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  1. I took your advice and I did post on the High school board; I can't believe I didnt' think of that- duh!:blushing: I really appreciate all of the feed back. Your answers have pretty much been what I expected. I was afraid that MUS would not be capable of taking us thru High School, and I am REALLY hoping to find a curriculum in 5th grade that can! I hope that's not asking too much! :confused: I will keep you posted on the responses that I get. Thank you!!!!
  2. Hi there, I do not have a high schooler- yet! ;) But, I am trying to prepare! I REALLY need to know what direction to start heading toward in the area of MATH! I have seen a lot of programs, heard so much about all of them, BUT at the end of the day, which math HONESTLY prepares the kids for college? I dont' have a strong opinion on teaching styles, etc. I just need an honest 'heads up' from anyone out there that has taught thru high school and can say whether or not some of these popular homeschool math programs worked. If so, which ones? Why or why not? I really appreciate your tho
  3. Do you all think that MUS really prepares students for the higher level math concepts- algebra, geometry, Calculus, etc?? I am really liking this and thinking of switching, but I want to make sure it REALLY gives a good foundation for college? Anyone used it thru high school and had good/bad experiences with college? My oldest is just in 5th grade, but MUS is set up that if I were to switch I would almost feel like I need to stay with it or it's going to be hard to not be 'behind' in another program (just b/c it's mastery oriented). Any thoughts on this?
  4. I think as the years go by you become more confident. You realize that there is so much more to homeschooling than JUST the academics. :001_smile: Just be patient and kind with yourself. There are honestly years like what you are describing. I can easily look back and say that 'this grade or that grade' was a hard year. There are years that I 'tried' different programs and regretted it. :001_huh: But, you just keep pushing forward and learning and realize that 'trying, regretting,and learning' are part of the process. ;) Don't feel bad about being burnt out. I think it happens to most
  5. I'm still searching out programs for next year and I'm intrigued by BJU!:001_smile: When my kids were younger I avoided all programs like BJU, Abeka, etc..,but now that they are becoming older elementary aged kids I'm beginning to see the value of having complete and thorough programs. I've already elected to use their reading and science for next year, and I thought why not ask about the math?:D My only math experience has been Horizons for K-2 and then, we switched this year to Saxon 5/4 for my 4th grader. It's not been a very good experience, but I feel like after reading many Saxon rev
  6. Geronimo Stilton books on audio are hilarious! They are just funny and entertaining. Nothing serious. My kids have enjoyed them very much. After they listened to so many of the SOTW, Johnathan Park, Harry Potter, etc., they just needed a change. These were perfect!
  7. he's very smart and CAN do 'grade level' (whatever that really means) work. He CAN do Saxon, but he struggles with the 'details' of each problem b/c it's back and forth with one thing to the next. Not nearly enough repetition to feel like you've mastered any one concept until you've missed it enough times that it becomes a glaring issue. I'm also noticing that many of the problems that he's struggling w/ are the multi-step word problems. The problems that give lots of info and you have to sit there and decide what info is meaningful and how to apply it. There seem to be quite a bit of these ty
  8. always go back to it being so repetitive. I'm just so afraid he will be lacking in other areas. I'm thinking that the concept is great, but you must stick with it all the way through (meaning not change curriculums) or you could find yourself behind in certain areas. But, I don't know. I've not looked at it enough to really know that answer. I will keep plugging away. I like the idea of letting him decide-what a great idea! :) I have to admit. I looked over MMM too and really liked level 5 too! It reallllly seemed to explain the concepts in great detail. I didn't see any concepts that appe
  9. Right now, I'm looking at MUS, Making Math Meaningful, and Rod and Staff. Any other ideas out there? Thanks! I'm still researching!!
  10. I'm still not sure which direction I'm leaning towards. MUS seems like a great idea for someone with an LD, but I wonder if he will eventually get bored. Any thoughts on these two curriculums -if you've used either of them? Thanks!
  11. I feel like I'm banging my head up against a wall...saying the same thing over and over. All the while, he's giving me the same look that he gives me daily. So, I know that the speech is no more effective than the math- lol! I feel so much better. I know that I just have to make the necessary adjustments. And, I CAN do that! So, there is always hope! I told him today that I would be looking at new math curriculum and he said, "thank you so much!" So, it's a relief for us both! I so appreciate your help and kind words. It's hard when your oldest has the LD. I feel bad for him, and I w
  12. programs. I feel like I have hope again! I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart! I will thoroughly research each suggestion! Thanks so much!!!
  13. Melissa, your words were very comforting. It's especially helpful/hopeful to hear another mom that has been in my shoes. :) I've worked so hard and feel like I'm failing. That is my biggest concern for him. I believe you are right- I need to ditch Saxon. I thought this all year, but I was reluctant b/c everyone seemed to think that Saxon was "the" best program to prepare for college. I have not been impressed at all. It's been difficult all year for him, but I just hadn't been able to figure out 'what' it was that wasn't working. I've talked to several friends and just still was frustrated. Bu
  14. I am so frustrated after an entire year of my son struggling with his math. He's never been an 'easy' student and has been tested in Kindergarten for a learning disability. I never followed up with the hundreds of dollars worth of recommended tests, but I was told there was a strong indication that he had a learning disability that leaned toward dyslexia. Over the years, friends that have knowledge of this learning disability have told me they thought my son had it too. (through observing him in 'class' settings w/co-ops and things) So, knowing this, I work extra hard with him on all of his su
  15. It's so hard. You never know what will work with your child(ren). So, I am going to research all the ideas you guys have given me. I already feel empowered having more choices and opinions about those choices. Thanks very much!:001_smile:
  16. I am pretty familiar with BJU reading. I actually had a chance to read through it and see what it's like. I am very impressed with it. I do understand what you are saying about wanting a more living book approach. I guess that's what inspired me to ask about my other options. So, the Christian Light looks very nice! I was thinking it seems just like enough without becoming to consuming. Michelle, could you give me anymore info on this program? I have browsed the website, but I can't get a real feel for what it will be like. Did your children find the stories engaging? could you explain the
  17. My oldest struggles with dyslexia too. He's reading at grade level, but I always feel like I should work with him constantly as to not lose ground. Believe it or not, it never occurred to me to have them in a 'formal' reading curriculum until mid year. :confused: They've always gone through the phonics programs we use until about 3rd grade. At that point, my son has just been reading various books. Then, I saw something about BJU reading. I realized they made programs for older kids. A light bulb went off!:tongue_smilie: I thought what a great idea for them. Duh, right? This idea didn't occur
  18. I posted something similar to this earlier and I'm not having any luck with responses. So, I will try this. ;) I need ideas for really good reading programs for grammar aged kids. Currently, 3rd and 5th grades. Would you share your resources with me? what you liked/disliked etc... Thanks!
  19. I thought I would use BJU grade3 and 5 for my little ones, but I thought I might ask here before I buy.:D I always get good information for you ladies! thanks!!!
  20. I had planned on using BJU reading 5 for next year. But, now, you guys have me thinking about these other options. :001_smile: Do you all recommend using these over a formal reading program like BJU?? I don't mean to jump in and take over the post. I was just very curious about the answers, and now I'm wondering if I should rethink my plan!:tongue_smilie: Thanks!
  21. I think I understand now. :) There's a lot out there to confuse a girl! :D
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