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  1. When I broke my ankle I spent three days and two nights in the hospital. I was in tremendous pain, wearing that awful gown and not allowed to put my foot on the floor to do anything. I most definitely did not want to entertain anyone. I was lousy company. My husband visited some. The kid I was biking with visited once to confirm I was still alive. My oldest also needed to see I was okay, she came once. My middle child had class the night I fell and was content to be told I was okay. I was okay with all of this. After I got home was a different story. Then I might have liked visitors. I was no longer in as much pain and was very bored. But at the hospital, no way.
  2. My son did not send any of his high school information to the school he transferred to. They didn’t want it and it was a good thing to leave behind. If it makes any difference, he was filling out the transfer application as a seventeen year old and they still didn’t care about his high school information. I think they did care about his ACT results, though.
  3. Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by Kelley Jones It is silly and funny. My youngest read it when we needed a break from the doom and gloom of the more typical fare at that age. It is not great classical literature. It is just a fun and funny light read.
  4. My kids voted by mail. We got the ballots at home in California and put them in the next boxes to them in Arizona and New York. They said that they mailed them about two weeks ago.
  5. I am so sorry. I have been there. It was no fun. The best advice I can give you is to follow your doctor’s instructions and let your kids ( (and husband) help. I broke my ankle in a spectular way about two years ago. I had to let go of the idea of doing much of anything while it healed. My goals for the day were things like getting to the bathroom and remembering not to put my foot on the ground. My kids were amazing. My husband was amazing. They did the fetch and carry for me. I couldn’t carry anything while using crutches or in my case a walker. They helped each other. It was enlightening to everyone how much stuff I usually did and couldn’t do at the time, I hope you have a speedy recovery and good pain management. (If you were given codeine or any other opioid pain killer be aware it can cause constipation. You might want to take something like colace, a stool softener available no prescription at the pharmacy, if that turns out to be a problem.)
  6. My eighteen year old is going to college far far away from home. We are in California and he is New York (not New York City, near Albany). He takes a medicine for a problem he has had for a long time. We sent him with enough for several months and a new prescription for the refills we knew he would need. We did not send him with either his insurance card or a copy of the card. This was a bad choice. He went to fill his script and the pharmacist filled it, but it cost him the full amount. This past week he went back to refill it again. This time with the picture of the insurance card my husband sent him. The pharmacist not only filled the script for this month but also ran the script for last month to the insurance company and refunded the difference. All from a picture of an insurance card on a cell phone. Thank you for all the nice people in the world who do their best to help college kids that are far from home and missing important information. This mom is glad you are out there. And to all the people who are sending kids away to college... give them a copy of their insurance cards.
  7. I got to renew my drivers license this year too, but I took the easy way out. I just got the non tsa compliant drivers license. (By mail!) I will use my passport for flying and hope the crazy at the dmv dies down soon.
  8. Do you know if the course content is a repeat of the earlier herpetology? I am trying to decide if it makes sense for my son to take it.
  9. My son did this. He is studying computer science. It has worked fine for him. He took a bunch of general education stuff that was needed for his AA degree (and for high school) but his college doesn’t care about at all. He has plenty of general electives but needs to take math and computer classes that weren’t offered at the community college or he needed the time to take the classes for the AA. I think you should look carefully at some of the other threads on this board about medical school and taking classes at a community college. As I remember it was NOT a good idea to take any math or science classes that way. You might try a new thread with something about medical school and community college in it.
  10. As I remember the federal government pays for some of the school lunch/breakfast programs but very little of anything else.
  11. He transferred from our local community college, Mission College. It is one of the California community colleges. It is not the most prestigious of them. It just happens to be close to home. He just turned eighteen so he started college young and needed to be close to home at the beginning. He thought rpi would be a better fit because it actually had the classes he wanted to take. He wanted more computer science and more math than he could get here. He is setting in okay. He has done a hack a thon, his team didn’t get first place but they won a lesser prize and he was happy with that. He went to his first hockey game last weekend. He thought it was fun. Both my husband and I went to rpi. We met there. So we had a history there. The school has changed (gotten better) since Shirley Anne Jackson became president. It was shortly after we graduated. The ratio of men and women has gotten closer to even, at least in some majors. Computer science is not very popular with women even now. I hope that helps. You can ask more questions if you like.
  12. My son is at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute now. If you have specific questions I can ask him, but he isn’t the most talkative kid so I am not getting much general information.
  13. My fourteen year old is interested in very little that looks like traditional school. He puts up with math and writing as classes that I require. And I give him a lot of flexibility on everything else. Last year in an effort to get him to enjoy science, any science at all, I suggested that he take the Herptology class at Athena’s. It was brought to my attention when the Mom of the instructor was looking for more students so the class didn’t get cancelled. To my amazement he liked the class. To my even greater amazement he wanted to take Herp 2 when it was offered this semester. Since there are no grades and he doesn’t talk about class much I am very much in the dark about what he is learning or even if he is learning anything at all. We went to the Oakland Zoo yesterday. He wanted to see two places, the reptile room and the bats. As we walked around the reptile room he talked about the environments of the habitats the lizards and frogs were in. He explained that the desert critters would be very unhappy in the high humidity rain forest areas and the rain forest critters wouldn’t like the desert either. He was looking at the lizards and frogs and turtles like he actually knew something about what he was seeing! And he remembered and he was telling me about it! But the best part was later while we were walking through the new California Trail exhibit, there was a sign about how the zoo was helping raise a type of turtle until they were several months old so they could compete with an invasive species turtle that was in their space. And how they were raising a specific type of frog that was resistant to a type of fungus (chytrid?) that was causing problems. He knew where the fungus came from and the problems it was causing and that saving these frogs was important. And he knew that his Herp instructor would know even more about the frogs and the turtels and that she would be happy that the Oakland Zoo was trying to help. So yesterday was a good day for the frogs and the lizards and the turtles and for me because I know he is learning something. I don’t know if he will ever study reptiles but he is learning and sometimes that is enough! (We did see the bats and other typical zoo critters too.)
