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  1. Friggin' kids take all the credit 😆
  2. I have this edition, if it matters. Help me think this through, please! Is there any reason DS shouldn't do Hewitt Conceptual Physics in 8th grade? I'm thinking... what are the pre-reqs? Math?? How might this effect his high school science sequence? We'd be open to doing part of it now and part of it later, if that is the kind of thing that one does with this text? Please give me any thoughts about it. DS is equally keen on that and our other options, so. Just flipping through I really like the text itself and I've read the first five or six chapters.
  3. Because we would have gotten where we were going without any fuss if I had just stayed the course. Now, having one of my other kids simply sit there and attempt to "justify" what's happening in math to me- just every now and then- while plugging along with a program (any known program. I am fully convinced any program the student and teacher can stand.) he's gotten where big brother got with a whole lot of fuss. "out of totally random curiosity" my left foot LOL! We all know you're wildly passionate about math, Ma 😁
  4. It's been a while since it's been asked around here. So can anyone give any reviews of ULW, to go along with Spelling Wisdom? I'm particularly keen to here what kind of instruction they give for written narrations or other writing assignments in the higher levels, though please share anything you'v got! @Holly maybe? Am I remembering correctly seeing you say you're using it in one of the grade planning threads.
  5. I am just going to share something and please take it or leave it, you can't hurt my feelings 🙂 When one of my kids was around this age he was just zipping through his math program (it was CLE at that point, so it would be pretty similar to what you've got going on). So, based on his zippiness I added things and eventually moved away from CLE and then added things onto the new thing. I would have been far better served to just sit tight with CLE and let the math be on the easy side for a while. I know this, because I went through the exact same thing with his brother lol. So from my sample size of two, I'm going to say that the move here isn't adding or switching but simply asking, "Why does this work?" or "Can we figure out why this works?" ...and sitting there for five or ten minutes and showing or figuring out how whatever random thing it is works. I don't have to do this every day or for every topic. The sweet spot is getting the kid just a little something to chew on. I don't regret our time jumping around and playing with different things, but mathematically speaking we would have been better off to sit tight. THAT SAID if you do want to get something you can do some extra working with here and there: Math Mammoth Dark Blue.
  6. I don't know to be honest. The other big use for inositol is for pcos and I think maybe you want one for that and the other for anxiety, but don't hold me to that. I don't have anxiety, but for panic this is the one I've always used.
  7. What's the name of that student planner where you make a list of thing to do and then you replace the checklist instead of re-writing your weekly plans? It's a homeschool-specific product I think... It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't even think of what search terms I could use to find it.
  8. VitaBeata (MP discussion groups) uses google meet. We have a guy that deals with all the technical stuff, but as a mere user, it's pretty straightforward on my end. No idea about setting it up. I really like that it syncs with my google calendar.
  9. You can search almost any book and discussion questions ["Harriet The Spy and discussion"] and things will come up. I did this for my adult book club. After several books using discussion guides, I got the hang of it and now can mostly lead them without the guides 🙂 Like anything, some people need practice and some don't. With the kids, we do discuss as they go through, after they narrate. It's the kind of thing that builds over several years, as I'm sure you know. My 11 year old is just now to the point where he'll recall things from books outside of school time. Lego just took up too much brain space 'til now 🙂
  10. Writers In Residence. I was going to say they still have it, but it's on super sale so I think you're right and it's been discontinued.
  11. A new thing is afoot.
  12. OK. Toner then 🙄 Do you have a printer recommendation? Or are you positing that all laser printers are excellent and meet all my personal criteria? ------------------------ Incidental fun fact from my past: parrots like to chew up paper and while giving them any particular formulation of ink is debatable, they absolutely should never be given any paper with toner imprinted upon it 🙂 Because of the plastic. Likewise, they must never be given glossy print because itty bitty little pieces of metal are used to adhere print to the glossy paper.
  13. We used Layers of Learning once and while we don't any more, I am a super big fan of the women who put it together and what they've made with it (I own and have looked through all the levels). There is a TONNE of support on their website. You have to want to be doing it all family-style as that's where LOL shines. I'd say you need a good printer. We didn't do much of them, but there are lots of craft-type projects that my kids did like, and I appreciated that they were listed. Everything was explained well imo, and there was a good mix of output. The geography is great. They have truly endeavored to rope in non-Western countries and I think they've done it well. Do not use LOL if you need a deep-dive into any particular subject all laid out for you. Do use it if you want lots of interesting exposure, and you're flexible enough as a person to go deep with anything that catches your kid's attention. You have to use the library with LOL because you can't really plan ahead what books you're going to want to read completely (and therefore may be worth buying) and which ones you will want only a certain amount of info from.... LOL shines here because they make it *so* easy to know what you're looking for for any given unit when you go to the library. I like the art and the geography.
  14. I've only ever had laser printers as far as I know. So I really need one that meets my specific criteria.
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