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  1. Thanks for the advice! The trip was a lot of fun. I'll try to do a little trip report soon bc our group did a lot of stuff. Not everyone did everything but we all had fun in our different activities plus our whole group activities were awesome, too. If anyone is looking for a family reunion type location, with varied activities for all ages that is mostly walkable...Helen, GA might fit the bill!
  2. I am literally asking. Why is the rule needed? What purpose does it serve?
  3. Well, if the girls can't win, and the coaches can't win, and the officials can't win... Why not get rid of the rule?
  4. It sounds like the rule should just be eliminated. Bc the judges can't win. If they enforce the rule, they are criticized by some and if they don't enforce it, they are criticized by others. It sounds like the suit simply disappeared into the swimmer's bum, like a thong, if butt cheek was touching butt cheek, like the article said.
  5. The expense of Lake George is partly geography. Tons of people from downstate & NYC can just drive up the Northway...It is straight shot/easy drive. So the prices reflect that, IMO. I didn't follow any of Medic Mom's links but if they are the Finger Lakes, they are usually cheaper than stuff on the Northway corridor.
  6. But on the plus side, he's not in a neighborhood where people can see him coming and going all alone with no one else home for 4 days.
  7. I don't know...maybe it's because my parents were so hands-off or because I grew up in the 70's or bc I still dance around like a dork when I'm home alone and love it... But 15 yo/9th grade does seem old enough to stay alone overnight. 4 nights might be long for the first time. But I'd definitely consider 2 nights. I'd leave as soon as he got on the bus on Friday then come back Sunday evening. That being said...I never did it with my kids bc we never had the opportunity/occasion to do it.
  8. Is this a longshot, trying to find advice for Helen? LOL Google tells me it is a tiny town. And since I'm coming, please turn the temp down about 20 degrees. I didn't think I'd be so hot in the mountains still.
  9. I'd be worried but I'd also want the dog to see the vet that has been following & treating. Maybe tag @Ktgrok ??
  10. That's awesome! I'm so happy to read about positive Girl Scout experiences. My DD's girl scouting experience and earning her Gold award was a huge positive part of her life.
  11. IME, It makes people uncomfortable to hear about the day-to-day stuff, even good stuff, about kids who are struggling with developmental issues, illnesses, diseases, etc. Especially when things aren't going to get better. It is hard to get it "right" without sounding like...oh, I don't are fishing for pity or sympathy. I might be genuinely happy that XYZ didn't happen but it can be a downer for someone else to hear XYZ is even an issue. And also at some points, privacy issues come into play. It is the child's journey at the center of it all. The parent is alongside but is living a different journey. The things a parent can share when her child is 18 months or 8 years might be OK but isn't just hers to share when the child is 16 years. And some people are just jerks. I mentioned in passing DD and I were watching squirrels and noticed how fat they were one fall. I got all kinds of snarky comments..."oh, is that a thing? Who watches squirrels? heh-heh-heh." Well, yeah, it is when it is hard to leave the house bc you're not doing well health-wise.
  12. Thank you! Yes, give it (whatever 'it' might be for you) a shot! Like I said, it still seems like a dream that it all worked out.
  13. This looks like a self-promotional press release. I don't think it has much to do with this discussion at all.
  14. and the kid who is at school with the broken arm or leg is helped along with special accomodations but the kid who can't get out of bed because of depression needs to stop feeling sorry for himself...
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