  14. It depends on the school. My daughter signed up for German 101 because she had not taken a formal class in German at all. At that first class meeting she was told to go talk to the person in charge of placement tests. She did and was placed in German 201 skipping both 101 and 102. (Daughter did lots of German duolingo and two summers at language camp.) On the other hand, the community college I am attending has people in Japanese 1 ranging from brand new to the language to studied in high school several years ago to studied on their own for the last five years. It is a real mix of abilities. I think the people who are really seeing the material for the first time are having major issues. But there is no way to test into a higher level. (I am the one who has self studied for several years. The kid next to me is so lost and confused. The teacher is trying but I think the difference in levels is just too much.)
  15. Yes. The insurance company gave us a discount. It is State Farm Insurance, but I don’t know how much the discount is.
  16. I gave a separate lab credit for Biology because the community college had separate classes for biology and biology lab. I wanted to make sure it was obvious that both were taken.
  17. My older kids have had two meningitis vaccines. The common one and a specific one for an outbreak near us last year. It turned out that my kid’s doctor was working the Emergency room the night that the kid with the more rare strain came in. He was extremely paranoid about people who were on college campuses in our area getting sick. Since my kids (and me) are not the best at telling when something is a cold or more serious, this was a risk I didn’t feel was a good idea to take.
  18. I started physical therapy as soon as I got out of the walking cast and the schedule worked. I broke my ankle in late September it was the middle of December when I was looking for a physical therapist. I think I started after the holidays because of problems finding anyone that was open. Physical therapy worked wonders. My foot was a swollen mess at the first session. The therapist did some sort of massage treatment and the swelling was noticeably better almost immediately. I was impressed. Mostly I was encouraged to do as much walking as I could tolerate as soon as the cast was off. That meant about across the room at first but it got better within weeks. I wore a brace I got at Walgreens (as directed by the surgeon) when I was doing things that were likely to cause me to fall. That was for another month or so and then I was completely free to do what I wanted.
  19. I broke my ankle in three places. (Trimalleolar break with dislocation). I had surgery and got a pin and plates. I was completely non weight bearing for about 6 weeks and then in a walking boot for another one. My surgeon was testing a process that got me walking as soon as possible to attempt to stop muscle loss. It was another three months before I finished the physical therapy. I posted about it on these boards but I am not good at finding things.
  20. Absolutely not. There are geek jobs everywhere. But my husband needs a job where he is challenged and surrounded by people who are like him. A bored, under challenged, and unhappy husband is a bad thing. Even in a beautiful house. The easiest way to get him the work environment he needs is to move where there is a high concentration of geeks. Everyone wants to be in a place that fits. Someplace where there are ‘people like me’ and we didn’t find that anywhere else.
  21. I live in the Bay Area too. We tried moving to somewhere with a better housing cost. Metro Phoenix was great for that. We had a brand new 2000+ sq ft house with a pool and it backed up on a green belt. It was our dream house. But then the layoff happened and there just wasn’t a job that met his needs in the area. He took a 35% pay cut so we could stay in that house because it was half an hour from my parents and family was important. Geek jobs just don’t pay as well there. And then a few years later it was relocate or be unemployed and we chose to relocate. We couldn’t take the pay cut a second time with college costs on the horizon. It is all great to say move for cheap housing but we need a job too. Whatever else you might say about the Bay Area, geek jobs are here. And so we stay at least until the kids are out of college and we aren’t facing those costs and trying to stay afloat.
  22. And I had my first class today. She spent an hour reading the syllabus to us. Ug! I was hoping for more teaching and less classroom management. Wednesday should be better.
  23. My husband is on the way home from dropping off the seventeen year old. He is officially a transfer student but all those classes were when he was living at home! His first classes are Thursday. He says he is doing okay, but he is 3000 miles away! He ended up with a single which is good and bad. He can’t have roommate issues, but he can’t have roommate friends either. He was the kid most likely to watch baseball games with me. He didn’t care about the game but he liked sitting in the same room. I miss him. It is definitely going to be different. My daughter is at school in another state too. She seems to be doing well. Better than last year. This time she has a single and is really enjoying not having to deal with a roommate. Really really quiet here.
  24. I start Monday. I am hoping the class goes well, but I really don’t know. I have the book and the necessary workbook. I think this is the worst Japanese textbook I have ever seen. I have others if I need them, but this one is horrible. I hope the class is more useful. It has been a busy week here. My daughter left for college Thursday, her classes start Monday too. And my son left for college this morning, his classes start on Thursday. Lots of busy getting things set up.
  25. At 15 I didn’t want to be noticed by anyone either. I lived in Los Angeles and walked to and from the high school. The catcalls and were already a problem in jeans and a t shirt. My mother hounded me for the entirety of my high school years for not wearing the right clothes and not wearing the right make up. She wanted me to look attractive. I wanted nothing to do with that. I felt it was dangerous. She didn’t think the construction workers that made the comments were a problem because “At least they were saying nice things”. She didn’t understand that they made me feel threatened and unsafe. I still wear jeans and t shirts most of the time because I still remember the fear. I graduated from high school in 1989.
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