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  1. I can not stop.laughing that he's now painting himself as a great champion of human rights just by dint of his tattoos 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Right, she did the right thing without being mothered into it. That's exactly the kind of adult we all want to be friends with and live next door to, and interact with in any capacity.
  3. Well, I think she is a brat, but not an irrdeemable one, and she's lucky this happened while she's this young and can now go forth into the wider world, determined to be more conscientious.
  4. I was going to say I soaked bones in bleach solution and let them dry in the sun and that went fine but I think you mean you have a dead bird and you want the bones inside, not just the bones in your hand 😆 This is the most homeschool thing ever.
  5. I use it with Memoria Press First Start Reading (just using the workbooks) and I don't line them up. If necessary, I continue with BJU Phonics Review worktext with the last few lessons of OPGTR, again not lining them up.
  6. People that smile, clean creeks, wild berries growing everywhere that you can eat and honeysuckle.
  7. I have no idea about meals on wheels but just in general re: vetting people.... Funds are often allocated based on what has been needed in the previous year/quarter/whatever. So in practice that means that when the program does not have a lot of people receiving their help during a given time period, they will be very lax about who they will help to keep their numbers looking good in order to justify the funding they desire. Then, if they get more action next time, well the budget has enough give to it and they can just tighten up their screening measures. That's the nature of the beast
  8. I also watched Always Be My Maybe and Happy Anniversary yesterday and the lights in everyone's eyes was what I would think of as regular 😆 Obviously y'all come here for the hard-hitting news that matters, and I am delivering BIG TIME.
  9. Yes it does! When it is ubiquitous like in that movie, it kind of hits me like an affectation. Like a moving all around filter. Obviously when people make any kind of video they're going to manipulate everything about it, and that's whatever, but this one particular thing when used allllll the time as if that's just how a person/character looks, and not a feigned natural result of the environment, is so bizarre.
  10. OK I first noticed that make-up tutorial YouTubers were using those circular white lights. I assumed it was for showing everything in a good light. So to speak. Then other YT people were doing it. Then just for pictures on insta etc. Now I am watching Love, Guaranteed and the main female character has a bright white light reflecting in her eyes and has for every single second of the movie so far. Other characters only occasionally have the white light reflection. It is ca-reeping me out! Has anyone else noticed this? Or know what it's supposed to accomplish?
  11. All I know for sure are color coded LL Bean duffel bags for everyone.
  12. It is bad to take advantage of people's good will. If one takes advantage of other people's good will, one can can reasonably expect people to get mad about it, because it is wrong. I may or may not be mad about it if I come face to face with someone doing that at any given time, depending on my read of the exact situation, but my feelings about it do not, to my mind, change the fundamental wrong being done.
  13. This looks fabulous for this kid!! Do you have the paperback or the hardcover? The samples are of the newer-edition pb so I assume the pictures are different? It would be amazing if they weren't though because I really like that sample.
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