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  1. In my humble opinion, I think it is very difficult for some children to know what they like and want. My son is kind of like this, so I have decided to lead him based on what I know he NEEDS. He needs to read, and when he doesn't know what to read, I require him to read something I choose (he usually likes it, and if he doesn't he will quickly offer me an alternative). He needs to do math, and there is no pulling teeth, because if he doesn't he loses his privileges. He needs to cover a certain amount of history and science. Through this, he has developed broad interests and self-discipline. Physical activity is also very helpful to stimulating his brain, and so we exercise very vigorously together. I can't say how to reach your daughter, but I know that for my child what has worked is strong boundaries, guidance and participation (i.e. hand-holding :huh: ) and physical, physical activity.
  2. I read about 80% of this thread, and I just wanted to say... "yup...mmmmhmmm." especially the 27 reasons not to join. :iagree:
  3. It's been a while since I posted one, but mine is up. link in sig.
  4. We had a busy week, topped off with our one-year anniversary of CrossFit. Busy and full! The ACF blog is about my fitness journey, and that is where I talk most about the anniversary, though I mention it in AH.
  5. Thanks! I think I have found a congregation nearby to visit. I will try to get an appointment with the rabbi.
  6. For my son, I have used only MUS, primer through Pre-A...it has worked well for the way my son thinks about math. I tried to supplement but found it cumbersome to try to juggle two different things. My son has been more of a plodding, but very decent math student. For my daughter, she is blasting through MUS, so I do supplement her work with Beast Academy, but for her, that works! She goes so quickly through MUS that I need to find fillers for her so she doesn't get bored. I can skip whole sections with MUS and she doesn't miss a beat. I think it depends on how your child works and learns. I have found Math curricula to be a very personal decision. I would definitely go with what works not only for student, but also for the teacher.
  7. I made my own with a PDF printable timeline, then spiral bound it. My son writes all his dates in as we go, and we make 8.5 x 11 pages of images from the most intereting items, then print them on sticker paper and he enters them into the timeline. This is our second year with it and it is a very nice, ongoing project.
  8. I would not get another degree...but I would love to study all the books in the WEM, and would continue to study ceramics and fine arts.
  9. We are currently studying the Mosaic covenant, the Jewish calendar and the high holidays and customs that go along with them. I would love to visit an orthodox synagogue for Shabbat services, but wonder if that is welcomed or frowned upon. I don't in any way want to offend or be in the way of normal worship practices, but I really think this is an important thing for my kids to experience. Would you recommend contacting the rabbi at a congregation or just showing up? How do I do this...Or do I?
  10. We did Cornish hens, as they are smaller and are more easily covered, but other than that, we are nearly through the salt process and will soon wrap 'er up!
  11. Mine is up. I can't believe I'm posting this before I go to bed on Friday night / Saturday morning. Good week! Actually, I posted on both blogs today. If you're interested in fitness, the Accidental CrossFitter is a journal of my journey through the first year of CrossFit. Some people go from couch to 5K...I go from computer chair to insane.
  12. definitely a mini trampoline...it has been a lifesaver for us. Also, It's never to early to start CrossFit. That legitimately wears my kids out!
  13. A book my daughter listened to recently was Half Magic and there were lots of giggles from that. I second the Ramona series. Hilarious!
  14. Mine is up. Link in signature! It's a cute one!
  15. It's on next week! Bring out your dead (chickens)! :tongue_smilie:
  16. I would look into a fitness something or other to get into. Our family does CrossFit together. It takes up plenty of time and we all love it, and look and feel healthier.
  17. Mine is up - it was a really good week. It felt great to get back into routine.
  18. Travel. Stay, Observe. Move to a small house in the country with some chickens and a great view of the mountains and a creek. Hire a cook 2 or 3 days a week. 50 K would make a HUGE difference in our lifestyle.
  19. I make a weekly plan because it helps my son who does better with a checklist. As he has gotten older, we have made the plan together. For my dd8 we just do the next thing. We keep a basic routine from Sept. to May, then do summer until the end of August. Then it's back to routine. We seem to have done well with this. I'm done stressing about whether we are "behind" or "ahead" or whatever. We are who we are and we all love what we do. works for us.
  20. We start regular school routine on Monday. This week was our last "hurrah" getaway... link in sig or here
  21. Ooooo...i disagree on the sucking the fun out of writing for WWE, but once you get to WWS, it kinda isn't fun anymore. Both my kids adore WWE, but my son does not love WWS. He tolerates and does fine with it, but it used to be his "thing" and now it's not. We are TRYING IEW this year with a co-op, but I am very, very apprehensive. It's very much a try-it-and-see thing. If it doesn't work out I'll be back to WWS, and I'll figure a way to make it fun.
  22. I have two blogs: The Accidental Homeschooler and The Accidental CrossFitter. In the homeschool blog, I reflect on growth in home school journey, write weekly reports on our successes and failures, and participate in the Wordless Wednesday posts. Tapestry of Grace also comes up frequently in my writing about curriculum, co-ops, lap books, etc. I've been blogging here since 2006, and so there is a lot of content. In the CrossFit blog, I write about going from a sedentary mom who was teetering on the brink of very poor health into a fit, active, strong mom who can't remember what it was like to be that still. Crazy. This blog is newer, as I just started CF last fall.
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