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  1. phonics/reading. So, I probably wouldnt' focus on the 'grade level' as much as the style and curriculum you think your son will respond well too. For elementary, I think Saxon will be too repetitive for your son. UNLESS, you skip ahead. Our sons have enjoyed Horizons for elementary. It's very thorough and moves quickly through the concepts- but not too quickly. 2nd grade begins incorporating multiplication. The only thing about skipping with this program is you want to really be careful with the addition/subtraction facts b/c they teach them some of the concepts your son hasn't learned yet
  2. I'm still looking and trying to decide. I appreciate all the insight. Some of the programs that were recommended offer a bit more than I am wanting to cover at this point. He will be doing IEW and BJU reading. So, I'm not wanting to duplicate those areas in this particular subject. I'm just wanting something very simple that will give him a good intro. to grammar. I think i might be leaning toward growing with grammar. Any other ideas/thoughts? Thanks again!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm needing to find a 'gentle' approach to grammar for my third grader. I'm not interested in anything as comprehensive as Shurley English until next year. Any ideas? This is for a very bright boy. :) I just want a good introduction for this year. Thanks so much, Bethany
  4. I've been devouring all of the ideas on this thread, but I still dont' feel completely comfortable with any 'one' yet. I'm thinking I should just use parts of SE and forget the rest, like writing and vocab. That would make it a little less time consuming for me. I will also look at Grammar Works! That looks interesting. :) Thank you!
  5. I always appreciate other ppls viewpoints. Especially, if you've gone thru something that I'm seeking advice about. LOL! I very much appreciate your honesty. :001_smile: I will look more closely into the bju grammar. I'm already using the science and reading this year...so, it might work out well. I never really thought about using bju for something like grammar! derh! :lol: Thanks again!
  6. However, it's very good. I think it just depends on your childs learning style. ;)
  7. I do want to continue with grammar. I just was wanting something a bit less teacher intensive. I am having baby number 4 right before Christmas and already feel myself losing momentum. :) I also am becoming very aware of the need to be more involved in my 1st and 3rd graders academics, and the programs that my 5th grader seems to be involved in are all SO demanding of my time! ugh! So, I want something that is still as thorough as SE, but not as scripted. I feel like he has a pretty good foundation. I've been looking over Winston Grammar and was wondering if anyone could tell me how they t
  8. Ok, so, my friend just got back from the conference and has been sharing with me what she's learned. One thing that she's been talking about that really has hit me is GRAMMAR. So, apparently, there is a LOT of discussion about NOT starting grammar until the kids are around JR. High. :001_huh: I started in 4th this year and felt like I was BEHIND. But, now, everything she is telling me really makes sense. I started thinking back to my school experience, and I don't remember anything before 7th grade. I was tested into honors English and THEN, I remember learning a LOT of grammar from that p
  9. Would megawords be a good compliment to AAS or let's say, SWR *OR* would that be too much? I'm not familiar with the program enough to know if it is solid enough for a 'stand alone' program or if it's just a supplementary program. I'm thinking more for my oldest son that will be starting 5th grade. He's not a good speller. But, I also need 'ease' next year. I've got a 5th, 3rd, and 1st grader and a baby due Dec! LOL! So, SWR "might" be shelved next year. :D I'm also trying to get away from very 'scripted' programs that take ALL of my time!
  10. My younger boys have done so well with ETC. I think they love it b/c they can 'fly' through it. ;) This will give them the additional review that I know they will all need as they get older. Thanks so much!!!!
  11. It looks pretty involved. But, I'm totally new to it. :) Any thoughts? Thanks, Bethany
  12. for my soon to be 5th grader! I can't believe I haven't heard of this before! Thanks, Bethany
  13. I've just started looking at Megawords. Never heard of it until this week. :001_huh: I was just curious how is it similar/different to ETC?? My sons have used ETC for several yrs now, but my oldest has never enjoyed it. I stopped after bk 5. I was wondering if this might be a good replacement. He needs serious review of syllable rules. He's starting 5th grade soon. Thanks so much! Bethany
  14. I need to buy things like glue sticks, paint, craft supplies, etc. Just wondering if there is an online resource cheaper than walmart/target? Thanks so much! Bethany
  15. My nausea is horrible. By bedtime I'm miserable. So, I'm just doing the basics, if that, to finish this year, and I keep hoping by next year I will feel better so I can accomplish all of the wonderful things I wanted to! LOL! Best of luck!:grouphug: Bethany
  16. I think I've FINALLY found a math program I completely agree with. I have a rising 5th grader and was thinking of buying the Chalkdust Basic math program. Can anyone give me their 'review' of the program. My son just finished Saxon 5/4 and I think this will be a perfect fit! Any thoughts on this program? Thanks! Bethany
  17. There are lots of variables that make a program a success. I guess I'm just nervous that I will pick the "one'' that will completely fail my son! LOL! I'm very hands on with his teaching, and I want to make sure he's a success at math. I know it's very easy in some programs to 'skim over' concepts and that can really come back to haunt you later as math progresses. I appreciate your advice. I've learned a lot from reading your posts. Blessings! Bethany
  18. We tried Saxon 5/4 this year. I had thoughts of insanity most of the year watching the lessons unfold.:blink: My son understands math and that has never been a big problem- until Saxon. :glare: So, that gave me 'food for thought', and as we are wrapping up our year, I just decided to switch. That's taken every spare moment- with research, questions, and all that's involved in trying to find a good fit. Never thought we would switch from Saxon, but now, I'm glad we are! So is my son~!! We very much enjoyed learning grammar this year-Shurley English! It's not exciting, but it works and he un
  19. for High school only?? I've heard very good things about this program- very good. And, I think I'm just realizing that I will probably be using three math programs- elementary, middle school, and high school programs. I'm just not sure that 1 program will have everything we need to get us thru all the grades. So, I was wondering about chalkdust? I hear great things in the high school years about this program, but I dont' hear too much about the middle school grades. I was just hoping someone might shed some light on why that is? It sounds like a great program and if it it I would rather just s
  20. I always thought that program was too easy or that's what I heard! :glare: I'm honestly shocked to see so many high schoolers are using it and having great success with it! :001_smile: Now, something else to think about~!:001_huh:
  21. Honestly, I'm just paralyzed at this point b/c I do not want to continue with Saxon. I've used it this year and just feel like there are too many parts that I do not like to finish with it thru high school. However, I'm afraid that my son may be lacking if I try some of the others. Then, today, it hit me. Am I making this more than it really is???? I mean, how off would he be if I took him thru Algebra or even Calculus in MUS? Would he be WAY unprepared? I just dont' know! Anyone else have any thoughts??
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