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  1. OKBud

    ELTL, what else?

    Oh yes. Third graders are quite young, all told. Additionally, it tends to be a year of tremendous academic growth (with accompanying contractions), regardless of what specific curriculum you use. The ticket for third grade is to get up every day and do some work. That's always true to a certain extent, but for my two oldest, it has been doubly true in third grade.
  2. OKBud

    Pros and Cons of Classical Writing?

    I assume that you refer here to the Progymnasmata, not the curriculum Classical Writing? I float in and out of the progym. It's served my eldest just fine so far. I love it, I believe in it. I just also have other things going on, too 🙂 . So in other words, you don't have to pick FO!EV!ER! right meow. Let me ask you this, since you are not thoroughly sold on the philosophy behind the progym: what is the philosophy underlying the other writing programs you are considering? A principle strength of progym-based composition programs is that they do, in fact, have a philosophy! Between the two mentioned, I will tell you that CAP is more straightforward to use, in that they do not lay on the vocabular of the progymnasmata as early and ofetn as Classical Composition does. However, the DVDs for CC make an excellent trade-off for ease of use! So really, you just need to choose what appeals to you there. They're both very strong programs. MP is slightly easier to find answers to questions to because they have a strong online community of dedicated users. CAP exercises are more broadly appealing.
  3. OKBud

    Asking for exceptions

    Oooo similar dynamic in our house! I don't mind asking for substitutions at restaurants. I mean, I am not asking them to give me an exception to the "customers must pay for what they order" rule, and ultimately that is the only rule they care about. 😄 I would NEVER ask for something at someone else's house unless I absolutely couldn't eat or drink what they have. That does happen, because of my own food allergies, and I am deeply embarrassed when I can't ameliorate the situation on my own without saying something aloud to the hosts! I wouldn't do it just because I had a preference. OTOH, my husband wouldn't mind asking and he wouldn't mind whether the answer was sure or nope. I'd feel like a bother either way. This is somewhat inborn as far as I can tell. Your daughter had a good instinct with the librarian! I don't think it's something you need to worry about with her. If she does something that shows bad manners, then have her correct it, but otherwise people just feel how they feel about these things. And at a certain point, you reach critical mass where everyone pretty much agrees. For example, no your five year old shouldn't be allowed to come to the teen-only homeschool event. Things like that pretty much sort themselves because so many people are in agreement about the rule-of-thumb.
  4. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    It does, as it is. This is what I was driving at earlier in this thread. Where the Federal and State governments (so way out on the solution-comprehensiveness scale) excel as far as helping people in poverty is by removing or neutralizing the obstacles that stand in the way of the deeply impoverished who are ready and capable of changing their material circumstances but don't have any money. And let's assume by "money" I mean assets. No land, no investments, no resources and definitely for sure: no cash.
  5. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    And the telomeres are shortened in the cases in question by...?
  6. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Correct. Thus the inevitable issues associated with finding a "norm" to set genes to, should it come to that.
  7. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    The cause of the problem under discussion atm is poverty. Poverty in and of itself isn't The Problem. One can theoretically be poor and nonetheless happy, healthy and wise. The problem, as such, is all that follows seemingly-naturally from the condition of living in nearly impenetrable generational poverty. Traumatized genes are the natural (and, again, probably very necessary) response to those problems, not the source of the problem. Say, for example, that we find out that ALL someone has to do it eat...Keto (any diet), and the epigenetic effects will be such that the negative gene expressions wrought from having lived in destitution since before birth, surrounded on all sides by people who have lived in destitution their whole lives also, are neutralized. Now the hurdle becomes making the Keto diet accessible to all such souls. But, remember, they're still destitute themselves. What is the large-application of this information? ...we could get very creative. But history shows us that we usually do not, actually, have a national predisposition to be both creative and efficiently effective at the same time. But it's not impossible! Perhaps it's worth a try. I am, as I have said, just a lot less optimistic than the author of the article in the OP about the poverty-as-disease theory's efficacy on a large scale. Do we collectively tend to think better or more ill of people who are perceived as giving their children so-called lifestyle diseases? What could be more of a lifestyle disease than destitution?
  8. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    LOL, yip yep. And I meant to say also earlier... we'd have to presuppose what a "natural" person would be like, in the context of trauma. That doesn't sound like a simple feat. But this is all very cart before the horse, as far as considering the implications of the idea written about in the article from the OP go. I guess we collectively as a nation just have really short attention spans for anything though. So there seems to be a pressing need to form an opinion about anything that comes up straight away.
  9. OKBud

    For Those with Flat-top Stoves

    gas>flat top> coil
  10. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    When ultimately, it was the love of a good woman (his grandmother) that provided some kind of context for the choices available to him, along with a running commentary. It is often the grandmothers IME. In fact, it was HER choices that led to him having the choices he had in the first place. Which is tremendous good luck, since that worked out for him.
  11. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I agree with all of this and your two previous posts. The underlined: the assumption would be that we'll be able to eventually tease out that "why" genetically, and rectify it medically.
  12. OKBud

    Help me with 3rd grade curriculum choices

    Memoria Press Hand-holding but room to take it easy (lots of oral work if you want). You definitely won't "feel behind."
  13. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    🙄 No.🙄 Aren't we all scientists, if you really think about it?
  14. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I just re-read the linked interview to find evidence of tearing apart HE and invalidation and I see nothing there. Disagreeing with a person or a piece is not invalidation. Pointing out that there is more going on than a person has insinuated is going on is not invalidation. Here is an article explaining what the above author alluded to irt the activist and photographer Harry Caudill, for anyone who isn't familiar. Essentially, Appalachians, to his mind, had bad genes. ...What goes around comes around, no?... So the dummies among them (most people left in the 70s because they weren't smart enough to move away. Turn, turn, turn...) should be sterilized if they were men, and forcibly impregnated with sperm that carried them good genes if they were female. Neat.
  15. OKBud

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    The book is being torn apart and invalidated to what extent? The condemnation I see from this other person, and what I personally espouse, is of the wholesale adoption of one man's experiences and his extrapolations from them as representative of a large and diverse, sometimes only tangentially connected, community of people. This is exactly the problem. Any criticism of Hillbilly Elegy (the book, the author, or the cultural artifact) whatsoever is received as if the person offering the critique is burning copies of the book, or slandering the author. When that book came out, I had people telling me irl and online what it was like to grow up where I grew up. They were confident in their assertions because they believed wholly in the infallibility of the author's experience and opinions. IOW, in their minds, their opinions about his opinions were more salient to a conversation about that place than the life I actually lived there. When I disagreed with some point they made, it was rejected outright because I "clearly didn't read the book." I had. It is precisely this dynamic here that I am talking about.... other people know best because they've read the right things or listened to the right people. It's become a truism of the book/author, and it's a truism when we're talking about policy that effects extremely impoverished Appalachians. Now, I know that *we* don't just unthinkingly adopt the opinions one person tells us to adopt, in so many words. But to that, two things: 1- yes, even very bright and conscientious people do this sometimes because minds only have so much bandwidth, so maybe we have done this with HE. It is worth considering. 2- Taking it as a personal affront that I am talking about other people doing so, if general-you do not do so (just in case anyone is considering doing that) won't get us anywhere.
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