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  1. I called yesterday and spoke w/the person at CLE about the placement test. She recommend that I test my son in 300-400 for 5th grade. So, I did. Yesterday he took and passed the 300 level. Today, he took the 400 level and made 67. Now, I realize that 70 and above is passing...but....is this close enough to put him in grade 5 or should I start at 4th grade (400)?? I know this is just one of those, "what would you do" scenarios....but, what would you do? :bigear: I would love to put him on grade level, but I have NO experience w/this program and I don't want to overwhelm him either. His
  2. I will definitely give him the placement test. I will look into the supplemental diagramming book as well. I appreciate this info! Thank you! Bethany
  3. for my son. I really like the way it's laid out and I think he will respond very well to the wb and the light units. Now, for those of you that use this program, I'm stumped on where to start. I realize he needs to take a placement test, but he has never done diagramming. He's been exposed to Easy Grammar, and we did Shurley English last year. So, knowing that he has no previous experience w/this program, is there just a good solid starting point? (level 200, 300, etc) Is there a grade level that you would recommend to begin at that introduces concepts that MUST be covered to be successfu
  4. This is such a hard decision. We have a very good homeschool store here and I'm thinking of just going and looking over the R&S books. I might get a much better feel for them if I do that. :) Thanks for the insight! Bethany
  5. in R&S they have to copy out of a Textbook? There is no workbook to do? I've been looking at it and still can't tell exactly how it works. I see that they sell a separate book w/worksheets, but it sounds like it is more for extra work. If you have to copy all of the sentences and grammar parts down on paper and THEN do the work (diagramming or whatever), my son couldn't handle it. There is NO way. He hates writing and makes far too many mistakes that it would totally frustrate him. He struggles w/ dyslexia and the writing would just be a nightmare for him. So, just to clarify- do
  6. May I ask what program you are going to after you leave CLE and what exactly you prefer about the new program? I'm just curious. I see that there is a LOT of buzz on here about mct, but I'm not really thinking that is the way to go for us. So, again, just curious with what you are leaning toward for next year! Thanks, Bethany
  7. I had a thread going about CLE which has led me to explore R&S as well. It seems many on here use both. I see that some prefer the math in CLE and the LA in R&S. I'm more interested in the LA for both programs. Can someone tell me how they compare? I was all set on CLE and then, i started looking over R&S and it looks really tempting! I've passed over R&S many, many times in book stores. The books just never appealed to me visually. They just seemed like they would be extrememly boringggg! So, shamefully, I never picked them up to open them! :glare: Now, I am regretting that...
  8. You ladies are wonderful and have given me the info that I was searching for before taking the plunge. I feel a lot more comfortable about trying it out. I am so excited, and it sounds like it will be perfect for our family. Thank you soooo much!!! I can't wait to get my materials! I can't wait to post my thoughts after I receive them and try them out! Bethany
  9. I love the responses, and it's really helpful for me to see what you all like about the program. I've noticed that many of you are not using the entire program and are also leaning toward R&S. That seems to be another highly regarded program. I will continue to read the responses and do my research! Thanks everyone! Bethany
  10. I have been 'eyeing' this curriculum on here for awhile now. I hadn't heard of it until I joined this board, and I have noticed that it seems to be highly regarded among many of you. I mainly have pieced curriculum. I have different things for just about every subject until this year. I just started using BJU for the first time. I never liked the thought of 'boxed' curriculum, but I am finding that as my kids get older and I have more of them that there is a great desire for simplicity. I don't mean to imply that BJU or CLE is simple, but that teaching from one program or source is just much s
  11. My son LOVED Geronimo Stilton! You don't hear too many parents bragging about those chapter books on here- lol! But, we just let him read them b/c he loved them. I would rather he read something he really enjoys then read something for the sake of reading. I wish there were more books like this series for him to read. He's basically read them all. He did start the Diary of a Whimpy kid series which is very similar is style and technique with the little cartoon characters. However, there are only fours books w/ that series. (i think) And, he's read them all too! He also enjoys the Sunday comics
  12. I never used it, but you should be able to find it on their website. Wish I could tell you more about it. I know there are many ppl on here that have used it and liked it. Bethany
  13. Ok, so I am very confused. I thought I knew about most of the major writing programs out there! I've never heard of this one before yesterday. It peaked my curiosity, and I've been reading a little about the program. I have to say that I am very curious! I have IEW but havent embraced it fully this year. I don't know why but I just haven't. I think watching the dvd's and going thru all the papers just overwhelms me a bit. (I just had a baby 4wks ago- so it doesn't take much). Also, I don't have the TWSS dvd's; I only have the SWI A dvd's. I think I feel like something is missing. although, I'v
  14. I've got SWR and AAS, but i'm so tired of the constant work involved in spelling. We've been doing SWR for about 2 solid years and my son still has horrible spelling. He starts 5th grade this year. He loves the program (swr) b/c he enjoys spending the time w/me. However, I have two other children to teach (trying to use AAS w/them, but I'm finding there is NO time after the SWR and writing, and other subjects my oldest is doing) and have to cut down on the 'one on one' time at some point. Also, what I seem to be finding is that he understands the logic behind the rules for spelling, but he doe
  15. I did know that it went A,B, C with the option of additional continuation courses. I just happened upon these so I bought them. I'm sure I will be purchasing the continuation courses as well. But, I thought I had the seminar dvd's that taught the course, and I don't. :confused: So, now, I'm trying to decide if I should just borrow them from a friend before I start. I gather, from what you said, it would be a good idea. I thought as much, but I just wasn't sure. I would love to start now, but we might have to wait and focus on grammar this quarter and writing next. I want to make sure I have a
  16. I hate to jump in with another question, but I can't resist. I have the notebook for the IEW seminar. I do not have the videos. I DO have the student session A series and B series. Is it necessary for me to get the videos that "teach'' me how to use the course from the seminar or can I just use these student dvd's w/my son? I've been reading thru it and they recommend it. Any thoughts from IEW veterans?? Thanks! Bethany
  17. I had the same struggles this new school year with 5th grade math. I had my son in Horizons until 3rd grade. Everyone near me recommended moving into Saxon. So, I did for fourth grade. I thought that would be that. End of discussion. Oh, how I was wrong. My son and I both hated Saxon. However, we did finish the year. So, I was left wondering what to do for 5+ grades for math curriculum. Then, I stumbled on Chalkdust. :001_smile: I haven't bought the program YET. But, I will get it next week. It's very pricey- sorry, I know you said that was a concern. It's a concern here too, but my greater c
  18. I have only had experience with Shirley English and I have been thinking of changing. I have a friend using this and just wondered what you guys thought? Thanks, Bethany
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