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  1. Sticker charts have always worked for my boys. Get something she really wants (for my ODS it was an Iron Man car, YDS got a Vtech guitar), and tell her to earn she needs to go in the toilet (any amount earns a sticker). No big deal if she doesn't, but if she wants X (and X should be very desirable), she needs to go in the toilet. I think six stickers was enough for my boys to earn the prize and get over the problems.
  2. Glad Inside Out is a fairly good movie. We'll have to check it out. We just let the boys watch "Home" from Dreamworks ... and it was good fun for everybody.
  3. Can't stand: Runaway Bunny. Actually, I've only read it properly once, and the rest of the time just said one word per page. Can't stand the book. Love reading: Owl Babies, Going on a Bear Hunt, Spooky Old Tree, anything by Mo Willems, and Julia Donaldson's Monkey Puzzle.
  4. Thanks for all of the tips! These are definitely things I hadn't thought about. Actually, because we're in Asia, the (Asian) nannies here often on their own try to teach the kids. The level of English isn't always great (our future nanny is not bad but reads for example the word "dairy" as "diary"), and their education level also isn't very high. But yes, a plan in advance sounds like exactly what I need. Word Nerd, I can completely understand your point as well, and that's my biggest hesitation. With a highly educated mom at home, there is more organic learning than with a nanny. Especially for my two-year-old, I was just thinking on the lines of some suggested games and activities for a "special learning time," more just a fun stay-inside-because-it's-too-hot-outside time. But yes, you are very right.
  5. You should be fine on car seats. The general European law is over 4's can be in low-backed boosters; I can't swear that Italy's rule is the same but I would shocked if it was stricter. We've never done Italy with kids, but if you have good travellers, I'm sure you'll all enjoy it. Your trip sounds amazing! Just add in extra rest if they need it (our little travel warriors do, but they are 4 and 2).
  6. This is a great expat blog, though it deals with settling abroad rather than just travelling: http://kirstyriceonline.com/. We're a dual-nationality family living in a third country, travelling about once every two months with our small kids (2 and 4). We live in Southeast Asia, which is a great base for travelling. Lots of different cultures, religions, languages, writing systems, all relatively close together (best other option is Europe of course for the same type of experience). Our four-year-old snorkled with sea turtles on our last holiday. The boys have walked on the Great Wall of China, taken tuk-tuks in Cambodia and Thailand, seen penguins and wallabies in the wild, and much more. The more you travel with the kids, the easier it gets. Good luck!
  7. We've always just used the free portion of Starfall online, and it's been more than enough for my boys! See what the free portion has to offer before signing up.
  8. Has anyone done afterschooling via a nanny? Any advice or recommendations? I'm going back to work full time in September, and we have two lovely boys aged 2 and 4 who will attend preschool in the morning and have a nanny at home in the afternoon. Over the last year, I developed a routine with ODS of a short 30 min "schooltime" together, where he learned to read and do math in a very fun, play-based manner. He's enjoyed it, and it seems like it would be possible to ask our nanny to continue this habit. Am I being unrealistic? I'd love to hear any experience, positive or negative.
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