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  1. It's not as independent as the ones you mentioned, but Telling God's Story comes to mind. It definitely seems like there should be more options than there are for non-KJV resources!
  2. Yes, my friends snuck out, bought sandwiches, and came home. 😏
  3. Well let me know! haha MCT is well-established. How are they going to have an assignment example on their webpage. 🧐
  4. As far as career v. sahm, probably. But if you find yourself with parents in failing health you just do the best with what you have because it's the right thing to do. If you have a lousy bunch of brothers and sisters who won't help, it's alarmingly unfair, but what are you going to do? Let your parents rot? But I mean even with kids... Once they are on the scene everyone is just doing their best with what they have, according to what they believe to be right. To be frank, I get tired of people saying that it's "just as good" to have kids in daycare as home with a healthy and attentive mother [my own caveats to avoid having to parse out abusive family situations for the people who feel like arguing]. Cause it's not, full stop. Maybe for the mother, according to her 'what she believe to be right' bit from above. But from a baby's POV? Absolute rubbish. It's extremely unfortunate that women have been brought low because of their biological capacities and imperatives. But that doesn't matter one bit to the living, breathing baby in front of any given woman at any given time. And this idea, that baby is just as well off in daycare as in his own mother's arms serves only the dominant economic drivers of our time. Not families, not children, not women. So, here again, I don't approve of the idea that what we need to change is our conception of family. What we need to change is our whole economic and social paradigm, which makes us dependent on the definitions of things that the powerful hand down to us, whether they take reality into account or not. So much of it just beside the point. Regardless of what they are, specifically, our values are largely not being handed down from parents to children over the long haul of childhood any more. MOST children are picking up the bulk of their values from their peers, in school, which imparts its own values. This phenomenon (as well as its ill effects) is well-documented. But it's such a humongous and overwhelming problem. Sooo it comes as no surprise, if you scratch at it, that people are growing up to value not family, but peers and their standing (whatever it is) in the larger world. Likewise, it is no surprise that so many of us feel unmoored as a result of both our own actions and the actions of the people who would otherwise be available to be part of our immediate communities. So, now, "doing our best" often means cobbling things together from scratch. It's a painful and inefficient process. We could have gone another way on a large scale. Plenty of families do manage to do it. We could have made more room for individuality in families by being less rigid and more team-worky. We could have acknowledged that women are fully as intelligent and capable as men and made room a little to that side. We could have acknowledged that lots (though not all, guys) of men WANT to be as involved with their children, especially out of infancy, as women and made a little more room on that side, so to speak. Instead, people are scrapping the whole "family project." It's madness.
  5. I've never liked any of the MCT stuff we've had before, but I am looking at this again because it's recommended by Ursa Minor, which I was perusing for good ideas this morning 🙂 UM is so great! My question is, what kinds of "practice exercises" are there? The description says it has them, and essay/discussion questions as well, but the sample does not show a single one of either as far as I can tell. What is the actual writing that they are requesting in the curriculum?
  6. OK, but if I *don't* have new color cartridges available, will your printer still print in black and white?
  7. Oh I thought of something else! I'll put it in the op too.. I have had printers before that wouldn't print in B&W if the color ink was out, and visa-versa. I can not stress enough how much I must avoid printers like that!!!
  8. I have had horrible luck with printers. The fact that it's such a stupid problem only makes me more mad. 😄 So several years ago I swore them off like the life-poison they are. And it's been fine until now. I could either deal with the wait time at the homeschool print shop or mess around with Staples. What I need: Occasional color printing and large amounts of black and white printing wireless printing that is simple to set up but also able to plug my chromebook directly into it with a cord no weird ink set up also affordable ink some kind of release button for jammed printer EDIT: will print in B&W if the color ink has run out!
  9. I wrap uneaten bread in a flour sack and keep it on the counter. I have my eye on linen bags to hang it through. Just wrapping it up has been fine for several days everywhere from the dessert to the Pac NW to the mid-Atlantic. I've been using the same giant thing of yeast from a rubbermaid container out of the fridge for four years. I moved across the country with it lol. It came from Costco and was just whatever brand they happened to have at the time. I do not like my Lodge cast iron bread pans because they are too small for us. So it may be ideal for someone who wants a smaller loaf.
  10. Have you read The Obesity Code? The idea with it is that pretty much all diets work for a while. But all of them fail sooner or later because the body is always trying to get to homeostasis, which is does through unconscious processes. It will become used to almost anything, and adjust. It's insulin resistance that causes obesity. His solution is fasting. But anyway, part of what he gets into is the relationship between cortisol and insulin. If what he says is true, it makes sense that you'd feel much better overall after several weeks of improving on the hormone front. When my DH has gone fully Keto, the first few days are rough and then he's in tip-top form for a couple months.
  11. Earth To Echo! I love this movie 🙂
  12. Then get math in focus. The TM is a beast but you can't get more hand-holding in book form.
  13. This brought to mind something I do actually like about name tags. I go by my first and middle name (like Bertha Anne Washington: 'Bertha Anne' being the name) first name is not what I prefer to be called. It's fine lol obviously but it's not what *my friends* call me iykwim. But very often, when I tell people my name they assume I am saying my first and last name. Which is objectively hilarious. Who says their first and last name in casual situations? lol anyway, Just seeing it repeatedly in writing helps people unaccustomed to middle names being used solidify it in their minds. Honestly, facebook is really good for that too. Probably much better than name tags.
  14. In my husband's family, in the midwest, it has become a huge problem, too, that men in trades bodies are just giving out just a few years before their retirement ages. Because of the nature of the work. Which, of course, is something to take into account while we (me, especially) rail against college-as-default and useless degrees that come with so much debt. One problem doesn't ameliorate the other though, of course.
  15. Yes. I emphatically agree with Stella that the "OK, Boomer" fad atm is actively deleterious for everyone. But I think it started out with a kernel of truth tucked inside of it, and instead of facing that little truth, we've made it a cultural meme whose time will come and go like all cultural memes, and we'll be left with the exact same problems as when we started, but with more age-based divisiveness on top. The US House is over 60% baby boomers at the moment. I had to look this up after talking to the relative I mentioned earlier....because we had been talking about how ~~no one I know~~ approves of Congress as a whole, but the same people keep getting elected. I couldn't wrap my head around it. Well... now I know it's because my close friends and I don't vote like the typical baby boomer votes. I'm sorry but that's just the way it is. We are talking here about trends and how they effect people's conception of what it means to be family (so obviously individual experience will vary)...what's required, what's optional. **obviously** that is going to be hugely effected by what the larger social picture looks like. The above point (I think also from Stella, but don't quote me there) about larger social safety nets collapsing is the capital-t Truth...and in the US that's heavily influenced by the baby boomer voting block! Democrat and Republican both!
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