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  1. Janeway just look it up 🙄. Women are not making up incel business to make men look bad. Get a grip, dude. Incels are literally encouraging one another to kill women for denying them access to their private parts. Your 'this sounds anti-man" business is woefully misplaced and tone deaf in the extreme.
  2. I mean, I don't feel anything at all when I take inositol. It gave me dry.mouth for a while, as I've said, but it doesn't feel any kind of way Ime. I feel more when I take 200mg of Motrin than I do with a T of inositol. But without the inositol I slip into the cascade effect I spoke to earlier. It's not at all like taking a drug. It's either you need it, so over time it has a positive effect... Or you don't so you pee it out without using it in your body: no harm and no foul.
  3. No. None whatsoever. I have a mild heart aryhthmia as a direct result of the PTSD symptoms going completely unchecked for years, so I always have a cardiologist keeping an eye on everything happening with me health-wise now. With a family history of diabetes on both sides, too, they're always on me like white on rice about everything but I've never had anything trigger any concern past those baseline issues they're monitoring in the first place. I move around, so I've seen a handful of these specialists and no one has ever expressed any concern in the direction of inositol. Goes without saying this is anecdotal 😊
  4. I so agree! It's overwhelmingly pernicious.
  5. I tracked down someone who could access this when I was researching.
  6. Ah, I take 1.5 tablespoons a day. More if that seems like a good idea and less of I forget the half T at night 🙂
  7. It's a b vitamin and stress eats b vitamins for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't have ocd but I take large doses of inositol for PTSD symptoms. It literally changed my life. It's delicious, so it's an extremely pleasant supplement to take. When I first started taking it, it gave me dry mouth. That wore away. I've been taking it for about... Hmm... Three years or so now. At one point a few months ago, I ran out and didn't get more. It was a very bad time. The stress in my body is a cascade of system failures, so to speak. The inositol, as far as I can tell, is what helps me avoid that cascade on a physical level. If that sounds familiar, inositol is definitely worth a try. It's not something you notice a feeling with (once the dry mouth is gone) ... But it's sure as heck something you feel the lack of if your body needs it and you aren't getting it. I can now go for a week or so with a low dose of inositol in my b-vitamin multivitamin (like if I'm travelling and don't take my unweildy and cocaine-looking powdered inositol lol), but after that I need the big dose again. Hmm... It took a few weeks before I realized oh, I haven't had any flashbacks in a while and oh, my panic attacks are getting more mild and more manageable and farther and farther between episodes. That's all I can think of off the top.of my head. I did try it for one of my kids. It was no harm done, but it didn't help his anxiety. A large dose of Omega 3 helped that kid, though!
  8. There are several good book of centuries options on re.
  9. Definitely keep using the complete writer! It's rock-solid and your son does it well without complaining. That's as good as it gets. I think fix-it grammar is absolutely"enough" grammar for a lot of kids. Here, again, if it gets done well and the students remember the grammar... There's no problem. Plus, grammar is one of those things you can alternate very rigorous years with years wherin you just attempt not to forget what's already been learned. IOW, choosing one thing this year doesn't really effect what your choices may be next year, or in middle school. It sounds like you're all set and doing splendidly!
  10. OKBud


    She needs to be talking about (and listening!) private parts, sex, masturbation, pornography etc with her daughter herself. And she needs to get a grip with the fact that her daughter is a person with a body and a brain and the usual accompanying thoughts and feelings, post-haste. There's nothing not-innocent about thinking about those topics and chatting about them with your friends. The ONLY problem is that she definitely doesn't want teenage kids alone to shape her perception of pornography, sex and masturbation. A blanket: "it's all bad" is not going to get the Mom anywhere. "It's all for adults, don't even think about it for five more years" won't get her anywhere either.
  11. I don't know what to tell y'all. He wants to learn how to do some proper accounting and he's got the time and ability. He's got a long-running project going that is based on Open TTD, on paper, with businesses and he wants to do "the books" for his businesses and, later, the town they are in. Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. Yeeessssss! We already have a vacation planned. If we didn't, I'd be absconding to a cabin somewhere further south this weekend. It's the wind. I'm sick to death of wind. The sound and the cutting coldness of it.
  13. This reminded me of this meme. Have you seen it, OP?
  14. This jumped out at me. If you're inclined to use copywork as a part of your language arts teaching, it isn't done for it's own sake. The copywork (which slowly becomes dictation), coupled with narrations, oral and written, *is* the language arts curriculum. That's how you learn spelling, grammar, and composition. This little booklet is about that, and it is one of my favorite homeschooling things ever. So drop that right off the bat. OR drop everything else. Your kids are in fifth and sixth grade right now?...or they are fourth and fifth graders going into fifth and sixth next year? Is it just the two of them? What have they used so far? Where are they right now with LA, and what is their general attitude toward LA school work? Are they receptive to watching a dvd, doing some writing, then having their work checked by a parent?
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