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  1. Hi! We've had to go back to the drawing board for our high school plans. My son starts 9th grade next year and he had been attending a program that allowed you pick and choose what you wanted and pay for individually. However, that is not going to work out for this next school year. So, I've been looking at the Challenge I program. It looks like a good fit for us. We have been given the option to drop the math/science portion if we want. And, I think we will since we use MUS and my son has already had physical science this year. So, can I get some opinions about the program? Likes and di
  2. Where is the best place to purchase conceptual physics? Hewitt's seems hard to find.
  3. What are you using for your conceptual physics and chemistry?
  4. He will be in Algebra next year. I have really been looking at the conceptual physics by Hewitt next year. We've had a very slow go with math over the upper elementary yrs which made us recreate the wheel and go to MUS. He will be working thru pre Algebra this yr and summer and be in Alg. next year. The Conceptual physics is really intriguing and looks really good. I think it's a good place to start. Anyone have other ideas/thoughts?
  5. I'm considering doing this. Can anyone that has done this, or is in the process of doing this give me some advice? My son loves science. He's a freshman next year and has just had physical science. I am seriously considering physics for 9th grade. Anyone done this? What would you recommend? This is all new territory for me and I would appreciate any thoughts/comments!
  6. Thank you both for your comments. I'm going to start some research now. Do either of you have any recommendations for science using this different schedule?
  7. I am needing to adjust my High School plan after finding out today that our local enrichment program has already filled up the Biology class my son was going to take. So, he has had physical science w/Apologia this yr- 8th grade. My next plan was, of course, Biology. However, since I might not be able to find a class for this, this year, should I consider something else? I know he would prefer to do this class with a peer group. He just loves science. So, I'm just lost as to what to do. Is this the normal sequence: physical-8 biology-9 chemistry-10 physics-11 If I hold off on Biology,
  8. Oh, this totally bums me out! :( Please let your son know he did a good job. It's a start! Writing isn't easy for everyone and I definitely see room for improvement, but I think he is doing fine. My son has been taking a writing course this year, and it has really stretched him as he HATES writing. HATES! lol! I think when it's something that they just do not enjoy it can be hard for them to give it their full attention. I think with some regular feed back that he will get more confident. I hope he isn't discouraged.
  9. Here is our tenative plan: Math- Alg. 1 (MUS)?? English- Writing Lit-.....these might be all tied together in an online program. I haven't completely decided on this yet. History- US History using the History of US as spine through a local co-op Science- Apologia Biology w/lab through a local co-op Foreign lang.- He wants to take German...undecided Music- Piano lessons- 6th yr That's as far as I've gotten.... sigh!
  10. I think flash cards are fun. That's how I learned...back in the day. :) A friend made math sheets on an excel spreadsheet that I thought was pretty cool. If your familiar with skip counting, you just create a chart and have them fill in the blanks for each number. She made them color coded which was a nice visual. You can also time them for fun.
  11. Thanks everyone! Whew! I feel so much better now. I really wanted him to continue with MUS but I was so concerned with what I had heard that I thought I really should change. We will go ahead and move forward with PreAlgebra, and I will look at the high school level courses in-depth. We might just stay with it. It really works for him and he loves it. Many thanks for support!
  12. I've just looked over the site and it appears to me that they will be providing additional answer pages for the enrichment sheets that they have added.
  13. Hi everyone! We have just finished up our last lower grammar level of math- zeta. My son has struggled in math with every math program except MUS. I understand it probably will be lacking in many areas as it is not as rigorous as others- so I've heard. All of that being said, can anyone suggest a good, solid, gentle pre Algebra? I've heard that MUS is not a good source for High school math. Thoughts on that would be appreciated as well? My son loves science and I want to make sure he has a solid math foundation. He can do the math. He just needs a slow, mastery approach to it. I feel like
  14. I've had a party for my son at a hotel. We did bc it was a perfect situation...we do not have cable and this allowed the kids to watch fun programs and stay up eating popcorn. The hotel had an awesome indoor pool with two huge slides. So, my son that has a winter bday thought it would be great fun to do a summer activity like swimming instead of the typical winter stuff. Now, having said those things, we did not invite everyone to sleepover. The kids invited were very good friends. It was not a big deal. I would not let my kids sleepover with anyone that they did not know very well. Period
  15. We love advent! It's incorporated in our Moravian church as well. We enjoy our church traditions and at home we have our candle/wreath and enjoy these readings: http://www.christianbook.com/ytreeide-advent-stories-3-volumes/arnold-ytreeide/pd/41720X?event=61984SBF%7C1697995%7C101260 We read one book each year in order and it is great fun for our boys! We do a lot more but this is the easiest idea to share!!
  16. you guys are great! I've really enjoyed reading these posts. I am one of those ppl that can never think of anything in the moment. It always comes after...the fact. lol!
  17. Oh moms!! You guys are as practical as I am!! Lol!! I really like the idea of home renovation projects. I hadn't thought of that! I thought about college funds too! Hmmmmm...still thinking!!
  18. A gift that you normally would not purchase for yourself, what would you ask for? I'm guessing the monetary value could be in the thousands, but Im not exactly sure. I am having a very hard time just *thinking* of ideas. I know there are things I want/need, but when put on the spot, my mind is just blank. After all, how often do we actually think of such scenarios? :001_smile: Can you all give me some fun, general ideas?? The only really cool thing that I thought of was a MacBook or something like that!! I think that would be sooooo cool!! Thanks for your input!:001_smile:
  19. Ummm...well, the first thing that comes to my mind is STRESS! You have your hands full sweetie! You said your dh is chronically ill? Wow- that's a lot for you to handle. I am forgetful too. I find that it's always harder with each child b/c there is more to do and less of me to do it. I honestly think that most of this is do to your mind being so busy in other areas that you really can't concentrate on the things that aren't critically important at the moment. Chin up! You are fine and just really busy! This will get easier as your little one gets older!
  20. Melie- I would definitely try the Rod and Staff as early as possible. I've put it off for years and years. ;) I am using it with all of my boys, and the youngest is in 4th grade. I am lucky b/c I can see it at all of the different levels. And, I am happy to say that I love the early years and how it progresses! Good luck!
  21. I've been pleasantly pleased to find that I really *love* using: Rod and Staff **and** Writing with Ease I don't know why I've always been so resistant to try both of these curricula b/c now that I've tried them, they have both been great fits for our school day! Yay!!! It's always so nice to have something that works! I'm just so happy to have a good school year and feel like it's going to work out. I get so tired of feeling like my head is going to explode from frustration!
  22. I had this for my older boys when they were in boosters and we all loved it. I think it's the best booster around...but, that has been some time ago and i'm certain there are lots of 'better' boosters than there were at that time. But, I still would highly recommend this one. It was great when they would fall asleep. It supported their head. You wont be disappointed. :)
  23. I think using two spines would work fine and I actually did it myself. I had the SotW Cd's and would put them in the DVD player for them to listen to. I would often, then, read aloud MOH (if it wasn't too much repeating). Your oldest should easily be able to read it. But, you might find it easier to just combine everything for them. I dont know. I think either way would be perfectly fine.
  24. Thank you for the responses. Do you find it to be heavy on projects/experiments? I won't be able to do too many this year with a 2 yr old. So, I don't want anything that is too hands on...but I would like some projects.
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