I have my older son using SWR. I think AAS is great to prepare younger students for SWR. HTH Bethany Blizard
  15. Hi everyone! Next year my oldest son will be 5th grade! Yikes!! And, I am ready to start a serious Science program which we really haven't done at all. I've never had time and just never thought too much about it. Well, now he is approaching 5th grade and, it's time! I own the Apologia Science books, and we are starting one of those this year to get our 'feet wet'. :thumbup: However, can anyone tell me if they think I'm on the right road? If not, what curriculum might be better? and why? Also, writing! I know this is huge here! I just discovered WWE! I'm so siked about that, BUT I'm also
  16. I love their catalog. I love looking at everything and being able to read their reviews. It's just not that same online. ;)
  17. Hi there, I've used TOG for the first time this year. I love it! I find it great that I can teach all of my children the same thing on diff. levels! That is so awesome. I believe that to be the biggest difference between Sonlight and TOG. I have never used Sonlight though. :tongue_smilie: I hope that it is a little helpful!
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