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  1. Ok, I've tried searching and I'm finding a few answers, but there's still a question in my mind about MCT. Has anyone ever done the full program, through all levels, and be satisfied with the results? Is your student writing well? How are their lit analysis skills with the Socratic method? I'm trying to get the "long view", I guess, of this program. TIA.
  2. I'm so tired of the drama and hormonal emotional outbursts of my dd. Absolutely anything can set her off. Ugh. Middle school. ** in through the nose.... out through the mouth.... in through the nose.... out through the mouth.... ** Much better.... (sorry, just had to get that off my chest...)
  3. I had purchased the AoA used from someone and started watching the video. It was a bit over *my* head so for my dd11 I went with the Fallacy Detective this past year. I just picked up the Thinking Toolbox this weekend for us to use in the fall, but I'm kinda wishing I had known about it to do after we finished FD last semester.
  4. Bumping this because this is exactly where I am. My dd is finishing up CLE 6 this year and finds it "boring because it's so easy" but I'm confused about where to fit her in for MCT - level 3 or 4. I had decided 4, then decided 3, and now I'm floating back to 4. The program is just so different from what we've done before, I wonder what the adjustment period is...
  5. I'm glad I found this thread. Just this weekend I talked with MCT about inserting my dd into the program and I'm trying to figure out where to place her. She's a very strong reader, and the LA we've been doing is boring to her because "it's so easy" but MCT is do different from what we've done in the past, I wonder about the adjustment period. I had decided to start her in level 4, with ML, etc., but after looking it over, briefly (and I admit I should have studied it more), I thought that maybe level three, with paragraph town and essay voyage, might be the place to start. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm planning on eschewing everything we've done for LA and jumping into this program; I just don't know where to start for her.
  6. Could you post a link to his post (unless it's already been posted later in this thread. I'm just now reading through this one)? My friends and I listened to his talk from Cinci this year, Teaching from a state of rest, and it was fantastic.
  7. I'm glad I went. I'm still "new" enough at hs'ing - this is my 5th year - to get stuff out of both the talks and the vendor hall. I also brought two newbs with me and so it was pretty cool to see their minds blown, just as mine was the first time I went. I went with the intention of looking at and listening to vendors and curricula and, while I'm glad I did, my "plans" for LA for my rising 7th grader has been completely blown out of the water (will be searching thoughts/opinions/etc on MCT later). For this reason, I was thankful for the "infomercials" because it allowed me to rule out a writing program, and then jump on board with a totally different LA. I was able to talk to MCT at length about his program and glean tons of information. And then there were the talks led by SWB, Kern, Cothran, Perrin that were just the shot in the arm that I needed. One of these days I'm going to feel smart enough to sit in that lounge area and chat. And on a side note, I found myself looking for those little bee stickers from the Ken Hamm kerfluffle from a few years back, and wondered if anyone would notice mine ;).
  8. yeah, I have to say Lizzy concerns me a little bit. I remember seeing the dead baby rabbits when Daryl and Beth wandered through there. That was disturbing to know that Lizzy did it. (Did anyone else think of that meltdown episode of MASH when Hawkeye was on the bus with the Korean woman who had the "chicken"?)
  9. I have an even bigger fear that they'll kill off Daryl! I was glad to see Carl's transition, and that he still managed to keep a sense of humor (I like what he wrote on the door). I didn't quite understand the storyline with Michonne's flashback, but that whole sequence with her and the zombies was, to me, how she dealt with the loss. She tried going back to her old ways, with the slave zombies, but she couldn't do it because of the emotional ties of the friends she had made. Maybe the "baby" she had was why she connected with Carl so much at the prison.
  10. My DD did ATB history last year in her co-op, as a 5th grader, and it was on the easy side for her. She's a very strong reader, though, and so would finish quickly. They did the workbook (the red one) and mapwork as a class, but I added the timeline, too, and occasionally we'd do one of the family projects listed in the back. The class was all 4th graders except for her, though, and I think a few of the parents found it a little more challenging for their kids. I don't think the class did any of the extra assignments within the text, like the lit studies. They were doing DITHOR for literature studies, with extra projects related to the genres studied, so the history reading went to the wayside other than what was in the text. I'm not familiar with the other history you mentioned, but I do feel that the ATB is a good, general overview of Amer History. You can always dive deeper if there are areas in which your child finds interest.
