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  1. OKBud

    Did I just “see” MercyA?!

    Wonderful 🙂
  2. Or if someone sends it to them, which happens occasionally in the military. Separately, you can get pilloried for holding perfectly legitimate views and sharing them online. If the person with the power to decide decides that you are either wrong or not worth the trouble of dealing with outspoken people who think you're wrong for. Even though it's something that would never naturally come up at work. There was a person I knew who did interviews for a position in a place that works on a specific kind of engine. He said he did a quick google search for one of the applicants, found out they were vegans (and posted "meat is murder" type stuff) so he didn't hire them. Didn't need "that kind of energy" in the shop. 🙄
  3. OKBud

    What curriculum covers progymnasmata?

    Also Writing The Classical Way
  4. OKBud

    the environment and economic growth

    aside: A Tribe Called Quest has a great song about who will benefit from "colonizing other planets." It's called Space Program, and should be listened to in conjunction with We The People.
  5. Yes. Education by committee is a problem.
  6. CLE LA third grade is one of the best things I ever did for my oldest. It's a lot. But that seemed to be *the* year for him to be able to do a lot. And since it's still *just* third grade, there isn't much else going on.... They know how to read, they know how to write, they're not deep in language, history, or science studies yet, and they're not busy outside of the house. He used it in conjunction with Writing Tales (skipping the grammar in WT). This is where he perfected his cursive, too, with CLE. I wouldn't do CLE LA all the way through. But I will use it for at least one other year. After CLE we switched to Rod and Staff specifically so that we could do almost all of it orally together. [CLE is made out of real paper, btw. R&S still have underlining and that sort of thing, you just have to copy it out before you do that. In doing R&S orally, my sons would say aloud what each things was, or whatever the assignment. And CLE has the students writing sentences and such, also.] Making them write it out is a waste of time for us, because I have limited writing hours available to me and by that time (fourth grade), I want them writing/writing outside of their grammar program. People with "typical" girls or writing-loving boys probably don't have to choose between one of the other. Likewise if you're using R&S or CLE for everything they offer. This year, we've gone in another direction altogether, but keeping the time spent physically writing still factors into all my decisions. So! it depends. Both are great choices.
  7. OKBud

    The Journal of Controversial Ideas

    I agree up to a point. That point being like 99.99% of all the way! But people do these things and then ideaologues who wouldn't know a sound argument if it bit their tongue off take them and run. And droves of people disconcertingly fall at their feet. Which is still fine as far as it goes, but then people who have no interest in aiding and abetting INSANE PEOPLE won't write things of this nature in the first place, knowing full well what is liable to happen if they do. So then only people already convinced of the veracity of their claim (ie aspiring vanguard of the insane) will write it. And the more they do, the less people will accept the earnestly academic. Which, I guess as I say it, leads us back to where we started. SO! my prediction is that this experiment in academic anonymity will be a temporary boon for ideas, and then it too will be flooded with so much nonsense that it's nigh on impossible to find the gems. But I am literally just a homeschooling housewife, so take that with an entire salt mine.
  8. OKBud

    The Journal of Controversial Ideas

    Well if wishes were fishes!
  9. Chess and Evolution get the most play time here these days. They also love relatively simple games like super tic tac toe.
  10. OKBud

    if you use dishrags instead of sponges

    I wring them out and put them directly into the washing machine. Then they get washed with whatever goes in next. If the washing machine is full I toss it into the hamper. I think you're overthinking it. Wring it out and put it with dirty laundry. If it gets musty, it doesn't matter since you're on the verge of washing it. If you cleaned up raw meat, wring it out and set it off to the side either in the sink or in a bowl until you can wash it. Or wash it by hand right on the spot in the sink if you prefer not to leave it. Either way, don't let literal rags take up one more second of your life 🙂 They don't deserve it.
  11. OKBud

    The Journal of Controversial Ideas

    I guess the draw of this is the peer-reviewed piece. Anyone can write anything whatsoever online and at least some folks have figured out how to do it anonymously. I like the idea. "Let's assume for a moment that this isn't insane..." But *I* would think of it as more of a kind of... hmm highbrow? entertainment. Thought experiments that may lead to something of value, or not. Naturally all the wrong people will be inclined to take everything in any given paper completely seriously. So we must gird ourselves lol.
  12. Drawing Sentences
  13. OKBud

    ELTL Placement Help

    I'd place her based on where she is with basic grammar. If she can reliably name the parts of speech and use them all correctly, I'd go with C. B, otherwise. I'd lead toward assuming C and only going back or forward a level in extraordinary circumstances. I don't think there's anything to be gained from keeping her in B because of spelling, and it sounds like she wouldn't be ready for the amount of physical writing in D.,b,c
  14. OKBud

    At what age do you allow boys to ....

    8, going into 9 All my kids are boys. I slowly let them start going in the mens room starting around 6, maybe 7. It wasn't an all at once type of thing. If I felt dodgy about it, or if they were being really spacey that day (one of my kids can be so very spacey!) during that period they just got shoo'd into the ladies. Really whatever was most private and expedient. I wouldn't have them waiting in a long line for the women's restroom, for example. By eight/nine they were good to go in almost all cases. Locker rooms were harder because they wouldn't remember all the things they had to do in there. So I'd have to grill them in the hallway, holding a baby and being wet from the pool myself, and send them back in like 400 times to wash their hands or retrieve their towel or whatever, and even then I'm pretty sure they did dumb stuff like walk around barefoot, etc. Sooo whenever possible, once they were the age that I felt like women could REASONABLY* feel bothered by having them in the women's locker room, I would just set up a sheet around the back of the suv and make them change there. At least then the baby would be strapped in the car and I could be sure they weren't doing anything dumb 😁. My youngest is enormous and I can already tell it is going to be a bit of an issue with him. At newly-3, he looks like a six year old. So when he's six I assume he'll be my height lol. We'll see. Luckily, he's got older brothers to help out. *I had people telling me 4 and 5 year old boys are too old to be in the women's room and I just can not even with those people.
  15. OKBud

    Question about the "Sandwich Generation"

    If both of my parents need to move in with someone at some point-- I am the only option. But they are divorced. If they are just in town and need me to drive around and do things of that nature for them, it nearly doubles the workload than if they lived together. [and step-parents??? Ugh] Divorce continues to be the gift that just keeps giving.
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