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  1. I have it--I have not used it yet, but it looks great! It would definitely be suitable for an 8 yo, as there are two levels, one for younger kids, one for older. I would use the higher level for my 12 yo... The level one book has coloring pages, copywork, pictures, readable, well-written information and fun questions to answer. I plan to use it soon, but I have to get rolling with my other stuff first. Then I will add it in around January.
  2. I agree with PP who said get to bed earlier. If I am in bed by 10:30 (it's already past now!) I don't have much trouble getting up early. My natural tendency is to be a night-owl and to not get up until 8:00 a.m., but if I am in bed early, I actually enjoy the morning!
  3. mine is here... i'm late posting because i didn't know the ww moved to the general board!
  4. I use USANA vitamins. Have been taking them since my dd was about 2, and she is now 8. I was symptomatic for fibromyalgia and in an exhausted FOG all. the. time. After two weeks of these, the fog lifted and my symptoms went away. :-) Since then I have been on a continual journey to improve our nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. I am healthier and more clear-headed than I have been since my 20's, I think.
  5. First, let me say that I totally understand where you're coming from because I have spent years in "the fog." What has helped me the most is two simple changes: 1. great vitamins and a gluten-free diet, and 2. intense exercise. It doesn't have to be a long workout. It can be as short as a 10-minute warm-up and a 10-20 minute intense workout (total of about 3o mins.) and this will help you more than you can even imagine. I really believe that intense exercise has saved my brain! I feel so much more clear-headed and can get so much more done in a week, even when I get shorted on sleep. I, too would check out the thyroid, but then the best remedy for any endocrine issues is a high protein / fat diet (no grains) diet and intense exercise. I went from being borderline hypothyroid to "extremely healthy" according to my dr.
  6. It's why we took the religious exemption option. Well, one of the reasons... :glare: I know there are states that are even easier than VA on these matters, but I am thankful for having such a relatively easy time here.
  7. Yes, i agree. it does look geared toward p.s. teachers. I looked at OLLY, as well and that looks a tad cumbersome.
  8. I'm flirting with the idea of buying this app...I was wondering if anyone here has it, uses it, loves / hates it? tia!
  9. My bff has a 12 yo dd who is exactly as you describe, and always has been. Both she and her dd started Cross Fit recently, and the dd has improved in this area tremendously. It took her a while not to complain or try to quit in the middle of workouts, etc, but when mom sort of started walking away and letting the coach push her a bit, she totally blossomed. She has lost weight, is getting super fit, and loving the process of getting stronger. CF is not dragged out, boring workouts -- it is in and out and you're done! I have a similar 8 yo dd, though she has an older brother who keeps her moving a bit more, and she loves CF, as well. She goes only once a week because I don't want to burn her out on it, but she has made friends in the class and keeps going back willingly, even though sometimes she complains. One day it was a paper cut that hurt and she couldn't concentrate on her workout. You know, she made it through--paper cut and all! :lol:
  10. My ds loved the Great Brain so much that my dh found the entire series used on Amazon and paid a lot for it. They were in decent shape, but definitely old. Eventually he was able to even get ahold of the unfinished one that was published posthumously, and so my ds has now read every. single. one...many times. He loves the Great Brain.
  11. I would bag the concept of "third grade" and just get up and keep doing a bit of math and language every morning...an hour of work every day, then enjoy the summer! The other stuff will fall into place.
  12. I would absolutely eliminate grains from her diet, and possibly dairy. After 30 days add one thing in at a time to test. I haven't read the rest of the replies, but I'm sure others have said the same.
  13. My ds did all of his lower grammar work bouncing on a an exercise ball and a mini trampoline in our basement, or aurally while building with legos. Smart kid--couldn't sit still. Worked for us.
  14. Honestly I would not start TOG until I had an student in at least UG or D levels. The curriculum is costly, and you are purchasing something that covers from K-12. Unless you are planning to use the Rhetoric level to self-educate while you teach your LGs, it is way more than you need. I would look at SOTW with AG for younger kids.