  11. Cool worksheets! Thanks for sharing :)
  12. He does do daily copywork but I realized today (as he was doing the spelling portion of CLE) that I'd have to add spelling. Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. I have FLL2, but I should have been more specific - where in FLL2 should I start?
  14. I'm doing that thing where I change up curriculum in the middle of the school year and I'm moving from CLE to FLL for my 2nd grade ds. I really like CLE and it fit well for my dd when she was in 2nd grade, but I'm thinking it's too workbooky for my boy. He's not struggling with it per se, but the lessons just seem so long for him. So, my question is if I'm picking up mid-year with FLL, where do I start? Any FLL veterans out there with any advice? It would be awesome if there was someone out there who was familiar with both programs (we're finishing up light unit 204).
  15. Ok, I'm wanting to make this, this morning, but I'm wondering about cutting down the amount of sugar and butter. I saw that one can reduce the sugar to about 1/2 a cup, but what about the butter? Any thoughts on that? Thanks! And thank to whoever posted the link to the Well Trained Kitchen. That's been bookmarked for future reference :).
  16. I see what you're saying, and I do agree that there is a learning curve with every job - not just government. It does help to have those experienced there to help the new people adjust and learn the ropes. What I have a problem with are those who have been in for decades. They started in the 70's and 80's and it's just not that world any more. I'm sure many of them have changed and adapted, but many are stuck in the "old way" of doing things and just aren't open to change. I believe there's enough overlap in the election cycle to allow for term limits to end on different election years. Some will stay while others move on. .... and I had more to say but my mind just went ADD on me and I have no idea where that train of thought went. :blushing: :leaving:
  17. Ooooo, I'd love to have this recipe. Somehow I've missed that....
  18. DH is deemed "non-essential" so he's been home since Tuesday afternoon. Right now, I'm thankful for the extra food in the freezer and cabinets, but We'll start feeling the financial pinch if this lasts too much longer. He's going to drive me nuts if he stays home for days on end. I've already told him he needs to talk to a friend about a part-time gig while he's out, because otherwise he'll start to get depressed and grumpy and no fun to be around. On a side note, another business that's helping out is Sam's. I saw an article that you can show your military ID and get to shop, even if you don't have a membership. That's cool.
  19. Everything sounds so good! But I'd love to have recipes for these. I found an old recipe for black bean lasagna I'm fixing tonight - if I can finish school in time to get it all together before heading out to take DD to Girl Scouts.
  20. Sorry, I totally read your thread title as "Crackpot Issue Solved" and was hoping for advice on dealing with crackpots. :leaving: :laugh:
  21. I feel your pain. Over the summer, I was working out 3 times a week. Now, I'm lucky to manage once or even twice.
  22. I worked for a vet who would warn new retriever puppy owners that "they will eat anything not bolted down, and chew on anything that was."
  23. Yep, tweaking here too (I'd break something if I were twerking :blink: ). We started mid-August and while most things I've been able to stick with, I'm already changing some things for DS. Primarily, it's because this is his first year home with me most of the time and not in a teacher-led co-op, so there's some adjustment to the curriculum we're using. DD is finishing much faster than I anticipated, so naturally, I'm thinking of what to add to the day for her (but it feels like we already have a full schedule!).
  24. My kids are on a summer league swim team and those team/practice suits are EXPENSIVE! I usually end up rinsing them off and hanging to dry, or my DD will wear it in the shower to "wash" it and they may go in the wash once every couple of weeks. They usually outgrow the suits before they get worn out, though. My suits never see the inside of a washing machine. I'll either wear them in the shower to rinse/wash or rinse them in the sink when I'm done. I still have suits that are 10+ years old that are in good shape.
  25. I'm planning to start the Center for Lit way of teaching Lit analysis for my 2nd and 6th graders. Obviously, I'm expecting more from my dd than my ds; he's just along for the ride and hopefully will pick up a few things. I saw Adam Andrews in SC back in the spring and I like his approach to lit analysis. Check it out: www.centerforlit.com
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