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  1. I accidentally messed up the brightness settings on my Fitbit a while back and it was super hard to see.  Like hard to read in the dark of a movie theater hard to read.  I found instructions to fix the brightness online and it is much better now.  Is it possible you did the same?

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  2. 2 hours ago, Roadrunner said:

    We are all vaccinated, but there is no world to rejoin. Everything here is online. And longer things stay online, greater the odds of those changes being permanent. There is no incentive for teachers to be back in the classroom. I am afraid there is no longer a world to rejoin. 

    This is us too.  My youngest is a senior this year.  He was supposed to be doing community college.  It was a disaster when it went all online last year.  Since it is still almost all online, he is not doing it in the fall.  (As a dual enroll high school kid, he has extremely late registration.  He is not able to register until days before classes start.).   I know about the CHSPE.  We have good reasons for not having done it.

    His main social group was at a game store where he played dungeons and dragons.  It hasn’t had in person gaming for well over a year.  And is unlikely to resume in person until next year.  The owner is immune compromised and very very covid cautious.  She has good reason to do so.  But it is hard for my kid.

    Little kids are not the same as big kids.  They just aren’t.

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  3. In my area the community colleges went to online classes after Spring Break in 2020.  They were all online in Fall 2020 and in Spring 2021.  They are going to be almost all online in the Fall of 2021 too.  Our plan was to send my youngest there for part of high school and then after he graduated to start there because he doesn’t know what he wants to study and it is way way cheaper to figure that out while living at home.

    But he doesn’t do online asynchronous classes well.  He needs to see people.  He needs the interaction with the teacher.  He needs the environment of students to provide the peer pressure to get the work done.  And online just doesn’t provide that. 

    I am concerned that the whole reality of college has changed to be online and my kid is going to be at a major disadvantage because of it.  So are the community colleges in your area doing in person classes?  Are the four year colleges?  

    According to this there is no definite plan for when in person classes will happen.  


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  4. We won’t but that is at least in part because it still feels like we haven’t left it.  My husband is still working from home full time.  His company says maybe in August they can go back.  The community college that I would send my youngest to is still almost all online for the fall.  They say maybe in the Spring for in person classes.  The parks near me still have signs requiring masks and most people are still masking at the parks.  The drinking fountains still don’t work.  And won’t until Santa Clara County Health says they can be turned on.  No one knows when that will be.

    The good part is we have very high vaccination rates.  The case load is going up but not so much.  

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  5. According to their website:

    You will need to create an ACT account to register for tests, make changes to your registrations, view your scores, send score reports, order test preparation materials, and more.

    (Note: If you are younger than 13, your parent or guardian cannot create an ACT account for you, contact ACT customer support for assistance.

    All services ordered online must be paid for with a valid American Express, DISCOVER, MasterCard, or VISA card (or with approved ACT fee waiver or voucher). Note: If you are younger than 13, your parent or guardian cannot create an ACT account in order to place an order online for you. Ask your parent or guardian to contact ACT at 319.337.1270 for assistance.


  6. You always have time to grab a jacket and put on your shoes when the fire alarm goes off.  I learned this one in upstate New York in winter in the freshman dorms.  It took a long time for the fire department to arrive and shut off the alarm.  It was very very cold outside.

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