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  1. Way way higher. The number of people in the house during the day went from me and the 15 year old, who mostly stayed in his room, to my husband working from home, two displaced college students and me and the 15 year old who is now sharing a room with one of those displaced college students. I have gone to taking long walks and that helps with some of the alone time, but I really would like some time with just me alone in the house. That isn’t going to happen for several months. I know some people are really really needing the interpersonal interaction but I really really need to not be around anyone for a while. And it just isn’t going to happen.
  2. My son got the email this morning that his commencement ceremony will be online and not in person. He is disappointed. We are disappointed. I know it is the safe thing to do but... he worked really hard for this and he wanted to walk across that stage in front of everyone and get the diploma. Nothing really can be done, but I am sad.
  3. My kids play games on Tabletop Simulator. It costs money but then you can use it to play a lot of games. https://store.steampowered.com/app/286160/Tabletop_Simulator/
  4. No. I am in Santa Clara county. The kids are coming from Flagstaff with no cases in the county and near Albany, New York no cases at his school. It is way more likely that due to community spread they will get it from being home than I will get it from them. The whole situation is miserable. There is no way I can deal with the emotional fallout of trying to quarantine the college kids.
  5. This social distancing is causing me problems. Unlike almost everyone I know, I am having issues with the total lack of alone time. All of a sudden instead of just me and the 15 year old (who comes out of his room only for food and bathroom breaks) at home for most of the day, I have a husband and two more college age kids in the house ALL THE TIME. I am going to go insane if I don’t get some time with no one around, but it doesn’t look likely any time soon. And it is currently raining... so going back out for another two hour walk is not a good idea. Anyone else out there with issues?
  6. Oh many (insert rude words here)! My son’s school has decided to close the dorms and do the rest of the semester on line. They have until March 20 to be out of the dorms. The problem is that the kids are on spring break. My son is not even in the right state. We are looking at having to fly him back long enough to pack out and then come back. Arggggg! And now I wait until I find out what is happening with the other kids. One is at home doing a local dual enroll class. The other has made no announcements at all. Information please, people!
  7. This is us. My son’s instructor gave directions on how to deal with the class going online this morning.
  8. And my younger son’s dual enroll class has been suspended too. He actually had class this morning. The instructor gave directions on how to deal with the impending closure. Everyone expected it. Only my daughter is still having class as scheduled. I think they are desperately trying to make it to the end of the week. Their spring break starts Monday. Flagstaff is awfully isolated from everything so they don’t have any active cases nearby. I hope it stays that way.
  9. So my son is on spring break and he decided to come home. Today his school suspended all in person classes until at least March 30. I wonder if more schools are going to do the same, https://info.rpi.edu/coronavirus/communications#CoronavirusCOVID19RensselaerSuspendsAllInPersonInstruction
  10. We liked Moose in the House. It is a card game but it is very fun and there is no reading involved.
  11. I agree. There is no right answer. I wished for that magical door number 3 too. I did a thought experiment and asked myself what the perfect solution looked like if I could have anything I wanted. My perfect solution was that everyone was happy and successful. That my middle child was thriving and learning and excited about everything. And my oldest was thriving and excited about everything. And even that my youngest was thriving and excited about everything. And most of all none of them were comparing themselves to each other. I asked myself if there was any way to get to this magical perfect solution and in the short term the answer was no. But maybe in the longer term there was. And so I attempted to look farther ahead and prioritize the relationships between the kids. I helped them find things they could do together and enjoy together. We played a lot of board games and role playing games and I made lots of cookies. I watched baseball games that bored everyone but me and let them complain together about their crazy mother. Basically I gave them every chance I could to be on the same team. Homeschooling was amazing for that. Time is everything. They have common experiences and that is the best thing ever.
  12. Oh boy, am I living this one. My kids are older than yours, but the problem is not going to go away. I would decide what you are going to do if the younger one really does pass the older one and there is no way to hide it. And then do that. Are you going to deliberately hold the younger one back? Then talk to the younger one and explain the situation to them. Tell them that you can’t let them do the next thing because of your reasons. And then breathe and do it. Are you going to let the younger one proceed ahead of the older one? Then talk to the older one and explain the situation to them. Tell them that you aren’t going to slow down the younger one because of your reasons. And then breathe and do it. This is not a hypothetical for us. I tried to slow my middle child down and just keep him at the same rate as my oldest. It didn’t work very well and it wasn’t like she didn’t know what was happening. She struggled. He thought it was easy. When they were 16 and 14 I couldn’t maintain the fiction anymore. I sat down with my oldest and told her that I couldn’t hold him back any more and that I was going to let him learn as fast as he wanted to go. I told her that he was crazy smart and she was good, but not like he was. Surprisingly to me, none of this was news to her. She had wanted to pretend that she was ahead of him in everything, but really she knew better. She was upset and angry and frustrated. But she was going to be all those things if I said the words or not. And I didn’t want to demand that he had to hold to her level forever. This May my middle child will graduate with a four year computer science degree. He already has a job. A GOOD job. My oldest has a year abroad and then her senior year to go. She doesn’t have a summer job yet. The really challenging part is my youngest. He is forever comparing himself to either of his older siblings. There was no way for me to avoid the damage to him and his self image for doing everything later than they did. He does have his own things but still if I could find a way for him to be out of his siblings shadows and be somewhere where they had never gone, I would do that in a heart beat.
