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  1. :grouphug: I hope that you find peace during this time. I have often prayed for God to give me good friends in my life, and guess what? He did! Just start praying and it will happen. God is good and things will change! He will carrying you through this time. I think we all have periods like this. I know I have. Blessings!
  2. I believe that whatever works for your family is the right choice. ;) You are not crazy b/c you are spending money on the co-op. I've had my children in Classical Conversation for two years, and I have three kids! It adds up fast! We aren't doing it anymore, but I know what it feels like to spend a large sum of money on a co-op or support system. Good luck!
  3. I'm inclined to think maybe the 'style' makes for the brighter child b/c isn't it the method that we teach that enables them to learn? In other words, the curriculum makes it 'easier', but if we don't expose them to certain things, they simply won't learn it. Unless, they are VERY eager, independent learners! I guess that's why I was always attracted to the Classical style or method of schooling. I look forward to reading some of the answers. :001_smile:
  4. So, what is the biggest difference between PL and LC? I thought that you had to start with PL before you went on to LC? thanks, Bethany
  5. I actually own PL. I just haven't used it yet. LOL :) I will download a free lesson on the LL. That's a great idea! Thanks! Bethany
  6. I agree. We must use what works for our own kids and family. I bought my PL almost 2 yrs ago. Then, I decided it was too early. Well, now, I've waited a bit longer than I had planned for my oldest. But, that's ok. He was a reluctant reader. I didn't want to confuse him. I am excited to start this LATIN journey! I appreciate your advice! Blessings! Bethany
  7. Ok....well, I guess I have more research to do! Any suggestions on a good beginner Greek curriculum? Grade 5.:tongue_smilie:
  8. I thought I had my Latin curriculum decided. :D But, I have now learned that many, many more parents are happy with LL. Is that right? Or, am I just hearing from more LL users? ;) I am thinking of buying this program for my 3rd and 5th grader next year. Especially since everyone seems to like it so much more than PL. If I'm misinterpreting, please correct me! Thanks!
  9. teaching a rising 5th grader the foundations of Greek? And, would I also be able to use it for a rising 3rd grader?? Neither of my children have ANY exposure to Greek. Would this be a good start? Thanks, Bethany
  10. After 2nd grade, we switched to Saxon 5/4. My personal opinion about Horizons is that is great for K, 1, and 2. It gives a very good foundation. But, it does cover things quickly. For instance, I can't even compare Saxon 2 with Horizons 2. My son is way beyond the level 2 Saxon. However, I think Saxon is too repetitive in the younger years. My boys needed to be challenged more. My son is in his first year of Saxon. It's been a big adjustment b/c the math is just different. However, we've stuck with it and he's learned to adjust his thinking to a more analytical type of math. He's not doing mul
  11. As far as baking 'healthy' is concerned, I feel like anything YOU make is better than store bought. You know exactly what goes in it, and it doesn't have preservatives added or high fructose corn syrup (that seems to be in EVERYTHING now). I always use the best ingredients when I bake: real butter, I usually cut down the sugar, add a bit of whole flour in place of white flour (not all of it ...just some). These are simple changes you can make that will make snacks better for you. :D I have no favorite recipes for healthy cooking, but I do have a favorite website that you can find TONS of r
  12. that so many ppl were unhappy with PL. :001_huh: I will certainly look at LL. My children are 11,8,6. Thanks so much. I have research to do! LOL!:tongue_smilie:
  13. I have the Berry Stebbing art program. Are there any others that you suggest for 'first time' art students? They are aged 11, 8, and 6! Thanks! Bethany
  14. He always has, but I think it's just a 'fun' subject for him. It's not math or grammar. LOL! So, he enjoys it. My handwriting is very nice, and I thought he would have very good handwriting. It is better when he REALLY tries. Maybe he is still too young to expect really nice handwriting?? Thanks for you input! Bethany
  15. Ok, I've just learned of Lively Latin. :001_huh: I was wondering for those of you that have tried both....which did you like better? I am going to do this next year and would love your input! Thanks! Bethany Blizard
  16. I've been using HWOT exclusively. My son is about to start 5th grade, and I'm still not completely happy with his handwriting. Should I just continue with this program and repeat it, or is there something out there that many of you have tried and like BETTER!? Thanks!
  17. coughs are usually worse in the morning when you first wake up. :) If the cough continues to get worse during the day then, it's probably something to be worried about. But, the mucus settles in the chest over night and they don't typically cough to get it up and out. So, that's most of the coughing in the morning. But, I always, always go anyway. I'm sure he will be fine, but it's better to be safe than sorry!:) Hope you all feel better soon! Bethany Blizard
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