  15. Mine is up...There was a lot of purple at the farmer's market this week.
  16. I think the key here is your parenthetical "IMO". What exactly are "ethical educational values." Yours? Playing devil's advocate here, because honestly my opinion about these folks is similar to yours, however, I do deeply believe that they should be free to not school their children if that is what they desire. They and their children will reap the consequences, or not. Who knows what these free thinkers will be? A snapshot of peoples' lives are not enough to conclude what the outcome of their futures will be. Take a deep breath...stay in your lane do what you know is right for your family, and PLEASE don't change your mind on this issue.
  17. We started doing CrossFit as a family. My 11.5 yo son shed 10 pounds very quickly. He absolutely loves it--it gives him the opportunity to move and push himself, learn how to lift weights and swing kettlebells and do pull-ups, but he isn't forced to compete or to be on a team, though there are opportunities for that should he eventually want to. Even my 8yo dd does it. We all can relate to having to work hard in a work out, and it has drawn us closer as a family. I am not a sports mom, either, but this. is. fun. We eat a paleo-style diet, which has helped all of us to become more lean, but the diet includes a lot of fat, protein, nuts and vegetables. I don't necessarily think all boys get pudgy before puberty, if they are active. If they are eating right and active, they shouldn't be fat.
  18. We will be starting our third year with TOG this year, and will be covering Y1. I have heard that it takes three years to really hit a groove with it. I would say that I know that now to be true, but the last two years have not been bad, by any means. Some people (like pps) run headlong into TOG and hit a wall because they get overwhelmed. I did a bit of that the first year, and felt rather burnt out at the end of the year. Even so, it was one of the best years we've had. (We started with year 3) This year we will be covering year 1. I am so excited about it, because I do feel that I know how to manage the amount of reading and how to pace ourselves now. PPs complained that the amount of reading was nuts, but seriously, you don't have to do it all! Just do what you can, and you will still have done plenty! You do have to consider the heft of the program though if you have a huge list of other things on the docket. I absolutely agree with MelMichigan that the D level is where TOG really "shines." My LG daughter did little with TOG year 4 this year, just because the topics were so heavy. We read a lot of contemporary literature and focused on biographies of famous Christians like Eric Liddle and Corrie Ten Boom. Next year I will focus on STOW with her and TOG literature and worldview. My D son will do the history, lit and worldview. I think map aids are a must-buy, and if your husband wants to get involved, the Pop Quiz is fun. I highly recommend getting together with any other family you know who is doing TOG to do socratic discussions and have unit celebrations with. We have two other families that we get together with and and this has been an absolute highlight. I am currently in the process of making my ds's notebook for the year. He will have each week's work printed out and ready for him. He has learned to pace out his reading himself. This year I am adding in a weekly writing assignment using the accountability questions as prompts.
  19. We do CrossFit Kids (and I do regular CrossFit). It is the best PE you can get.
  20. I would look into CrossFit. My kids do CrossFit kids (we are also not an organized sport family) and they love it. I am amazed at how strong and fit they are becoming. Me too, for that matter, as our whole family has gotten involved.
  21. I absolutely second the Ramona series read by Stockard Channing--she nails the whole Quimby family, and grows with them through the series. We have listened to this over and over. We also completely loved the Henry Huggins series read by Neil Patrick Harris. The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia (both the dramatized and the unabridged), The Railway Children, Pollyanna, War Horse, Tom Sawyer, 5 Children and it, Swallows and Amazons series, Anne of Green Gables. We listen to books a lot. These are the ones from this past year that my kids just called out off the top of their heads, but I absolutely agree-- they made a huge impression on us and we couldn't wait to listen more. My daughter has been listening to Black Beauty and my son is currently enjoying Huckleberry Finn.
  22. Oh, I have a good one today. Link in Sig...Homeschooler.
  23. Hobbit, as others have said, and in my dd's case, Narnia, over, and over, and over again. The whole series. She listens to it all the time.
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