  13. My daughter is there. She is doing a double major with civil engineering and German and will spend a year aboard. She is enjoying the school and the people. The weather is often cold. They get snow and a lot of it. We did not have to provide any additional proof of lab classes or anything else for admission. Just a transcript and her ACT scores. She got a WUE scholarship just for being in California and a fat scholarship for the ACT score.
  14. Try Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the acceptance rate is about 44% according to my search a few minutes ago. I am biased because I went there and my son is currently there, but there are many kids who wanted to go to MIT but didn’t get in that attend. There are all kinds of science and engineering programs and projects. If you are looking for something other than science or engineering I would suggest looking elsewhere. There are programs in architecture and business but they are very small. I hope that helps. https://rpi.edu/
  15. I would suggest starting with whatever seems easiest to you. If cutting out soda is the easiest thing, then do that. If walking is the easiest thing, then do that. I would not suggest starting with something you think is hard. Personally I started with taking a walk. Then I moved on to the next easiest thing from there.
  16. I am taking them year round but that is because I don’t want to lose the weight loss effect. About July I was on the meds, using the sun lamp, spending four hours outside in the sun walking and I realized that I was happy. Like really happy and it was shocking. That was when I figured that most people can feel like that without all the work. I remember that feeling. I remember feeling that good. I am not feeling that good now. We have been getting rain recently. But the promise of the sun is there. I *know* it will get better because I have experienced it.
  17. I have taken them for almost a year. They are life changing. I take Wellbutrin, which is supposed to be one of the ones that have the least bad side effects. There were no intimacy issues due to the meds, it actually made things better because I was a happier person all the time. The meds also caused a little weight loss but that was a good side effect. I am happy with being on them. If you have questions that I can answer then I will try. I hope you feel better. It is miserable to feel bad any time, but especially at this time of year when the expectations of being happy are so high.
  18. I would decline the invitation. Just like I would decline any other invitation that I didn’t want to attend for whatever reason.
  19. I am going to reply from the perspective of one of the other people invited to your house. Since I know you I also know you don’t have a dog and I accepted the invitation to your house. I am however also utterly terrified of dogs. I can mostly deal with it while the dog in question is on a leash and I am at least 10 feet away. Closer than that or off leash my heart races and I begin to panic. I can not control this reaction. So if came to your house and found out there was an untrained puppy there I would have to leave. It is not really an option to stay. I would be forever jumpy and scared and that is no way to spend the day. I don’t go around advertising my fear. Most people are demeaning about it and say that “my dog is different” or “but he/she is friendly” or something like that. It doesn’t help. I am allergic to dogs too, but that can be managed with antihistamines. The fear can not.
  20. It looks neat. Is there any change it will come out in an e-book edition? My eyes need a larger print than most paper books are in, but I would love to support your son.
  21. That is odd. My son did a hackathon before he was 18 and it wasn’t a problem. His team even won a prize and it still wasn’t a issue. Maybe it depends on the school?
  22. My daughter is at Northern Arizona Universtiy, 29,000 students. And she isn’t having the problems your son is having. Her advisor knows who she is and answers email usually within 24 hours. I don’t think she has gotten much from walk in visits or anything scheduled but that is because it is all happening by email. She doesn’t have issues with Health Services either, same day appointment are common and not usually an issue. She did she nurse practitioners for the same day stuff but if it could wait a week then she could see the doctor. Except for the time the np called the doctor anyway. She isn’t having specific weed out classes, but she does have very difficult ones. Everyone who passes gets to stay. She is a civil engineering/German major so some heavy classes are involved. My son is at a much much smaller school, about 5000 students. His advisor isn’t helpful, but is a necessary person to work around. He does have those issues with Health Services. Thankfully he has only gotten sick once and the nurse got him an appointment same day because he thought he had pneumonia. He didn’t. He transferred in so no weed out classes but plenty of difficult ones. I think it depends on the school more than the size.
  23. Yes. But unofficially. I find support groups to add pressure instead of making things easier. Good luck!
  24. Both of my college age kids got both of the meningitis vaccines. The risks are just too high. Teenagers are awful at figuring out just how sick they are under normal circumstances and this one can go from mild to deadly in hours.
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